Cbdmedic Review

Cbdmedic Review 2022


CBDMedic is a unique CBD product. It combines active pharmaceutical ingredients with CBD and various emollients and essential oils. These products are gathered from hemp, where a solvent extraction method is used to attain the final product. However, they did not disclose the solvent.  According to their website, each product batch undergoes third-partytests to ensure no traces of heavy metals and other toxins. In our analysis, all ointments have the same CBD strength,hwhich is usually 200mg CBD per 40 grams of ointment. Their acne cream and facial wash, however,contain a lower CBD percentage. These products are categorized by the nature and location of the pain, allowing you to choose what can best relieve your problem. The products price ranges are pretty pocket friendly. They range between $0.06 per mg CBD to $0.32 per mg CBD.

About The Company

During our research, we analyzed that CBDMedic’s holding company, commonly known as Abacus,has formulated its ingredients for over 15 years. This is the first company to include CBD hemp extract in over-the-counter products. Although the company was launched in 2014, Abacus opened the CBDMedic brand in 2018, where the consumers and retailers could directly access the products. These products primarily help customers who have issues with acne, eczema, or those experiencing pain due to arthritis or athlete foot.

The company has provided its business dealings and financial position statements clearly on its website, Abacus health products Inc. We learnt that Abacus had formed a partnership with other successful retail pharmacy chains. This has strengthened their distribution channel, and it has led to an increase in revenue. On their website, they have provided channels on how to reach them.  We tried to use their email address to capture more information, but no one got back to us. The contact provided for media inquiries was invalid since we could not reach anybody. This is rather frustrating because customers cannot reach the company’s customer service. On further research, we noticed that the company has no certification, although they are acquiring one.

According to our analysis, the company has provided a clear and accurate report about its products and foundation. Abacus carries out its activities word wide from Australia, France, South Africa, the United States, Brazil and Colombia. The company has ensured that the ordering process is smooth for customers. Through their website, they notify customers of any special offers they may be offering.  Their website also allows the users to save money when they add the extension. This helps the company gain more revenue because many people will use the website. Looking at theshipping process, we comprehended that it is straightforward. Shipping is done from Monday to Friday. After the orders are processed, they are shipped within 24 to 72 hours. They allow the return of products for 30 days after the purchase day.

Manufacturing Process

We noticed that the CBD in CBDMedic is obtained from hemp extracted from a cannabis Sativa plant grown in Colorado and Oregon during our research. Through their website, it is stated that the plant is THC free and non-addictive. Also, their products don’t have traces of artificial steroids, fragrances and dyes. An interview conducted with a CBDMedic representative explains the process. According to the representative, the company uses CBD distillate. It is refined in the manufacturing process to remove the amount of THC in the end product.    Providing such information makes the customer more confident in using the product.However, there are no described details about the specified products or level of CBD in the product in their products. In search of more information, we looked through their frequently asked questions. They explained that their products, apart from the natural foaming facial cleanser and the muscle and joint pain relief ointment, have 200 mg CBD.

However, we realized that on various packages, it showed that it contained more than 200mg of CBD. This affects the customer’s trust and loyalty towards the company. Customers doubt the transparency of the company. Additionally, theyquestion whether the company is selling them precisely what they are advertising.We advise the company to be more open to the customers on the nature of products.According to a company’srepresentative, Abacus does its own cannabinoid analysis. They, however, do not check for yeast, organic pesticide or residual solvents since it is expensive.

The company uses both pharmaceutical ingredients and CBD products to manufacture its products. Some of these pharmaceutical ingredients are menthol, colloidal oatmeal, camphor and lidocaine.According to our records, we have discovered that since these are cream products, prescriptions don’t have to be perfect. You are required to apply 3-4 times a day, at least 1-1.5 grams for one application. This dosage is to be used till the pain ends.  Packaging of products is well planned. If you want to know more about a product, you just scan the QR code on the package and view the results. Although this was a good strategy, results do not entirely explain about the products therefore non-satisfactory.

