Cbdistillery Product Review

Cbdistillery Product Review


The biggest reason we consider CBDistillery brand as one the best is because they provide an excellent experience from the start to the end. Another critical reason I term the product as one of the best is the companies’ decision to maintain quality productions ranging from CBDistillery oil to CBDistillery topical. Also, Their production system is transparent throughout their product line. Consequently, the company has taken a step further to label each product on the CBD contents used during production. It also has decided to post Q.R. code to help consumers track their CBD batch, FDA, medical disclaimers and ISO for assurance purposes. Under their websites,the company assures its customers that it has prioritized quality right from hemp farming to their independent third-party lab results.

About the company

CBDistillery is located in Colorado, founded by Denver. When CBD products emerged, the founder saw an opportunity since most products that were being manufactured were of low quality. He decided to build his company based on quality in terms of production. Their main aim ended up providinga quality line of CBD products that are reasonably priced. Due to their belief in the CBD movement (#CBDMovement) in taking over the world, they decided that their reputation would be strengthened by quality.

As a company, they take pride in consumer education and research what is best for their customers. As a result, most of the companies resources are redirected to offering education about cannabis, CBD, hemp, and the wide range of their products in terms of usage. The company has taken over the responsibility of becoming true ambassadors of CBD in general. One of their most famous comprehensive guide on all things about CBD is The Ultimate CBD User Guide.

The company website is adequately informed with the details concerning the CBDistillery; how it started alongside an extensive FAQ section that responds to most questions right from extraction methods or farming practices. Also, their website has also been built based on transparency and is evident throughout the website. Phone help, email, live chat is very prompt and available whenever needed by the customers. The company has gained worldwide respect because it has built one of the fastest-growing and influential brands of CBD products. It has been able to expand its market by use of online marketing.

Due to its reliable and well known online retail shop, they have gained trust and fame. The most fundamental principle of the company is to help consumers substantiate or verify quality and consistency in the products they are purchasing. The company provides numerous details that they think it’s vital to the consumers about ingredients and lab testing on their labels. As we carried out our research, most of the results matched the THC content, volume, presence of residuals, solvent testing, and yeast information they provided.

Manufacturing Process

CBDistillery products are obtained from hemp grown in Colorado, USA. Just like we mentioned earlier about the company’s focus on quality, the U.S farmers adhere to the highest levels of cultivation standards for a hemp plant to ensure they come up with quality hemp as a raw product of CBDistillery. Usage of the latest state art organic cultivation practices and organic nutrients in the soil, has enabled hemp grown in Colorado to be healthy and beneficial in terms of functionality in the human body.

CBDistillery affirms their CBD oils are void of pesticides, and have obtained lab testing to determine the THC content. The total spectrum products are assured of having less than 0.3% THC, and the company also makes a THC productfree. When we compared the lab report and the information on their label, the result affirmed their labelling transparency since they matched. Also, oil is pulled out of the flowers and stalks during the extraction process, isolating the CBD molecules. It is at this point where most THC is eliminated in the full spectrum products, leaving out pure CBD extract. To be precise, carbon dioxide (CO2) is used during the extraction process; as a result, it provides consistent and excellent extraction without leaving harmful substances in the extract.

According to our research, their CBD products could be isolates, broad-spectrum or full-spectrum products. Just to come out clearly on their distinction, broad spectrums have no THC, while full-spectrum contains not only CBD but other terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids of hemp. The full spectrum product offers various benefits of additional cannabinoids since the cannabinoids entails; cannabidivarin(CBDV), cannabidiol acid (CBDA), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), and finally, cannabinol (CBN). Terpenes could greatly enhance stress relief and mood enhancement.

Additionally, the company has obtained membership in National Hemp Association (NHA), a non-governmental (NGO) organization that advocates and champions the required industry standards regarding raw hemp cultivation and processing. The ISO 9001:2015 did not only certify the company’s operations but also for the thirdparty. As we continued to looking into thecompanies details, we also realized that it was not certified by USDA. However, we couldn’t get important information about why they did not pursue the certificate or are currently pursuing it. In case this matter is addressed, then the credibility and consumer confidence would be enhanced.

For transparency purposes, the company hires independent and reputable third-party labs that regularly test their products. The lab utilizes ProVerde tests for stability, homogeneity, and shelf life and scrutinizes the existence of fungus, mildew, molds, and various harmful bacteria. CBDistillery has never failed to pass these tests with an overwhelming victory.

