CBD is one of the active compounds called cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. There are hundreds of such compounds, with CBD and THC being the most potent. CBD consumption and popularity are increasing day by day, especially when many people claim that they have benefited from the therapeutic effects of this cannabinoid. In fact, companies like CBDMedic now incorporate CBD into their products to create formulas that are half pharmaceutical and half CBD that are applied topically to reap their benefits. CBDMedic claims to have dedicated more than 15 years to conducting research that led to the birthing of this company. You may wonder what this company offers, what its shipping and return policies sound like, and many other things about this brand. This is our full review for CBDMedic, and it answers all those questions and many others, including what is likable and unlikable about this brand.

About the Company

The Abacus Health Inc. was formed in 2004, and CBDMedic is its subsidiary body. CBDMedic states through its website that once Abacus Health Inc. was formed, it dedicated 15 years to study about hemp and birthed CBDMedic when the Farm Bill was passed in 2018 to legalize CBD products with less than 0.3% THC. It sources its hemp from Colorado and Oregon, extracts CBD from the hemp surface, and combines it with natural emollients and essential oils in manufacturing its products. It does not clearly state its extraction method, but some sources claim it employs solvent extraction, but the solvent remains unknown.


There are many CBD brands in the CBD arena, and CBDMedic is one of its own. Many other CBD companies could come up with formulas that mix pharmaceutical and cannabinoid ingredients, but CBDMedic is their pioneer. Still, specifications matter since they set a brand apart from the rest. The following specs are true for CBDMedic;

  • Three shipping options; standard, expedition, and express
  • Shipping takes 2-8 days depending on the option one chooses
  • No free shipping
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee allows dissatisfied clients to file complaints and receive a full refund when claims are justified
  • There are no military veteran discounts
  • USA-grown hemp sourced from Oregon and Colorado
  • Extraction method not revealed (but some sources claim that it employs solvent extraction without revealing the exact solvent)
  • No cGMP certification
  • Extracts feature broad-spectrum formulations for full entourage effects
  • Products include creams, oils, roll-ons, sticks, and ointments
  • Rigorous 3rd party tests
  • Purity tests show that products are free of heavy metals, residues, solvents, mycotoxins, microbials, and other external contaminants
  • Price ranges between $7.00 for hand sanitizer to $133.00 for sprays
  • The average potency is 5mg/ml
  • Customer care contact details include phone numbers and an email address

Buying Experience

We found the buying experience at CBDMedic rather straightforward and intriguing. On its banner at the top, the brand advertises what products are on offer, helping them save a few bucks if they follow the given simple instructions to unlock the offer. Besides, you can also see the advert about the 30-day return policy, under which the brand explains how the policy works. Furthermore, there are times when coupons can be used to save cash. You choose the products you want, check out, provide billing & payment details/login to your account for returning buyers, and the order is processed. Shipping takes 2-8 days but can be as short as 24-72 hours, depending on the options you choose

Manufacturing Process

Surfing through CBDMedic, you will not find information regarding the extraction method the brand applies to strip off CBD from the hemp surface, although some sources claim that it uses solvent extraction, a method whose solvent is still not revealed. Still, we know that it is a legal US hemp grower that sources its hemp from the Oregon and Colorado farms. Like other CBD brands, it claims that it conducts rigorous tests, including at the farms, to ensure hemp matches the ideal qualities to produce consistent, high-quality products.

Once the hemp matures in the farms, it is harvested. Most brands test the hemp after harvesting to confirm quality, but we could not establish if CBDMedic does so. The harvested hemp is transported to the manufacturing facilities. The brand manufactures its products in a facility that lost its cGMP certification, but the representative informed us that efforts are in place to repossess the certification

Following the arrival at the manufacturing facilities, it’s ideal to test the hemp again to confirm quality, but we are unsure whether CBDMedic does so. The next step is CBD extraction from hemp surface, which could apply several methods, including nano-emulsification, ethanol extraction, ethanol-alcohol extraction, or supercritical CO2 extraction. However, CBDMedic does not reveal through its website the method it uses. We tried reaching out to the customer desk several times to get this information, but our efforts were futile. Still, some sources claim that the brand uses solvent extraction, but the exact solvent is not revealed.

The final products are in broad-spectrum formulations, meaning that they deliver full entourage effects from CBD, CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids but exclude THC because of its psychoactive nature. CBDMedic products are half CBD and half pharmaceutical, and it’s at this stage that the brand incorporates the pharmaceutical products proven to be effective. Besides, it features natural emollients and essential oils to augment the topicals’ effect on the body.

