About the Company

Mint Wellness is a Las Vegas-based lifestyle company founded in 2015 with a mission to become the leading wellspring for pharmaceutical-grade hemp-derived products. The company seeks to help consumers utilize CBD most efficiently by posting regular educational articles that touch on pertinent aspects, including how to utilize a CBD bath bomb, best storage practices, and how to unfold the oldest CBD products in the marketplace.


Using the Certificate of Analysis COA) link available on its website, it was easier to assess the products’ self-standing third-party lab reports. As for the 200 mg broad-range bath bomb, this commodity contained the least variance, having 198.36 mg of CBD. And at 0.8%, this figure is well within the allowable 10% variance. The company’s wide range functional mask, listed at 10 mg, was examined to contain 11.1 mg. This is their best precise variance at 11%, hardly over the legal 10% allowable variance.

All these products are verified as THC-free, and every organic product went through all purity examinations for molds, heavy metals, microbes, pesticides, and residual solvents. For this lab rest, the kiwi strawberry tincture was exempted because there were no purity examinations accessible to the best of their abilities. Every product depicted exceptional accuracy regarding appearance and color, as discussed on every product page, as well as the self-standing third-party laboratory outcomes.


Autonomous CBD testing is an important safety and quality control measure to guarantee that the labeled quantities of THC and CBD are near the compositions of every final commodity a consumer receives. In agreement with the company’s website, Mint Wellness utilizes on-site chromatography examination before third-party group examination using reliable processes to uphold precise amounts of CBD and verify THC absence.

All Mint Wellness products we ordered were third-party examined for THC and CBD potency, and the majority were examined for purity.  Clients can check the third-party laboratory reports on commodity pages. Additionally, all third-party laboratory reports for the company’s product catalog are easily found online under the centralized “overall list of COAs” link.


The website says Mint Wellness is a stable company having over five years of rave client reviews on different rating platforms, which bears witness to their effectiveness and higher quality product line. They are among the few CBD companies that satisfy Colorado’s food safety and health demands regarding food distribution and establishments.

In 2018, Mint Wellness received its FDA certification for purity and gold standard extraction practices. The company also strives to source, cultivate, and manufacture organic, non-GMO, and broad-range CBD commodities suited to help with several health conditions.

Manufacturing Process

Mint Wellness is a licensed cultivator of superior Colorado hemp, which the company does successfully via their long-standing partnership Folium Biosciences. Their wide range of commodities is ethically obtained from confirmed halal and kosher and organic hemp fields known to be non-GMO.

According to the company, no pesticides or herbicides are used in their cultivation practices. The hemp extract is obtained via clean and industry-standard CO2 extraction methods known to eliminate cannabidiol from residual solvents safely. After formulation, the next step is the self-standing third-party CBD testing which is a vital safety and quality control measure used by this brand to uphold cannabinoid integrity. The company uses the services of licensed independent third-party testers to verify product purity and potency rigorously.

Furthermore, Mint Wellness publishes the examination results online for easy access. Clients can check a full list of certifications and compliance here. Mint Wellness provides certified kosher, superior quality, and broad-spectrum organic CBD in tinctures, topicals, gel caps, gummies, and bath bombs. Their products vary from 20- 3000 mg and are lowly priced when contrasted to various organic brands with a medium commodity price of $0.06 per milligram of CBD.

Product Range

CBD Gummies

These CBD-infused products are Carbon dioxide extracted and are formulated using all organic compliant ingredients, involving MCT oil for convenient digestibility. These gummies are available in organic fruit flavors, including peach, apple, strawberry, watermelon, and blue raspberry. And with their wide range of formulations, the company prescribed these consumable products for oral or sublingual administration only.

Pectin and sugar are utilized, making this commodity vegan, and every gummy contains 15 calories. They are brightly colored and cube-shaped with a stronger gummy texture and consistency. With both tart and sweet flavors, these are not overly sugary. They are usually juicy and taste like fresh fruit such as watermelon and peach. The individual gummies move freely in the bottles and dispense easily without sticking. The allowed serving size on the tag for this consumable product is one gummy, tested at 27.1 mg of CBD per serving.

With 813 mg of overall CBD, these tested partially higher than the 750 mg label but remained under the allowed 10% variance at 8.4%. A negligible amount of THC was confirmed in a study, and all purity tests for contaminants were passed. Like CBD products from Mint Wellness, these gummies are organic, kosher, and non-GMO; however, they are not vegan since they use gelatin.