To avoid any doubts, the company has displayedCBD content in each of their products for every user to see. The use of Q.R. code on each product that can be scanned to check on third-party test results which is clearly stated. All the above mentioned features have helped the consumers raise their trust in how the company meets quality expectations.

Range of Products

Due to the trust the company has decided to build in the market, they are also able to invest in various products to meet customers’ demands. Some of the products include;

CBDistillery oils

CBDistillery oils

CBDistillery oils comprises of a spectrum obtained using CO2 safe extraction. The price of CBDistillery oil depends on its function,  if it’s either broad-spectrum or full-spectrum and lastly, on the quantity and quality. The lowest price is $19 – $210, depending on the stated factors of preference.

Capsules and Softgels

Capsules and Softgels

CBDistillerys in capsule or softgels forms exists in variable bottles containing 750 mg to 1800 mg and 30 or 60 quantities. Consequently, they are also available in either isolate extract or full-spectrum types. The price range is between $10 – $120.

Vapes and Cartridges

Vapes and Cartridges

While we were checking on CBDistillery supplies disposable pens and cartridges, we noticed that they are in 200 mg. For a rechargeable device, it might cost upto $28, but for a disposable vape and cartridge, it is priced at $10. The product also has various flavours; Grape, Strawberry Lemonade, vanilla, lavender or natural flavour.



It is one of the most robust CBDistillery products, containing Isolate powder that is 99% pure CBD and is solid in the package. It weighs from 0.5 gm 7gm that ranges from $15 – $192.5 in price.



Unlike other products, CBDistillery often offers gummies and nighttime gummies, which are rich in Melatonin. The gummies only exist in 750 mg bottles for $55 for a quantity of 25 pieces.



CBDistillery exists in two primary forms; salves and lip balms. Consequently, they exist in 500 mg for salves and 25 mg for lip balms. They are, however, priced differently, $50 for salves and $6 for lip balm.

Pet products

Pet products

CBDistillery for pets are offered in two different potencies; 150 mg and 600 mg (30 ml each). For their prices, they go at $20 and $38 respectively. Both the options are offered in the only full-spectrum extract.

THC free tinctures.

THC free tinctures.

CBDistillerys THC line products contain tinctures with a potency range of 250mg-500mg distributed in 30 ml containers. As for their prices, they range between $32 – $210 according to the strength required by the customer.


Notably, the product has been offered to you in various bundled packs, and most of them are vape pen bundles. Additionally, they exists in following bundles, which are more representative of their entire product line.

Pettis Fight Pack

It goes at the cost of $120 and contains the following;

  • CBDol CBD Topical Salve 500mg
  • Oil Tincture of 1000mg Pure CBD (THC FREE)
  • Nighttime CBD Gummies in 30mg

King Gordon CBD Pack

It goes at $155, and the bundle contains the following;

Gammy Bundle Pack

It is available at $90 and contains the following;

  • One CBD Gummies (30 mg, 25 count)
  • One CBD Night Time Gummies (25 counts, 30 mg CBD containing 1.5mg melatonin)

Man’s Best Friend CBD Oil Pack

Man's Best Friend CBD Oil Pack

It costs $80, and the pack contains the following;

  • 150mg CBD pet tinctures
  • “CBD AND CHILL” bandana
  • Full-spectrum of CBD oil tincture in 1,000 mg.

What we like about the company

We would say that we like the company and recommend people to go for their products. One of the amazing thinds about their products, is that they are pure and contain no harm to the human body. However, the company has a good reputation when it comes to transparency and honesty to its clients. As evident in our research mentioned earlier, every analysis and test we carried outmatched the exact details on their label. The company is not only an ambassador of its product but also CBD products as a whole. The responsibility of CBD branding and ensuring that CBD products are pictured out positively has been primarily taken by CBDistillery.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company has tried to ensure its reputation turns out positively, they should avoid minor negligence, that may result to doubts from customers. They have gathered a lot of efforts to brand their CBD products in general that they could not neglect being certified by USDA. Such minor reasons could end up tarnishing their name or bring doubts among consumers about their products.


According to the complete analysis we have done on the product, we would advise consumers to use products manufactured by CBDistillery. The company has adequately addressed the question of accountability and transparency. Also, the company has set the pace for other CBD manufacturing companies, and it’shigh time they take responsibility for the products they make together with consumers in their hands. As a result, not only CBD products will continue taking the better part of the market across the globe but also their brand. Most companies are giving lots and lots of chemicals to human beings, affecting our bodies. I think it’s high time we reconsider the products we are taking, and CBD has offered amore natural solutions.

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