CBDmd Review

CBDmd Review

Amongst well known CBD companies, cbdMD is not exceptional. Unlike other CBD companies, it’sknown for its marketing strategies, product accolades, and partnership. CbdMDgives a broad range of products to its consumers at a considerable competitive of $0.05/mg – $0.10/mg. While looking at the low price rates of their products, we were forced to check on their quality since quality and prices go in handy. To our realization, cbdMD offered identical products in terms of quality and quantity just like its competitors but at a lower price rate.Additionally, the company offers a convenient and quick process of purchasing their products, and multiple options forconnecting with company’s help desk. However, the question of the company neglecting to provide helpful information such as product description has been raised severally. It seems the company concentrates more on marketing as well as the external picture of its website to the expense of their products.

About The Company

CbdMD is a widely known company based in Northern Carolina.It has multiple CBD products sold online andin above 3,000 shops across the USA. The company was established in 2015 and has gained fame by founding National CBDas well as National Hemp Day. Moreover, the company has partnered with famous athletes, pop media business, Barstool Sport, and celebrity felines to target a broader market. The company enjoys a privilege of receiving multiple rewards and the mention of its name as the greatest CBD producer across USA by High Times. It also has a good reputation worldwide for providing its consumers with adequate product information about cannabis cultivation, regulatory issues, and cannabis products in general.

According to our research, we realized that cbdMD received 7/10 rating on accuracy, transparency and reputation. To validate the above information, we decided to contact the company. Indeed, the company has supplied sufficient information on its leadership, contact information and means of communication. Also, the company has developed its products’ CBD content, preferred consumption methods, levels of CBD in every serving, and user guidelines. Its only shortcoming is failing to provide easy accessibility on information regarding its extraction methods and third-party laboratory results.

Another key observation made was on FAQ, the company seems to target those looking for general CBD knowledge and not cbdMD, hence failing to satisfy its clients. Apart from that, information on shipping, returning policies, plus other logistics is found on different pages;accessed by use ofthe lower part of the website. This makes it difficult for users to access such it. 

As we continued digging dipper, some doubts on company arose when we tried reviewing some of their products. To our realization, description of capsules lacked information concerning excipient ingredients. According to tests we conducted, the dropper couldn’t go beyond 0.75 mL, which was in contrast to the information provided; one dropper was equivalent to a full dose of 1 mL. Additionally, the impurities levels of the tests we carried out and the labelled ones on the capsules were slightly lower (9.4mg vs 10mg).

Despite some of these shortcomings, the company has built an excellent reputation in the VBD industry by conducting strategic marketing, conducting partnerships, and product tenure. Basing on this facts, the company receives 7/10 ratings.

Manufacturing Process

The most difficult experience we encountered in our research, was finding out manufacturing information on cbdMD. The website has not clearly explained its manufacturing processes, and unless you conduct its help desk, you won’t get this information. As a result, we were forced to conduct the company’s support team;as a result, wegathered some useful information such as reliance of hemp grown in Colorado and Kentucky. However, they could not provide a link to validate registration in any of the state. In addition to that, we couldn’t validate if the company adheres to USDA or GMPstandards which are important legal consideration. Another crucial observation was on utilization of CO2 during extraction,the extracts are used to manufacture all their productswhich are considered to be broad spectrum. Due to the use of CO2, the risk of harmful components intended for extraction is minimized since CO2 has a lower thermodynamic threshold to achieve its supercritical state.

The company makes use of ISO 17025 certified laboratory for its third part tests. As a result, the inaccuracy of the tests being carried out by SL Laboratories has been minimized. ISO 17025 is regarded as the best in analyzing the legitimacy of any tests from laboratories as well as the laboratory itself. For any laboratory to have approval from ISO 17025, then its reputation is unquestionable. Besides, the company has failed in one key area that needs adjustments; it neither posts a certificate of analysis (COA) under its sites merchandises, nor does it send lab result on the latest shipments of its products. Notably, the company also fails to post COA for CBD isolate on any product being sold on their website.

