About the Company

The Osiris Organics’ creators established the company after experiencing the CBD products’ first-hand benefits in their lives and their families. Although their website does not show which year the company was established, the team aims to provide high-quality and organically cultivated products that supersede the standards of other CBD companies. The founders also focus on providing CBD education to the community and transparency of their products to their clients.

While background information shows why the company was established, there is little or no information about the founders. For instance, they do not have a profile for their herbalist formulator, Violet Rowe, who has a 15-year of experience in the herbal formulation.The company headquarter is found in Rocky Mount, NC, and is easilyreached via email, phone, or message box on their contact page. There is also a FAQ page that answers queries concerning CBD products and how to use them. Some FAQ answers, like those around shipping and return policies, have not been completed when writing this review. Also, the batch number provided in our product did not match the one provided on the website.

We also examined the results for vitamin C Facial oil. Although a batch number existed on our product, we found that they had a single report available on their website, not coinciding with our product. This report also illustrated 28.1mg of CBD per bottle had 8.1mg morethan that listed for a CBD variance of 41%, whichis significantly beyond the allowed 10% CBD variance. No THC was detected, and the samplewas tested and passed for solvents, mycotoxins, and pesticides.


All products manufactured by Osiris Organics are third-party tested to determine their THC, CBD,and contaminants contents, and the laboratory reports availed on their website. When weassessed the CBD Salve stick to determine its transparency, we realized the batch number on theproductsdid not match the oneavailableon thelab report for this product on the website. We examined the present lab report, which depicted 258.5mg of CBD per stick, 8.5mg greater than listed, and a CBD variance of 3%, which is within the allowed 10%. The productwas THC-free, and the sample was passed the test for microbes, pesticides, microbes, and heavy metals.

Manufacturing Process

Osiris uses all-organic, USA-dependent hempto createitsproducts. The company also utilizes proprietary strains of industrial hemp bred to establish phytocannabinoid-rich plants. All the products are manufactured with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients. The CBD varietyin their products is broad-spectrum, which has multiple cannabinoids that function synergistically together with flavonoids and terpenes.Some products undergonanoemulsion to further their bioavailability, although there is no clear information about the extraction strategy. According to their website, this process breaks the CBD particles into smaller sizes, elevating three absorption rates. Every batch of Osiris products passes through third-party testing to checkcontaminants,terpene, and cannabinoid levels, and the reports are postedonline for every batch number.

Range of Products

Vitamin C Facial Serum

The Vitamin C Facial Serum appears in an amber glass bottle with a dropper lid. It comprises 20mg ofbroad-spectrum and organically manufactured CBD per bottle. This topical face serum also has vitamin E andC, glycerin, hemp oil, hyaluronic acid, and butylene glycol. For quality results, they recommend applying the oil after washing your face in the morning and evening before moisturizing or applying sunscreen.The serum is clear,smells likecitrus fruit, and has an oily feel but quickly absorbs the skin, leaving a soft finish. Despite Vitamin C serums being expensive,this product is greater than just a CBD tincture. There was a batch number on our products, but they contained only one report available on their website, which did not matchour product.  This report revealed 28.1mg of CBD per bottle,8.1mg higher than a CBD variance of 41%. Also, it is significantly beyond the acceptable 10% CBD variance. There was no detectable THC, and the specimen passedthe testfor microbes, solvents, pesticides, and mycotoxins. This product is perfect for people who desire an all-natural brightening face serum that contains CBD.

Mint CBD Oil

The rejuvenating Mint CBD Oil is also available in an amber glass bottle with a dropper lid. It consists of 450mg of broad-spectrum, organically cultivated CBD per bottle with organic extra virgin olive oil and peppermint vital oil. The bottle is usually 30ml, designed for oral administration with a proposed dosage of 1ml. There are no hempy/earthy undertones or taste. Instead, the mint has an average or olive oil-like taste. They now market the product with 500mg of CBD per bottle.

This product is unavailable on their website, despite having thebatch number on our purchased sample; hence, there was no lab report. We examined the available lab report for the 500mg of CBD per bottle product and realized that 574.20mg per bottle is 74.20mg higher than listed for a CBD variance of 15%. It is also beyond the acceptable 10% CBD variance. It was THC-free, and the sample was tested and passed for solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, and microbes. This product is effective for people who want an organic CBD tincture free from THC and enjoy a cooling mint flavor.

