Cbdfx Product Review

Cbdfx Product Review


Amongst widely known CBD products, CBDfx has not been an exception. According to the recent study we carried on the product, it suitable for CBD consumers who consider getting a solid, functionality and good test of the product. However, as we kept conducting research on the product, we realized it is readily available in the market, and consumers don’t  have to spend a lot of time finding it. We also encountered an eay experience in trying to purchase one of their products; the process was quick and easy. The good thing about the company is, if you don’t like the product, the company gives you a 30-day money-back request to return the product as long as it was unopened

CBDfx offers various products to its consumers. Some of their products exist in the following forms;

  • Tincture products
  • Capsules products
  • Edibles products
  • Drinks products
  • Vapes products
  • Topicals products
  • Pets
  • Bundles

About the Company

The company history is a bit difficult to follow up about its origin and other company background information is not on their website. Unlike other CBD product companies, which provide details about their origin and growth, CBDfx has not offered much information apart from the information published on its official website https://cbdfx.com/. However, while we were trying to follow up its operations, we noticed that the company works under the big umbrella of NEwhere: based in Chatsworth, California and has specialized most of its products in vape and e-pens.

The company was founded in 2012 under the name of Had Hetter Juice as a private company. Notably, Had Hetter Juice received a notice from FTC informing him that products from his company were misbranded and engaged in deceptive practices in the market.

To their advantage, as we were trying to get more details on the company, they have provided a dedicated email, phone number and mailing address to their customers for guidance or any questions. Also, their system entails an easy-to-use ‘contact’ form that is quick in connectivity. In addition to that, their customer service address matters concerning effectiveness of the product and its positive impact on our health. On the contrary, when we tried to get more information about the companies origin, the help desk could not respond on it.

According to their customer service desk, the company’s raw material is grown in Holland but processed in the United States. The information displayed on the packageconfirms that the products are made in the USA. As per our ivestigations, it is clear their product’s raw material (hemp) is grown in Kentucky, in the USA.

Although the company packaging does not provide details indicating THC or CBD concentration, it is evidenton their website that according to tests carried out, all their products manufacture in the U.S tests 0.3% THC. The company provids lab results via QR on packaging,which leads to tests carried out by Pharm Labs in San Diego to ascertain the above information. As we were trying to follow up, the MCT oil, which is their product, contains a negligible amount of THC and over 2% CBD.

It was interesting to find out about 500 mg of tincture oil since it indicated a discrepancy between how much CBD dropper would provide per the analysis of the test carried out. According to the information displayed on their boxes, the label indicates 16.5 mg of CBD per mL as expected concentration. On the contrary of their data and our result, there was a variance of 22.5% (20.22 mg/mL), which is an over accepted difference of 10%. Their page under ‘About Us page’ has updated unverified information that their products are derived from “wholly organic hemp plants.”

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process sets the tone for the whole operation to the consumption levels for any CBD product. The raw material and how it is grown has a significant impact in multiple ways on the final product that will be disposed to the market. It is crucial to be well informed at every level of the production process to fully understand the product, from growing the raw products to the lab test results.

As mentioned earlier, CBDfx gets its raw product of hemp and CO2 extraction from Kentucky, USA. After that, the natural products are shipped to CGMP and FDA-inspection facilities that ensure that their products meet pharmaceutical standards.

Range of products

When it comes to offering various categories, CBDfx does an excellent job of creating testy products. A suitable example is their vape pens products. They are strain-labels or colour-focused varieties and goes as low as $14.99 in terms of price. In case one purchases them in packs, then you can save up to $30.

As for their edibles, one should budget as low as $10 up to $59.99 for 300 mg of CBD, which is the most expensive. They have manufactured their edibles in yummy gummies and tasty sublingual stripes to cater to customers who prefer edibles. To our surprise, their market offers CBD wax that contains about 30% CBD oil and 300 mg of pure CBD in a gram packet going at $50 only.

CBDfx has dedicated itself to meeting the demands of people who wish to get their products to their pets. Different solid types ranging from small, medium and large breed bottles have been availed with prices ranging from $39.99, $59.99, to $89.99, respectively.

