Although Chronic Candy is like a veteran in the CBD space following its more than a decade-old experience in the cannabis arena, it looks more of an infant. The website is so basic, and even though it is easily navigable, it lacks important details like an FAQ link to common CBD-related questions and concerns web visitors might have about the brand. Moreover, the About Us section of the site is equally not detailed and only highlights a few things about when the brand was launched and where it stands today. Chronic Candy majorly deals in tinctures and gummies, but its edible line also offers lollipops and chocolates. According to the website, the extracts are isolates, meaning they should not feature other cannabinoids but CBD. Surprisingly, potency results detect THC in the extracts, but the concentrations are well below the 0.3% acceptable threshold. Are Chronic Candy products worth your pence? Find out by reading our 2022 full review for this brand.

About the Company

According to its website, Chronic Candy has a history dating back to more than a decade, especially because it was established in 1998. It also mentions that it started as a company dealing in hemp-flavored lollipops but has since then evolved to feature gummies, tinctures, and other edibles the brand offers today. Still, the site does not mention the person behind the brand or the team. Of course, it does say that the team works tirelessly to improve the CBD products the brand offers.

Furthermore, the website states that Chronic Candy utilizes hemp and a blend of natural terpenes to offer enhanced CBD products and create powerful entourage effects for specific lines. Entourage effects refer to the synergistic effect realized when you consume a blend of terpenes, flavonoids, and multiple cannabinoids, including CBD, delta 8 and/or 9, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBT, and many more.

Chronic Candy majorly deals in CBD isolates, making them into edible products, which should be 99% pure THC, according to the website. However, it also has broad-spectrum formulations across the inventory and are featured in different products, including tinctures. The current inventory has four lines, offering gummies, tinctures, chocolates, and lollipops. The brand expresses hope that it will feature more items soon.


The following specifications are true to Chronic Candy;

  • The extraction method remains unknown
  • Extract consumption methods include tinctures, gummies, chocolate bars, and lollipops
  • The brand offers consumables in CBD isolate and broad-spectrum formulations
  • Terpenes used to flavor CBD products
  • 100% natural ingredients featured in manufacturing the products
  • The average price point of the CBD products ranges between $0.04 and $0.2 per mg CBD
  • Edible items guarantee tastes through terpene flavors
  • The brand offers no military vet discounts
  • The total CBD amounts in products range from 50 mg to 3000 mg
  • Items cost $10 to $129
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee accepts complaints and offers full refunds when they are justified
  • No free shipping arrangement
  • The brand ships its products to all the worldwide destinations
  • The hemp sources are not revealed

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is directly proportional to the quality of the end product. This means that high-quality hemp results in high-quality CBD products, and the reverse is true. Besides, high-quality products attract a wider loyal customer base, while poorly formulated products shun away potential clients. Consequently, reputable brands take time to source good hemp and maintain their customers. Since Chronic Candy does not reveal where it sources its hemp, we cannot say for sure what quality of hemp it uses to manufacture CBD products. However, it mentions that it uses 100% natural ingredients to manufacture its products. If this is true, it basically means that no chemicals or solvents find their way to the final products consumed by human beings.

Buying Experience

Like many other sites, Chronic Candy gave us a good buying experience. In fact, the easy shopping process is one of the pros for this brand. The website is simple (way too simple!) and allows easy navigation. As such, shopping is rather intuitive and straightforward. The Shop button on the main menu includes All Products, Lollipops, Chocolates, Gummies, and Tinctures. There were no items on the All Products section, so we went ahead and shopped by category. We would click an item, read its product description, and add it to the cart once satisfied.

You can shop as much as you can, and when done, you click on the Checkout button to exit the shopping page and proceed to fill in billing details and physical location addresses. Unlike most reputable CBD brands, Chronic Candy does not offer military veterans a discount. Besides, it lacks bundled deals clients can take advantage of to save a few bucks. However, subscribing to its bi-week newsletter makes one eligible for discounts. You are sent a coupon code which you key into the system to apply the coupon. The next stage is cost calculation, which the website does by factoring in product prices, shipping costs, and discounts, if any. With all the details filled in, orders are processed, after which shipping starts to whichever destination is selected. There are three shipping options; standard, priority, and expedited, each with specific costs. Sadly, Chronic Candy does not offer free shipping for any orders to any destinations.


Transparency is important in the CBD space, not only to abide by the regulations but also to win a large loyal customer base. The FDA does not regulate CBD products, but the brands dealing in CBD products must conduct 3rd party tests to examine the products for CBD & THC potencies and purity against external contaminants such as heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbials, solvents, and residues. Chronic Candy tries to be transparent by running potency tests, but it does not test its products for contaminants. The results are posted online and can be viewed by product pages or through the centralized lab Tests hub on the bottom side of the official website.


