About the Company

Penelope’s Bloom started with a French bulldog called Penelope, treated for a chronic, deteriorating physical disorder. This research began a journeytooffer human-grade, premium quality, cruelty-free CBD by-products aimed at pets’mental and physical health. Thenon-GMO products veterinarians recommend organic products for both dogs and cats. The modest and shortlist of constituents used in Penelope’s Bloom CBD productsinclude MCT oil, chamomile, and full-spectrum CBD, which explains why this brand is the most recommended.


According to the company’s website, Penelope has realized a “great need for a premium quality CBD for pets that has consumer transparency, product integrity, and best result delivery” Each packaging is produced with recycled materials and uses only eco-conscious ingredients to avoid environmental pollution. They are committed to givingback to the community via different animal rescue collaborations. Additionally, a portion of all consumer proceeds goes to a nationwide non-profit animal support organization.


The centralized laboratory testing hub made it easier to join all well-ordered products with the self-governing third-party laboratory accounts for potency. The least accuracy variance was linked with the 1000 mg a full-spectrum organic tincture tested to have a total of 1003.11mg of CBD. Eventually, it results in a precision variance of a mere 0.31%, well below the 10% variance limit acceptable. Self-governingthird-party testers confirmed every spectrum product to ensure it hasbelow the allowed 0.3% limit of THC.


Independent CBD third-party testing is essential quality and safety control tool to ensure that the labeled CBD and THC quantities are very closeto the contents of every final product a client receives.As such,Penelope’s Bloom CBD has a centralized laboratory testing link on their company homepage under the “lab reports” at the bottom of each online page under “products.”Also, every product in our Penelope’s Bloom order was third-party tested for THC and CBD content. However, purity examination for contaminants such as mycotoxins and microbial was done on all checked products. Standard purity tests for heavy metals and pesticides were unavailable for the edible treats at the time of this review.

Manufacturing Process

Penelope’s Bloom is an allowed and legalizedfarmer of premium organic U.S hemp obtained from Kentucky farms. The hemp-deduced full-spectrum CBD by-products are minedusing a CO2-related method before being verbalized with easily bite-MCT oil as the carrier for maximum bioavailability. After preparation, the next step is self-governing third-party CBD testing, a vital quality and safety regulator utilized by Penelope’s Bloom to guarantee that the characterized potency of THC and CBD contests the contents. It performs aself-governing potency lab checking for all theproducts. The results are then online foraccessibilitybelow the “lab reports” link found on the bottom of every page below the “more links” heading.

Any inattentive test outcomes for potency or purity aredemanded from the customer service, who will offer any lab results not listed online or assist with explaining the outcomes. This brand proposespremium quality, vegan, natural pet CBD products in full-spectrum topicals, tinctures, and delectable treats. Their products vary from 10 to 1000 mg and are averagely priced comparedto other biotic brands, with a total price point average of $0.09 per mg of CBD.

Range of Products

CBD Edible Pet Treats and Joint Pain

Thesefull-spectrum, CO2 extracted vegan pet treats exist in three varieties. They are formulatedto anchor joint pain and mobility, but other treats can also help withheart health, stress, immunity, and anxiety. These edible treats are listed as dogs’ products on the website, but the package calls them pet treats. You can feed them to your cat though you would want to break them further. These pet treats are produced with organic ingredients, all-natural, and infused with full-spectrum CBD oil. Every 300g bag has around 30 treats, whichaverages around 10 mg of CBD per treat.

These treats are large,making it easier to reduce them into smaller pieces if you want to feed your pet with a small dose of CBD.  Besides organic CBD oil, these treats have joint-supporting ingredients like chondroitin, glucosamine, turmeric, and Boswellia, which may reduce joint pain and inflammation. These treats have a bone-shaped and crunchy consistency and are only meant for oral administration. They are average to dark brown, depending on the variety. Purity tests were passed for mycotoxins and microbial, according to the laboratory results posted at this time. You can check the lab reports online or scan the QR code on the package.

CBD Pet Topical Moisturizer

Topical Moisturizeris a full-spectrumCO2-extracted product with pale yellow color and shows a thicker balm-like viscosity. Further, it scrubs into the skin effortlessly for quick application. The company prescribes this product for external applications only. The product is priced at $19.99, or $0.13 per mg of CBD, while the 150mg ofproductisverified at an overall 141.15mg of CBD. Thisstands for a 5.89% modified well under theacceptable 10% limit. The 300 mg current product is tagged at $29.99 or $0.09 per mg. It tested at 270.65 total mg of CBD, representing a 9.78% variance under the 10% legal limit. Below 0.3% ofTHC content was established in all concentrated tests, and both potencies for extraneous contaminants were passed. The productis also mixed with MCT oil for the best bioavailability and absorption.