Range Of Products

CBDMedic offers a variety of products meant for relieving pain and eliminating skin diseases. They also offer their products in either cream or as a solvent. CBDMedics’ cream and ointment are for external body application only. Our analysis also showed that ointments last longer than creams when applied. We would advise that ointments be used in areas where you don’t need to apply regularly, but the cream is the better option in cases of hands and feet.

The price range is different on vrious products manufactured by the company. However, they are between $0.06 per mg and $ 0.32 per mg. our research showed that you could use one product to address different issues. It is easier to buy one product to cure many problems rather than buying many different products for those same issues. The company does not provide discounts for any other collection apart from the self-care collection.

The kind of products that CBDMedic offer depends on the problem that you are experiencing. We researched the type of products the company produces and its healing abilities.These products are:

Acne treatment medicated cream.

Acne treatment medicated cream

This is a pure CBDMedic product that is used to end pimples, blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads. It is a 40 ml bottle containing 200mg of CBD, which goes for $29.99 per bottle. It has been known to moisturize and cool the skin.

Foaming facial cleanser

Foaming facial cleanser

Like the acne cream, this product also helps with skin problems. It is a 50ml bottle that contains 50mg of CBD. The CBD content is lower than in acne cream, although the price is lower. One bottle costs $19.99.

Back and neck pain relief ointment.

Back and neck pain relief ointment

As the name suggests, this product has been proven to cure pain where you are experiencing muscle pulls. Its bottle size is 40ml, and it has 200mg of CBD, which costs $39.99. it is prescribed for people who have reached the age of 12 years and above. You are advised to use it no more than four times a day.

Muscle and joint pain relief spray

Muscle and joint pain relief spray

This is a spray type of product that helps eliminate pain caused by an injury or stretch of your muscles. Its bottle is 50ml, and it contains 200mg of CBD, which costs $39.99. this product has received many positive reviews from the customers. It has an advantage since it is easy to apply compared to other products.

Solid sport stick

Solid sport stick

Unlike other products, this one has a smaller bottle capacity of 30ml but still contains 200mg of CBD, and it is sold for $39.99. This product is used to relieve pain in your arms, shoulders, legs and torso.

Customers are advised to clean their hands before and  after application to avoid consuming the chemicals

Why do we like the company

CBDMedic’s holding company is unique since it combines different extracts from CBD with pharmaceutical products for health issues. This is delightful because it was the first company to do so. It has also managed to be pocket friendly to the customers. The price range of the products is not unreasonable; therefore, it has attracted more customers, which is a good strategy.

Another reason why we like this company is due to its openness with its customers. The company has put up websites that customers can access freely. It has also made sure that they can attain information about the products by just scanning them. It is easy for the customers to know about the products they are using and any side effects.

The company has also made sure that its products are safe for consumption. They have taken third-part tests on the products to ensure that the products are not harmful to use. The company also manufactures not only one but different kinds of products.

Why we don’t like the company

The fact that the company has provided invalid contact information on their website is one reason why we don’t like the company. Customer services of any company should be accessible at any time. However, we could not get any response from the company’s provided contacts. This portrays a negative reputation for the company. It gives very few details on manufacturing its products process, which is unclear to customers interested in this information.

The analysis also showed that the company does not currently have their GMP certification, which raises questions about who is manufacturing their products. The company should be straightforward to its customers at every level.


Although the company has several weaknesses and some undisclosed data about their products, we classify CBDMedic as reliable and outstanding. Its products have been proven to relieve pain and end skin diseases for many customers. Pharmaceutical products have been proven to have more health benefits for the user. The prices are average; hence, most people can afford high-quality products for a reasonable amount of money. We would encourage you to use the company’s products for managing pain and skin diseases. As CBD products continue to gain fame, many brands will as well as emerge. CBDMedic has stood out as a good example in exsuring it offers best quality to not only advocate for its own brand but entire CBD brand. We would call for similar responsibilities in ensuring quality is attained across CBD brands

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