Conducting lab tests is important in revealing how accurate the potency information on the product labels is. The lab results posted online showed that some Chronic Candy CBD inventory products passed the tests while others failed. Technically, they all passed the THC test because the detected THC across the board was less than 0.3% (the highest THC content was 0.27%, as seen in tinctures). However, the isolate and broad-spectrum products with THC failed the tests since they should not have any detectable THC. Instead, full-spectrum CBD products can have THC as part of the cannabinoids,  but the brand does not offer broad-spectrum items.

Manufacturing Process

It is unclear where Chronic Candy sources its hemp. With the 20+ years in the CBD arena since launching in 1998, the brand has never stated the source of its hemp. As such, we cannot say whether the growing practices in the particular hemp farms are sustainable and organic or otherwise. Moreover, we are unsure whether the farms are USDA-certified for organic practices or whether the manufacturing facilities are cGMP-compliant (if they follow the FDA’s current good manufacturing practices).

The website mentions that the brand uses CBD as the key ingredient in manufacturing its CBD products. It adds that, unlike hemp oil, CBD allows flexibility and versatility, and many products can be created from it. However, it does not reveal the extraction method the brand uses to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces, but it mentions that a cannabinoid separation technique is employed to produce the isolates which form the main items in its inventory. As the name suggests, the items comprise crystal-structured extracts with 99% pure CBD.

The next stage is 3rd party testing the extracts to examine them for purity and potency. We looked through the lab results online and realized that the brand does not conduct contaminant tests. Rather, it examines products for cannabinoid profiles, and the results are posted online. Broad-spectrum and CBD isolate products should not have THC, but lab results show up to 0.27% THC in Chronic Candy’s products.

Range of Products

The following are the products offered by Chronic Candy;

1. Chronic Candy CBD Tinctures

Chronic Candy CBD Tinctures

Chronic Candy offers broad-spectrum CBD tinctures in 30 ml. While the volumes are the same, CBD concentrations vary and are either 1000 mg or 3000 mg, translating to 33.33 and 99.99 mg/ml potencies, respectively. The recommended dose is a dropper (1 ml) 1- 3 times a day, according to the website. They are taken orally or sublingually, and a 15-second wait is necessary before swallowing. You can have the tinctures in four fruity flavors; watermelon, blueberry lemonade, strawberry, and mango.

2. Chronic Candy Gummies

Chronic Candy Gummies

You can buy Chronic Candy Baggies featuring three flavors; peach rings, sour worms, and neon bears. They come in 4 oz packages and contain 250 mg CBD. This line also offers 30 mg lollipops packed in 6-count bags, offering 180 mg total CBD. Besides, you can buy the gummies in larger jars featuring 8 ounces volume.

3. Chronic Candy Chocolate Bars

Chronic Candy Chocolate Bars

You can buy medicated chocolate bars from Chronic Candy. The brand offers bars that deliver 300 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. They have 100% original cocoa butter and are antioxidant-loaded.

4. Chronic Candy Lollipops

Chronic Candy Lollipops

Chronic Candy’s lollipops come in packs with several lollipops for $10 or variety packs at $24. The variety packs feature many fruity flavors, including mango, watermelon, and pineapple. The direction for use on the website is that the lollipops be kept in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and heat. Besides, all the products are not recommended during lactation, and people on medication should consult doctors first before using them.

What We Like About the Company

Chronic Candy still has a long way to go. Still, we appreciated the following about it;

  • The website avails sufficient information on product pages
  • The webpage is easily navigable, giving one a straightforward shopping experience
  • The brand uses all-natural ingredients in formulating its CBD products
  • Using MCT oil increased the bioavailability of the CBD products

What We Do Not Like About the Company

The kinks for Chronic Candy are more than its strongholds and include;

  • The brand lacks free shipping and military discounts
  • The 14-day money-back guarantee is shady
  • The website lacks details about who created the company or the brand
  • The brand does not reveal its hemp sources or extraction methods
  • The isolates and broad-spectrum items in the inventory showed TCH, yet they should not have THC
  • Chronic Candy lacks topicals, vapes, and capsules on its limited CBD product inventory

Our Verdict

Although Chronic Candy is 23 years old in the hemp space, it has a long way to go. We appreciate that the website was simple and gave us an easy time shopping. However, it lacks important details like who is behind the company, who makes up the team, where the hemp farms for the brand are located, and the extraction method used to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces. Moreover, the company does not offer free shipping, and its money-back guarantee is shady. Consequently, Chronic Candy must improve these areas to make it in the CBD space.

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