Premium Jane Cbd Report

Premium Jane Cbd Report

The CBD industry keeps becoming competitive day in day out, and among recently established companies, Premium Jane is not exceptional. Although the brand has not been in play for long, it has quickly established its reputation compared to other companies that were also recently established. However, the brand has been featured in several magazines such as LA Weekly, Forbes and Weedmaps. To satisfy and capture a broader market, Premium Jane decided to expand its product line and use it to its advantage. In addition, most of their products are considered effective and have a good test. Premium Jane uses domestically grown hemp, which is further extracted using CO2 to obtain beneficial ingredients that would be used for manufacturing their products. Some of the products include; topicals, pet products, capsules, beauty products and others. In our analysis, we will focus on each significant aspect the company engages in to ensure they give quality products to their customers.

About The Company

In the competitive world of CBD, Premium Jane has been on top of headlines despite being a recently established company. According to their website, the company is dedicated to helping people who wish to improve their lives using natural products. When the company was being established, it aimed to create top-quality products for its friends and family members. However, this was taken to another level, and now the Premium Jane CBD has spread its network faster than expected.

Consequently, the company takes pride in offering a comprehensive line of products to its customers, which are considered either top-shelf CBD oils, premium topicals or delicious edibles. Despite the company being known for its quality brands, they also take pride in upholding the highest standards in their manufacturing process and other key areas. The company has employed a qualified customer support team which help their customers concerns. The entire family of Premium Jane is committed to ensuring whatever services they render exceeds customers’ expectations.

The biggest reason the company has succeeded despite the tough competition is to be driven by its mission; to continue improving its products and provide customers with high-quality, effective and reliable products. It only insists that they will only manufacture products that they could take pride in only.

According to our personal experience, the company has provided detailed explanation on most of their products. Their website offers adequate information on the prices, the price of their products, and how to apply their products after purchasing them. Also, navigation within the website easy very easy. Ordering their products is extremely easy and quick. Notably, it will not take you more than three minutes before you place your order and receive a confirmation notification on the order you have placed. Our buying experience was actually fascinating.

The company has provided multiple ways of reaching them. In case you need any guidance or help, you can reach them out by either using an email address, physical address or using their office number. If you want to make a direct call, then you should consider doing it during working hours. We took a step further and tried to raise a concern about the product we hard ordered. Indeed, their support desk is accommodating and knowledgeable. They responded to us after a few hours, and we were delighted with their response.

Manufacturing Process

For the company to produce premium products for its customers, it has to keep track of the raw material (hemp), how its planted, maintained and harvested. According to their website, all their products are extracted from organic, CBD-rich industrial hemp grown in Kentucky, USA. Consequently, the company ensures tests for any sort of chemical fertilizers or pesticides are conducted before using the hemp. The company uses the flowers and stems of the hemp part to manufacture their products. Besides, the company stresses on using Ultra-clean extraction practices. For quality purposes, Premium Jane CBD extracts cannabinoids with the aid of the supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction method. By doing so, they can retain all effective ingredients of the hemp plant.

For ensuring safety standards are always upheld, the company has hired an independent third-party laboratory to ensure all products are harmless on the human body. The primary role of the lab is to ensure the labelled amount of THC and CBD match the ones in the product. Also, it has to carry tests on any other ingredient used together with the hemp plant to produce the finest products. Lastly, the lab takes tests to ensure products are free of contaminants, pesticides or chemical fertilizers embodied in the product. The company supports the hired laboratory and works closely with it to ensure all scientific information matches the one provided on the company’s labels. By doing so, they have improved on the trust they get from their customers.

Range Of Products

To gain a broader market of CBD customers, the company has a comprehensive line of products featuring various unique flavours and other properties that would suit different customers. Their line of products includes;

Premium Jane Delta 8 Products

Unlike other CBD products, Delta 8 is considered one of the recent hottest CBD products in the market. Jane Premium took this as an opportunity to mark their company famous since very few companies manufacture the product. However, it contains high-quality industrial hemp, just like other products manufactured by the company. The product has been attracting CBD customers for its effectiveness compared to other products.