CBD Pet Tincture

The CBD tincture, an organic and whole-spectrum product, is extracted using a CO2-based process. It is usually pale yellow and shows a somewhat thick oil-like viscosity. Penelope’s Bloom provides four distinct concentrations of full-spectrum hemp CBD oils for pets. The least concentration is 250mg (for pets below 30 pounds), and the highest is 1000mg (for pests above 120 pounds). They also contain 500 and 750mg concentrations. These pet CBD tinctures are manufactured with MCT oil, organic CBD, and chamomile oil. Chamomile oil is incorporated for its healing and calming benefits because it has natural anti-inflammatory properties and is a great muscle relaxant. Ingesting chamomile may also assist with digestive issues.  Medium-chain triglyceride (also called MCT or coconut oil) comprises about 90% healthy saturated fats.Besidesbeing a healthy source of energy, MCT oil supplies anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The most significant ingredient is full-spectrum organic CBD oil. The oil assists in capturing the cannabinoids, fatty acids, and other plant compounds like flavonoids and terpenes that occurnaturally in the hemp plant. In unison, the three ingredients offer relaxation, relief, earthy flavor, and light.The company-prescribed a serving size of 1 ml per 25 Ibs of pet, and the dropper has visible marks for precise dosing. The 250 mg bottle is tagged at $29.99 or $0.11 per mg of CBDand is tested to consistof 270.75mg of CBD. This variation representsa variance of 8.3%, under the acceptable 10% limit.Fortunately, it is possible to change the dosage using the measuring lines on the dropper. You may choose to begin with a half dropper to gauge how it affects your cat.

Penelope’s BloomCBD Balm for Cats and Dogs

The CBD balm for pets is manufactured with full-spectrum CBD oil and is available in two concentrations: 300 and 150 mg. It consists of organic carrier oilssuch assunflower, jojoba,lavender, and coconut oil alongsideother skin-supporting ingredients such as natural vitamin E and organic shea butter. These oils offer a light fragrance but are not overpowering. Our test cats did not react to it, though some cats might be more sensitive to fragrance. This CBD balm is engineered to offer topical pain relief, and it can also be used as a moisturizer for your pet’s paws, skin, and nose. Furthermore, it can relieve itchy skin, dryness and may assist with hot spots and bacteria skin problems. Apply a little amount on your pet’s akin and rub it in.

What We Like About the Company

When comparing the effectiveness of pet CBD products from Penelope Bloom and other companies, here are some reasons we would recommend the company:

  • Its products are infused with 300mg or 150 mg full-spectrum CBD oil.
  • All Penelope’s products are manufactured with all-natural and organic ingredients.
  • The company offers topical pain relief and anchors skin health.
  • The products are based on naturally-cultivatedhemp, a premiumreasonthat boosts therapeutic importance.
  • The company is possessed by people who love pets. Thus, in every choice, they prioritize the requirements of pets.
  • Someproductsare formulated to support immunity and heart health.
  • The products are vegan, organic, and non-GMO.
  • The company also offers financial support to different animal rights and organizations.
  • They have a centralized lab testing hub.
  • This brand has an excellent potency accuracy variance.
  • They provide rapid relaxation and relief products.
  • Comprises of only three major natural ingredients.

What we dislike about the company

While the company has established a stellar reputation in the production of high-quality all-natural pet products, it also has its cons, as seen below:

  • The brand provides inadequate purity testing on edible treats.
  • It has a slow client service response time to email.
  • The brand has a $50 minimum for free shipping.
  • Some cats may dislike the aroma or flavor.
  • The dosing instructions are little or vague.
  • Treats are very big, may require to be reduced for cats.
  • They are significantly more expensive than the average treat.

Overall verdict

Penelope’s Bloom is a company committed to offering high-quality CBD products for pets. It offers a wide variety of organic, premium quality pet CBD products in topicals, tinctures, and edible treats.We acknowledge that this company produces only pet products, high quality and organic ingredients in all of their formulas. We also love that they make their third-party lab test results easily accessible by scanning the QR code or checking their website on their packaging. Though Penelope’s Bloom does not provide a wide range of products, the ones they produce come in many formulas and concentrations, so you can select the best option for your pet.

Every product undergoes independent third-partylab testing for potency, purity, and the company is very transparent about its methods.  Not only does Penelope’s Bloom seem to provide excellent quality with their products, but their prices are also very competitive. The most expensive products we reviewed were priced at $0.13 per mg of CBD, below average for the tested brands. We also recognize that all their products are formulated for both cats and dogs. If you are searching for a pet CBD brand you can trust, we sincerely recommend Penelope’s Bloom. Their prices are friendly, high-quality products, and you can save much money by making bulk purchases or starting a recurring subscription.