One farm by WAAYB is a leading CBD company that provides full-spectrum USDA-certified CBD products. It was launched with a mission of continuously enriching the lives of people around them using nature’s remedies. This is because they believe that nature offers the very best natural ingredients compared to any laboratory. The company uses these natural ingredients to manufacture products that help curb various ailments and provide other health benefits for both humans and pets. Some of the health benefits include pain relief in muscles and joints, reduced anxiety, improved quality sleep, and treating irritated or dry skin. These products are available in different forms: tinctures, capsules, creams and topicals, water-soluble, soft gels, oils, and pet products. The brand has gone out of its way and added flavoursto some products to accommodate all customers. The primaryflavours used include lemon, cinnamon, mint, turmeric, and unflavored products. These products are sourced from hemp (a cannabinoid plant), which is grown in their USDA-approved family farm in Colorado. Since their goal is providing transparency and assuring customers of safe products, they have made sure to pass products through third-party testing. Tests have proven their products to be natural contaminant-free.However, the brand is ranked as one of the most expensive CBD brands, where products prices range from $0.08 – $0.25 per mg of CBD.

About The Company

The company was formed as a rebranding of WAAYB, which was the original line of CBD. One farm is based in Colorado, United States, and was founded by Scott Cusack in 2017. The brand was launched after several complaints from customers concerning counterfeit CBD products. Many brands were producing low-quality products which didn’t satisfy customers’ needs, and that is when they decided to purchase their extractor to create quality products. Unlike other CBD brands, One Farm controls its products processes from planting hemp to selling the final product. They grow their hemp in organic and pesticide-free farms, which is then hand-harvested and passed through the purest extraction process to ensure that it is toxin-free. The brand achieved to be the first CBD company to have both the farming and manufacturing processes approved by USDA in 2019. They managed to achieve this by inventing more natural remedies with similar quality levels like the skincare products,comprised organic CBD and high-quality botanicals.  In 2020, they decided to further enhance their products by adding more valuable ingredients to them. In the process of searching for high-quality ingredients, they realized that large ingredients houses were not their preferred choice since there are many intermediaries from the organic farmer to the house. It was therefore unclear whether ingredients were 100% natural. They hence decided to source from the original farmers to ensure they are nature’s best products. Maca root vegetable is an example of an ingredient used in their recharge products. It contains minerals and vitamins which prevent mental and physical stress. Through the years, the brand has sustainably offered its customers with the best products.

The company has put up a straightforward website where they have laid out important information about the company together with their services. Although they have put up the company’s ethics, they have preferred to be presented as a brand rather than having a single person speak for them. On this website, they have included details about their roots and the origin of their hemp. Additionally, they have explained why their products are the best by indicating their ingredients, health benefits and third-party lab results. On the products page, they have indicated batch numbers on each product which lead you to specific batch lab results. We verified their transdermal cream, which showed corresponding results to what was indicated on the product.

Similarly, their pet CBD contained a 6.2% CBD variance which is an acceptable range. They both contained a limit of below 0.3% THC concentration, proving them safe for consumption. However, their Day Cream product had some inconveniences in its results. It proves to have a variance of 10.9%, which is way above the accepted range. Similarly, the lab results were not provided through a batch number;instead were indicated under the product’s name. Their hemp extract, too, had no lab results to ascertain its purity. The brand offered no lab results proving the non-existence of heavy metals, pesticides, contaminants, additives, and other harmful pathogens.

They have made their buying and shipping process very easy for customers. It is easy to purchase products and add them to your cart for ordering. Shipping has been made free for all orders, and customers have been given the opportunity of enjoying various discounts and bundles. They have come up with a 10% repeating monthly discount for all product’s purchases. Parents can also receive a 25% off for skincare products or receive a free skincare product with every $150 purchase. Customers can return products within one month, and money-back is guaranteed. For customer care services, they have included their email, office number, address, and location, which are all reliable and functional. Customers have reported having received feedback for their inquiries on time while being provided with adequate information. The brand has stated that it has formed partnerships with other independent organic farms to ensure customers receive the best organic product nature has to offer.