Premium Jane Cbd Gummies

The product has increasingly become popular because of its convenience. Also, the company offers a solution for people who find pleasure in chewing and are CBD consumers. The product doesn’t inconvenience your normal eating schedule compared to other products such as capsules. It has offered people a discreet way of administering CBD even at workplace. They come in;

  • 750mg Vegan CBD gummies (30-count)
  • 1500mg Broad-spectrum Lime CBD gummies (60-count)
  • 1500 Broad-spectrum strawberry CBD gummies (60-count)
  • 1500 Broad-spectrum Mango berry CBD gummies (60-count)

Depending on the quantity, flavour and tub you are going for, the price might differ from one to another.

Premium Jane Topical CBD Lotion

People who suffer from muscle discomfort, arthritis, joint pain, and chronic skin condition have found this product helpful. They come in two; eucalyptus and cocoa butter. However, both come in a 2oz jar. For Eucalyptus, it contains 750 mg total CBD, and Cocoa Butter comes in 1,500 mg and is considered more potent. It is also recommended to apply it gently into the skin at the affected areas for about one minute for usage purposes. In addition, Premium Jane also offers exclusive beauty products and CBD skincare. The products help in restoring the damaged skin to look brighter or have a youthful complexion. They come in;

  • 300mg CBD Facial Night Cream
  • 200mg CBD Rejuvenation Cream
  • 300mg CBD Facial Day cream
  • 200mg CBD Facial Scrub
  • 200mg CBD Rejuvenation Cream
  • 200mg CBD Oil Control Facial Cleanser

All these products are recommended to be applied gently into the skin, especially in affected areas, for about one minute.

Premium Jane CBD Capsules

Unlike tinctures, CBD capsules are easier and convenient for consumption. For those who prefer taking CBD brand at one go, then this would be recommended for them. However, their effectiveness is a bit low compared to other products that could be digested directly due to their nature. However, it is a quick method of taking your CBD with the aid of your favourite drink or water. They come in;

  • 30-count CBD capsules (25mg each)
  • 30-count CBD Capsules (40mg each)

Premium Jane CBD oil

Unlike other products manufactured in broad-spectrum, CBD oils are manufactured in ether broad or full-spectrum. The company has carried recent adjustments on this brand by coming up with 3000mg and 5000mg potencies which are 100% THC-free and in a broad spectrum. The brand ingredients include; terpenes, flavonoids, plus other phytocannabinoids. The company has been designed to be administered by placing it under the tongue for about 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing. In addition, the product exists in six flavours; mint, citrus, chocolate mint, lime, peach nectar, and natural, all in five potencies.

Other Premium Jane Products

To obtain a broader market, the company has also chosen to provide the following products; pet CBD oils, Hemp CBD joints and many more. New items such as Bath Bombs and Jane’ pets have been regarded as effective and authentic; as a result, they have taken a better position among similar products manufactured by their competitors. To mention but a few;

  • 5mg Dog Treats, in a count of 30(Jane’s Pets)
  • 50mg Premium Jane CBD Bath Bombs in various aromas
  • 250mg bacon-flavoured CBD Oils for Dogs
  • 45mg Premium Jane Pre-Rolled Hemp CBD joints in three-pack.

The companies ability to provide all this line of products despite the fact they are new competitors in the CBD market is a clear indication they are committed to customer satisfaction.

What We Like About The Company

The company has established itself based on providing quality products at an affordable price range. Consequently, it chooses to manufacture its products in full-spectrum for effectiveness in products like Delta 8, which are taking the better part of the CBD world. Another fascinating thing about the company is their ability to offer free shipment in all their products without limitation. Lastly, the company sources its hemp within US borders and provides vegan-friendly products to its customers.

What We Like About The Company

Although the company takes pride in manufacturing multiple products, it does not offer its customers vape products. Most people who take pleasure in vaping experiences (especially the youth) prefer taking their daily CBD dosage while vaping. If the company reconsidered manufacturing vaping products, it would gain a broader market, especially if it maintains quality. In addition, the company should also come out clearly on matters concerning their certifications. Premium Jane has not stated whether it has been certified by both FDA and USDA. Providing such vital information as well as the people who are running the company might be beneficial to interested parties and customers.


Finally, we would recommend Premium Jane products to most CBD consumers and people who wish to join CBD. The company has ensured their customer’s safety is given priority in every activity relating to their products, right from farming until the product reaches each consumer’s household. However, unlike many CBD companies, the company has not been transparentabout the founder’s information. Providing such relevant information will enhance trust together with posting their lab results under their product description.

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