CBD Tinctures

These CO2 extracted, organic tinctures are provided in broad-spectrum formulations and are certified kosher. The company proposes that clients begin with a dose of ½ to 1 full dropper, equivalent to 1 ml. There are apparent measuring marks on the dropper for more accurate dosing. Tinctures are formulated with MCT oil to hasten digestion. The Mint Wellness tinctures are available in both natural and multiple flavored varieties. This CO2 extracted broad spectrum tincture is clear with a golden yellow tinge of color. The company-prescribed that the serving size is 1 ml or one full dropper. The viscosity is a bit lower than comparable tinctures, making application a little harder.

However, the fruity aroma is not superseded with natural strawberry and kiwi extracts for taste. This pigment is formulated with MCT oil and is recommended for sublingual and oral use only. The self-standing third-party laboratory report for their batch of broad-spectrum 1000 mg kiwi strawberry tincture verified a total of 1049 mg of CBD, which is lower than the allowed 10% variance limit at 4.94%. In a certain lab study, it had a negligible amount of THC.

CBD Gel Capsules

These Mint Wellness broad-spectrum organic capsules pass through a CO2 extraction process before formulating MCT oil for more bioavailability. They are not vegan. However, they utilize bovine gelatin to attain the desired texture. This Carbon dioxide extracted wide range of softgels are green in color and of medium size. They have an oval shape and contain a traditional softgel viscosity, being smoothly coated for convenient swallowing. They are prescribed by the company for oral or sublingual use only, and each serving size of 1 gel cap has 12 calories.

In harmony with the free third-party laboratory report, the 25 milligrams Mint Wellness sleep gels examined as having 26.5 milligrams total CBD per 1 gel cup equivalent to 795 overall mg of CBD contained in 750 milligrams labeled product.

This represents a variance of 6%, which is in the 10% precision variance acceptable. All purity examinations were undertaken, and a negligible quantity of THC was verified. These contain 1 milligram of melatonin per sleep gel, based on the label claim on the packaging.

CBD Topical

This CO2-extracted broad spectrum topicals comprise organic CBD blended with other natural ingredients for smoother application, such as peppermint oil, aloe, shea butter, and vitamin E. These products are prescribed by Mint Wellness company for oral use only. Besides, they are formulated in a GMP-compliant facility.

This product is packaged singly to keep it in a good state and retain it’s round and solid shape. Its size is medium, has a chalky texture, and looks like tangerine. Besides, it dissolves in water, permitting enough time for a long soothing soak. The company prescribes soaking for about half an hour for the best absorption.

In harmony with autonomous third-party laboratory results, this 200mg wide spectrum bath soak or bomb containing 198.36 milligrams of CBD is well below the allowed 10% variance, registering a 0.8% variance. This Carbon dioxide extracted product contained a negligible quantity of THC and was tested for and passed every purity test.

Body Butter CBD Infused Lotion

This wide-spectrum commodity is generally white with a pale-yellow color. It has a lotion or traditional cream consistency, which simplifies its application to the skin without extra drips. This common product is recommended for external skin application only. The company directed daily usage of it to loosen tight muscles for aimed relief aches or chronic pain.

Moreover, this Carbon dioxide extracted cream is mixed with tea tree, aloe, shea butter base, and peppermint oils for a better application. According to the company, it is obtained from certified kosher, organic, and non-GMO hemp that does not utilize pesticides, which further addresses using this cream in the entire day and night as required

What We Like About the Company

  • Transparency. FOCL possesses licensed organic hemp farmland, so you know where the CBD exactly comes from. The products comprise botanicals, a proprietary blend of CBD and adaptogens.
  • The company has a centralized third-party laboratory results hub online.
  • It produces organic and non-DMO products.
  • Fee and interest-free payment plan options through sizzle service are upheld in this company.
  • Payment plans were available. You can save 10% with a monthly subscription and a 60-day guarantee return policy for the products from this company.

What We Dislike About the Company

  • The company does not offer delivery to PO boxes.
  • It has slow international shipping time, and the customs fee is not factored into the price.
  • The company has an incomplete FAQ section.
  • Its entire sales are final and exchange only.
  • Limited product line. There are a few products to choose from
  • Flavors are not for everyone. Some reviewers do not love the various flavors available.

Overall Verdict

The review of Mint Wellness CBD products is quite impressive. They post the exact purity and potency for each product directly on each corresponding commodity page on the main website. When a client purchases CBD product from mint wellness, they will know the quality of each product from the beginning. Mint Wellness also has broader CBD potencies than comparable brands, varying from 20 mg to 3000mg. According to the company website, no synthetic ingredients are utilized in their CBD products, and there are no solvents or pesticides involved in cultivating their organic hemp crop. However, some products did not undergo purity testing for all common contaminants available in the market, as verified by the self-standing test results available.

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