One of their best deals is $174.99 to a bundle that contains three bottles of their CBD tincture oil. It offers about 50% off just for buying bulk. We would therefore advise consumers to go for bulk as they provide a significant value for the dollar.

Depending on your preference, you could go for either of the following;

CBDfx CBD + CBN Oil Tincture

CBDfx CBD + CBN Oil Tincture

The primary purpose of this product is to help you feel relaxed and make you feel better after challenging work. Due to its CBN compounds, you will end up enjoying more benefits that are closely associated with the compound. According to our research, it is also appropriate for sleep. In case you have been having a poor sleeping pattern or general sleeping issues, I recommend that you use the product. Since it has varied strengths, ensure you take the correct concentration based on your needs. They range from 500mg to 4000mg of CBD in every bottle.

CBD Vape Juice

CBD Vape Juice

 CBD Vape Juice has purity levels of up to 99% isolate as a fragment of ingredients, making it stronger. As a result of its strength, the consumer might feel its impact fasterunlike other products. Consequently, we would advise the consumers to choose the best concentration depending on the tolerance of its performance on your body. It is mainly used for young people who prefer vaping as a lifestyle.

Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears

If you are a person who takes pleasure in taking a couple of gummies a day, then we would recommend that you go for CBDfx Gummy Bears. It is infused with a broad spectrum of CBD, which will directly benefit your body as youenjoy the fruit flavour. The flavour contains free GMO ingredients and will not contain any artificial sweetness; everything about it is natural. We would say it is irresistible and addictive to people who constantly use it. I would therefore advise that you read the instructions on the package carefully to avoid addiction.

CBD Gel Capsule

CBD Gel Capsule

CBD Gel capsules contain a coconut test which is resulted from MCT oil as one of its features, making it easy for consumers to take the pill. The effectiveness of this product is a result of full-spectrum concentration in it. The company has made the capsule appealing in the eyes of consumers to encourage them to consumeits product. Any person newly introduced to the product should start with low concentration as they keep increasing as per the guidelines given. Depending on the body response, you can take more than two as time goes by, but you should take one a day for a start.

CBD pets

CBD pets

CBD pet’s product has been manufactured with human-grade ingredients, making it safe and effective for your pets. However, it contains chamomile and broad-spectrum CBD, which bring about calming. As a result, it will reduce the amount of stress and anxiety that your pet has. The brand is considered the topbrand on the effectiveness ofdogs; this will make you have a happier and healthy dog at the end of the day. The best proof for its efficacy on pets is that it contains mood-boosting GABA and L-Tryptophan. CBDfx also helps treat joints and mobility; ensure you choose the right CBDfx for small, medium and large breeds.

What we like about the company

The company has been able to come up with transparent pricing of its product on the internet. For anyone checking the product on the web, they can access shipping charges easily. Also,CBDfx has ensured various customers are offered different shipping choices ranging from free shipping services to the most costly depending on their customers’ location and speed options.

Notably, as we tried to test the shipping process, we noticed a straightforward user interface that worked appropriately throughout the transaction process. According to the follow up we made, this is easily attained by the company through a relatively clean website that is easy to navigate.

Another amazing factor about the company was the additional free sample to our checkout cart as we were trying to select our shipping option.

Shipping options and their prices

The company offers the following charges for the shipment. Depending on our urgency on the product and financial status, you could use either of the following;

  • 1-3 business days: $7.89
  • 3-5 business days: $5.45
  • 5-10 business days: free

It has ensured that they meet the client’s demandsper the selected delivery option and have used it to their advantage. The company offers worldwide shipping majorly in the following companies; Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden and within the United States.

Why we don’t like the company

We have two significant reasons why we might not like the company;

  1. It claimed to be “wholly organic” when it’s not and have not gone for USDA certification.
  2. Their price range is a bit higher than other products on the market; the average price is $0.2 per mg of CBDfx.

Overall Verdict

Although the company has not come out clearly about its founders and history, it still provides one of the most effective CBD products in the market. The main reason why most consumers are going for their product, it’s because they offer multiple products in the market that allows consumers to choose depending on their preference. We would say the company has stuck on using organic ingredients to ensure the safety of the consumers as an advantage.

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