CBD Salve Stick

Osiris’ CBD Salve stick is weighed 0.5oz and consists of 250mg of organically cultivated broad-spectrum CBD. It is blended with beeswax, organic shea butter, jojoba seed oil, rosemary oil, and hemp seed oil. This product is contained in a plastic tube that you twist to apply-similar to a lip balm. Although we have not yet verified this use, it is a topical salve applied according to the instructions. The salve is white solid and opaque with a consistency similar to a lip balm. It oftenhas a partial beeswax smell. Once applied, the skin absorbs it with rubbing and leaves a waxy finish.

The batch numberindicatedon our product did not coincide with the lab report provided for this product on the website. We examined the available lab report, which demonstrated that there is 258.5mg of CBD per stick, 8.5mg greater than listed, and a CBD variance of 3%. This variance is within the allowed 10%. There was no detectable THC, and the specimen was tested and passed for heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and microbes. This product is best for individuals who desire a softening CBD salve manufactured with all-natural plant oils to use on dry skin. However, its effectiveness has not yet been verified.

CBD Dog Chews

We also received the CBD Dog Chews, which come in a plastic tube with 30 pieces inside. Every chew comprises 2mg of broad-spectrum, organically cultivated CBD along with yeast, bacon flavor, beef liver, flax oil, and other ingredients. The chewshave a cylindrical shape and are darkbrown. These products also have a beefy smell and are squishy and soft. The batch number was available on our product, but only a single lab report was online, which did not line with our products’ batch number.

The available report illustrated that 1.73mg of CBD per treat is 0.27mg lower than listed for a CBD variance of 14%, higher than the acceptable 10%. No THC was detected, and the sample was testedand passed for solvents, heavy metals, microbes, and pesticides. This product is excellent for people who want a CBD diagnosis for their dog with real beef ingredients and bacon flavors. However, we have not verified its use yet.

Daytime CBD Softgels

The Daytime CBD softgels are brought in a black plastic bottle, with 25mg of CBD in one softgel. Thesesoftgels are manufactured with bovine-derived gelatin, meaning that they are not vegan. Other ingredients include emulsifiers, glycerin, MCT oil, terpenes, and sorbitol. The softgels have no smell or taste. Instead, they are small, oblong, light yellow, and have a real feel. They now market this product with 832.5mg. The exact product we received is not availed on their website; hence, thebatch number was only provided on our product. We examined the accessible lab report for the 832.5mg bottle, illustrating 29.7mg per softgel and 891mg per bottle, 58.5mg greater than the listed CBD variance of 7%. This variance falls within the acceptable 10% CBD. There was no detectable THC, and the specimen was tested and passed for pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, and microbes. This product is best for vegans looking for a broad-spectrum CBD softgel option that uses organically cultivated CBD. It is vital to note that these claims are not yet verified.

What We Like About the Company

Although there is limited information about the company and its products, some aspects attracted us to the company.

  • All products manufactured by the company are third-party tested for purity and potency.
  • Thehempfarmers work under strict rules and use only 100% organic practices.
  • A professional herbalist formulates the products.
  • The company offers free shippingfor ordersover $25.

What We Dislike About the Company

  • The products have high CBD variance.
  • There are no lab reports for many products on their website.
  • The information on extraction or manufacturing processes is minimal.
  • Often, no response from customer care service.

Overall Verdict

Osiris Organics is generally a fairly transparent CBD company. This is especially because third parties test each of their product for purity and potency. However, most products reports are not accessible on the website. Also, although there is some information about their herbalist and mission, the website provides limited information about other aspects such as when they were established or their founders. All of Osiris’ hemp is organically and non-GMOgrown.

Most Osiris’products are broad-spectrum CBD, but they do not show their manufacturing method. The company also utilizes all organic and natural ingredients in the formulations, although they do not offer much information about their extraction practices or farms on the website. Osiris has a decent product range, includingtinctures in softgels, multiple flavors, beauty products, numerous topicals, and pet products.

Thewebsite is also user-friendly witha clear design. All products are easily found under the shop tab and classified according to thetype. Whether you are a new or old customer, you can land a special offer when you check out, such as an additional product. Also, orders over $25 are shipped for free anddelivered within 2 to 3 business days. If you are not convicted with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. Therefore, we can confidently recommend Osiris Organics CBD for anyone looking for all-natural and organic CBD products with a pleasant smell.

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