Manufacturing Process

One Farm has proposed unique strategies for their activities to ensure ethics and transparency to their customers is provided. Our research discovered that the company grows its own hemp on a family farm located in Colorado, US. Hemp is known to absorb toxic materials as it grows, leading to contaminated products unfit for consumption. Due to this, the brand has made sure their farmis USDA certified and is free from chemicals, toxins, and pesticides.  This means that chances of heavy metals or other contaminants getting into the plant are low to none.  After harvesting and drying of the hemp, it is taken through a carbon dioxide extraction process to extract the final products. The brand prefers the CO2 process since it is marked as the FDA’s most harmless industrial extraction process. Compared to other methods like butane extraction, propane, and isopropyl alcohol, CO2 extraction extracts pure, high-quality CBD products. In this process, hemp is mixed with liquid CO2, and it extracts all plant’s cannabinoids then evaporates to leave the residue.  For easy consumption and absorption, the extract is added other nutritious ingredients such as:

  • Baobab and cherry for their vitality boost
  • Ashwagandha and blueberry for their replenish and recharge
  •  coconut MCT, lemon for their CBD oil
  •   Maitake, Chaga, cacao, and shittake in their daily eightmushroom powder
  • Turmeric, cayenne, black pepper, and papayas for their relief cream

After this process, they are then taken for third-party testing by independent laboratories. Although they have stated that their products are tested for purity, and heavy metals, not enough details about that are offered. We realized that they omitted this information since they personally grow their pure hemp; hence lab testing is unnecessary. There were no QR codes on the products hence further proof of purity could not be gathered.

Range Of Products

Although the company offers a limited range of products, the available products are unique and offer several health benefits. Their products arrive in great packaging, and customers have proven how easy it is to unbox them. Each product comes with instructions of use, ingredients and a batch number. Since they believe in the consumption of all-natural ingredients, their products are packed with whole herbal ingredients. Some of the products we reviewed are:

One Farm Tinctures

One of the most purchased One Farm products is the tinctures. The company offers them in various strengths starting from 600mg to 2400mg of CBD. We recommend higher dosages for smarter buying because of price scaling, although all their products are high-quality. An example of their tincture is the One Farm USDA organic CBD oil. This product has a floral cannabis scent with a slightly watery taste and has a smooth and cool texture. It is packed in well-labelled droppers, and adults are advised to consume one full dropper per day. A 30ml bottle costs $46.99, and it contains a total of 300mg of CBD.

One Farm Soft Gels

These are One Farm’s USDA organic CBD extract-powered pills that are very competitive in the market. They are available in a minimal variety since the brand prioritized potency, leading to effective and consistent soft gels. They are available at $0.08 – $0.16mg per CBD.

One Farm Topicals

The company offers topicals in different varieties, including lip balms, eye serums, day creams, and other skincare products. An example of their topicals is CoQ10 Day cream. The product has a winner texture that rubs easily on the skin, leaving no oily texture afterwards. It contains CoQ10, 300mg full spectrum hemp extract, ginger root oil, and saffron stem cells. The recommended usage is two pumps per day. A 30ml bottle with a total of 300mg goes for $59.99.

One Farm pets

The brand offers both creams and tinctures for pets containing strengths for large and small breeds. A sample of these products is the Organic CBD oil for dogs and cats. Similar to the organic hemp extract, this product is also yellow liquid in colour and added MCT oil for easy absorption. A 30ml bottle costs $46.99, and it contains a total of 300mg of CBD with a variance of 6.2%.


The company impressed us with their high-end strategies, includingmanaging every process undertaken in the production of their products. They have stated that they grow their own quality hemp and use the most trusted manufacturing process for extraction. They have also provided third-party results which prove products to be safe. Additionally, all orders receive free shipping, and their price ranges are somewhat accommodative.

Why We Don’t Like The Company

Despite the company having a great profile, it does not provide international shipping. It only ships its products within the United States which means international customers may have trouble accessing their products. Although it provides lab results, it has omitted to include other relevant lab results such as heavy metals existence. Rather than that, the company has proved to be reliable.


Referring to our analysis, we would recommend customers looking for natural CBD products that have been USDA approved to try One Farm by WAAYB products. This is because this brand is proving itself trustworthy and reputable. They have made sure customers receive quality products by supervising every process and ensuring they are safe for consumption. The brand is also very transparent with customers meaning they are reliable.

Elena Ognivtseva

Elena Ognivtseva

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