Cedijob HR is a gig and cloud work freelance platform - Kwame Duodu (CEO), Kwame Akwaa Mensah Adjei (COO)

Cedijob HR is a gig and cloud work freelance platform – Kwame Duodu (CEO), Kwame Akwaa Mensah Adjei (COO)

Cedijob HR is a gig and cloud work freelance platform – Kwame Duodu (CEO), Kwame Akwaa Mensah Adjei (COO)

Business name: CEDIJOB HR

Year founded: 2019

Registered: 2020

Website: https://www.cedijob.com

Founders: Kwame Duodu (CEO), Kwame Akwaa Mensah Adjei (COO)

Featured on: 


Citinewsroom – https://citinewsroom.com/2020/10/finding-freelance-jobs-in-ghana-tips-to-consider-article/


Cedijob HR is a gig and cloud work freelance platform which helps individuals and businesses hire vetted, qualified, and professional freelancers in a more secure, faster and convenient way using a more curated and moderated services and tasks approach. We leverage on technology to grant clients an access infrastructure to connect with professionals. From access to the skill market, to payment management and top-level management tools.

The problem we are solving is the high inconvenience in hiring the right talent to get work done as early as possible using great client feedbacks and reviews. 

At Cedijob we charge on commission basis. We take 15% of the total payment from a freelance project and 10% on artisan jobs.


In 2019, two friends met online via LinkedIn. We were both freelancers. Eventually we decided to create a business together. We hired an office space in Accra, Ghana to establish a freelance business. At the time when we were moving, we need air condition installers and cleaners but found it difficult to hire the right people since we were new to the area. We used online means to find the right people but realized it was quite expensive and that we also didn’t have any reviews to verify whether they were the right fit for the job. We then decided to establish a gig platform to help people hire artisans. Again, since we were freelancers, we had to go to offices, find clients using traditional means which was outmoded and tedious. We later decided to build a both cloud and gig platform to make it easier for professionals to earn income. This was the birth of Cedijob.


Access to adequate resources to effectively roll out planned strategies especially with the need to have a higher number of customer service reps at ground level. Also, we need more resources to establish workshops to educate people on leveraging technology to get more jobs especially on the part of artisans.


According to stats, a service is bought in every 4 seconds and an artisan is hired in every 20 seconds. The world is turning to remote jobs and more and more people are now considering leaving the 9-5 job routine after the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are currently outsourcing their secondary activities to minimize cost and hire when necessary. We stand a chance to leverage on these stats.


The success of this business rests on passion and the zeal to solve the problem associated with hiring the right professionals for a service or task. Tenacity plays a very important role. One of the most important things to consider is that it takes time to study the market and know what both professionals and clients want. By leveraging on the power of data and communication on the platform, you will come to understand the business more. Also, to get a higher client retention rate, make sure that you keep engaging yourself in the work and consider asking clients for feedbacks on what you need to improve on to help serve them better.

Again, moderation and curation are incredibly critical in a platform market. You have to be watchful of vulgar languages, usage of unprofessional profile photos and fraud. 

Moreover, make sure that you keep engaging clients at almost all the times. By so doing, your business will grow via word-of-mouth.

In conclusion, be patient, vigilant and more than happy to solve any problem you encounter along the way.

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