In our analysis, we received the COA information from their customer care desk in less than 10 minutes, which we went ahead to try verifying its details. Unfortunately, we were unable to verify for the batch we received since the information was not disclosed. Again, the cannabis results we received indicating total lack of THC and the analysis on the other hand consistent either an isolate or a broad-spectrum product. The product indicated 10 mg of CBD per unit, which was slightly different from our results; concentration of 9.4 mg of CBD in every unit. Although the variance was within 10% variance, most people prefer acceptable variance.

Range of products

CbdMD offers a range of products that are made using a broad hybrid spectrum manufacturing practice. The broad-spectrum CBD oil is made with aid of CO2 to remove both CBD as well as terpenes from hemp. CbdMD goes further to process the oil to generate a CBD isolate after the initial extraction. The company goes further to mix CBD with terpene segment as well as MCT oil to make the end product, andthe company has attained 99% purity. Consequently, cbdMD offers various bundles to allow customers to enjoy discounts on their products, depending on their purchasing bundles hence saving money.


Capsule products are available in bottles that contain 450 mg to 3000 mg in quantities of 30 or 60 and are flavorless. We went ahead to check on prices, and we noted that depending on their strength and quality, they range from $35.99 to $149.99.


Depending on quantity and strength, CBDMD tinctures have a price range of $29.99 – $339.99. They are available in bottles of 300 mg to 7500 mg and amounts of 30 or 60 mL.cbdML offers oral tincture in berry, orange, mint and natural flavours. However, the company provides their customers with various options in regard to taste, quality and quantity.

Vape Oil

The company supplies its Vape oil products in containers of 300 mg – 1500 mg. The liquid vape has a price range of $29.99 – $99.99 in every 30mL.Also, they have a number of flavours ranging from mint, vanilla to orange flavours offered in the natural line of production.

Pet Products

CbdMD offers a versatile range of products for pets. Some include treats, tinctures, topical, soft sweet potato spiced CBD products. Their price range goes from $19.99 – $149.99, depending on the wide range of strength and sizes.


The gummies exist in the following flavours; mixed berry, strawberry, orange, and tropical flavours. CbdMD gummies exists either in 300 mg or 750 mg bottles for $29.99 – $69.99 for quantity of 30 based on its strength.


Like most of their products, cbdMD offers these products in various ranges, starting with cream for inflammation, moisturized lotion for insubstantial hydration, and product for unkind therapy pain relief. They are available in 300 mg – 1500 mg in every container as well as supplied in 2 oz, 3 oz, or 4 oz quantities. Their price range is from $29.99 – $99.99, based on the effectiveness and quantity the customer is going for.

Sleep Aids

The sleep aids are available in mint flavours and administered orally, containing CBD and melatonin to consumers. They go for $44.99 and are offered in 500 mg/30mL.

Bath Bombs

They are available at a price range of $9.99 per piece or a $44.99 sample of 6-pack. However, they are made with CBD and essential oils packaged into bright, vibrant bath bombs highlighting eucalyptus, lavender, and frankincense scents.

Why do we like the company

One of the most exciting things about the company is presenting itself in the competitive CBD market. They have chosen going beyond the normal marketing and decided do partnerships with multiple organizations. This is not only to sell their cbdMD brand but also the entire CBD brand. Consequently, the company is still to provide adequate quality and quantity and offer them considerably lower price rates than their competitors in the market. As a result of their unique marketing method and offer significantly lower prices, they can expound their market more often.

Why we don’t like the company

We did not like the company because it has focused more on its outside brand rather than quality. The company also doesn’t focus majorly on the overall CBD brand instead of the cbdMD brand. As per our thoughts, it’s high time that the company decides to do more on the cbdMD brand by ensuring they improve their product quality. Additionally, they should give more information to the people on the cbdMD brand to help people understand their production procedure. If this information is provided on their official website, then there is a likelihood of increasing their market confidence.

Final Thoughts

As per the analysis, we recommend cbdMD products to more people. Although the company might have one or two shortcomings, they have worked on their customer honesty and give helpful information whenever called for. This is one way of creating confidence amongst customers to continue purchasing their products. Their marketing step is also not only valuable for their product but also CBD brand in totality. The company has chosen to serve as good ambassadors of the CBD brand, and we think more CBD companies should also take this step. They should collaborate with multiple companies and organizations to ensure the CBD brand gains wider market.

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