The regulations governing the cannabis industry require any brand to subject its products to 3rd party tests. This is a quality and control step that tests products for CBD and THC potencies and product purity. CBDMedic uses independent laboratories to conduct these steps. According to the brand, the test results and certificate of analysis (CoA) are available, but to the best of our knowledge, the results are uploaded in such a way that finding them is not the easiest task, and many people who are rushing don’t get to view them. Through its website, CBDMedic states that it conducts for all contaminants, including heavy metals and residues. After the tests, the products are ready for sale, and they await orders only.

Range of Products

CBDMedic deals exclusively in topical products, including creams, sticks, roll-ons, sprays, and ointments. Here are what you will find on the brand’s website and can order;

1. CBDMedic Cream

CBDMedic’s line of products for creams features water-based topical products applied on hands and feet. They are more like ointments, only that their effects are fast and short-lived. As such, you need to apply them several times to feel their effects. They are prepared to offer relief from pain and include 200 mg of CBD for the 40 g pack. The CBD herein packed is THC-free.

2. CBDMedic Arthritis Aches & Pain Relief Ointment

The ointment features the same ingredients as the cream. However, instead of having water as the base, the ointment has essential oils as its base. It is designed to increase its penetration and absorption in the skin. Its effects take time to be felt but are long-lasting. The ointments are packed in a 40 g container/sachet and contain 200 mg CBD. This is a broad-spectrum formulation, meaning that it offers full entourage effects without delivering THC into the bloodstream. As such, you can use it without fearing to fail a blood test. From joint aches to stiffness, these ointments got you covered. CBD has been touted as having pain-relieving effects and anti-inflammatory properties, and these specs may be linked to the ointment. However, no in-depth studies have confirmed that the ointment can safely be used to manage chronic arthritic pain.

3. CBDMedic Others

There are other topical products offered by CBDMedic. They include facial creams and cleansers, muscle and joint pain sticks, and muscle spray. The facial products improve skin conditions on the face while the stick and the spray relieve joint pain.

What We Like About the Company

While reviewing CBDMedic, we found many things we especially liked about the brand. For instance;

  • CBDMedic has established itself a name due to its revolutionary lines that uniquely create skincare and relief topical products
  • 15 years of research means that the brand mixes the essentials oils, natural emollients, and CBD well to come up with unique formulations to meet the intended needs of the products
  • Shipping takes 2-10 days but can be as short as 24 hours depending on the chosen shipping option
  • The broad-spectrum formulations are ideal for CBD consumers who would not want to get THC into their system
  • CBDMedic have been clinically tested, giving consumers confidence as they use them
  • The average price point of $0.19 per mg CBD is well within the market range of $0.16 to $0.32 per mg CBD of topical products
  • The brand prices its products really well, considering that you explore the benefits of both pharmaceutical and CBD ingredients, as well as natural emollients and essential oils
  • All the ingredients CBD uses are natural, which many consumers appreciate since modern medicine is now appreciating the therapeutic effects of natural ingredients
  • Committing to producing topical products only allows the brand to provide its clients with the best it can

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Although we liked much about CBDMedic, the brand still needs to improve in a few areas. For instance;

  • When CBDMedic ships products, it does not indicate in the order list that CBD is part of the package, which is questionable, and pastes the brand in a bad light
  • Although the brand claims to deal in all-natural organic products, it does not have a USDA certification for sustainable organic practices
  • The website lacks a live chat feature, although there is a phone number and email address for reaching out to the customer care desk
  • It does not offer isolates for those who want exclusive CBD products without other cannabinoids, nor does it provide full-spectrum formulations for those who want to enjoy the full-entourage effect with THC
  • The amount of CBD per product is not indicated
  • CBDMedic does not include in its website the extraction method it employs to strip off CBD from hemp surface, although some sources claim that it uses solvent extraction and does not still reveal the exact solvent
  • The brand offers limited product lines for topical products, nor does it offer non-topical CBD products

Our Verdict

CBDMedic is a unique company and the first to blend pharmaceutical ingredients and CBD to form CBD products. It specializes in topical products whose effects are felt by rubbing, massaging, or spraying. Although unique, it needs to improve in a few areas. Its products do not indicate the exact CBD dosage delivered, and the brand has not come out clean on the extraction methods it employs, nor does it have a free shipping arrangement. Should it improve in these areas, it’ll be sure to explore new business heights in the CBD arena.

Kristina Shafarenko

Kristina Shafarenko is a relationship and health and wellness psychologist and a part-time freelance lifestyle writer covering health and fitness, sex, sexual wellness, and relationships. When she's not writing, you can find her planning her next getaway, taste-testing every coffee spot in sight, and lounging at home with her cat, Buddy.

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