If you are stranded on getting quality products within the CBD field, you don’t have to worry anymore. Cibdol offers one of the finest CBD products among other few companies which quality matters to them. The brand has put in place adequate measures to ensure their customers receive quality at all times. Besides their focus on quality, they have an extensive website that entails sufficient information on its trademark and CBD as a whole. It takes a better portion of its website to explain the difference between CBD and THC adequately. In addition, it also explains the meaning of CBD, where it comes from, and how it works on the human body. This indicates their role in customer education; to help customers understand what they are buying. Lastly, the brand informs its customers of its focus as a CBD trademark, making people choose it over other brands in the competitive CBD market. To continue learning more about the Cibdol trademark, keep reading out insight since it captures relevant details.

About the company

Cibdol is a CBD trademark found in Swiss and is widely known across the world for its commitment to manufacturing the best CBD products. Unlike most CBD companies based within the USA (who rely on the internal market), Cibdol has expounded its market in over 15 countries; presenting its website in multiple languages such as French, Dutch, and other popular languages. As a result, the brand has combined this advantage with high standard quality products to ensure it gets more attention globally.

For social media lovers, the brand also has several social media platforms to keep its market live and allow its customers to exchange different experiences with their products. Some social media platforms include; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles. We went through all their website profiles, and indeed, they are active; their Instagram has over 5,000 followers, and their Twitter has over one thousand followers. Besides, only relevant information and updates about their trademark and CBD is posted on these platforms. From time to time, their customers have raised concerns and left reviews on them, which are also responded to.

We decided to look deeper to assess its customer support system and its team members. Cibdol performs excellently when it comes to its support system. Their social media accounts have provided multiple contact details to help their customers seek any clarification or concern. Consequently, they have committed a page on its own (Contact Us), which has their telephone number, Email address, and WhatsApp number, active from Monday to Friday (8.00 am to 4.00 pm). Those who would wish to address their concern from the website need to enter the following details; name, Email address, subject order, and the intended message. For our case, we decided to contact them using an Email address which was responded to within three hours. The support person who attended to our concern carried a more incredible picture of their support team and the brand as a whole. She was knowledgeable and professional in her response, clear to the point, leaving room for more clarification.

To archive high-quality, the brand has various effective measures right from hemp farming till their products are in the hands of the consumers. Cibdolonly uses organically grown hemp void of either pesticide, chemicals, heavy metals, or any other contaminant that might affect their products purity levels. In addition, they also use an independent third-party laboratory to assess the purity of their products before they get to the market.

Besides the brand offering a swift buying experience, they also provide blogs on relevant issues such as time to time offers. When we placed our order, we didn’t experience any bugs; we could easily add and remove products on our cart and confirm our order after getting satisfied. However, the products we had ordered was delivered on the fourth day of the order confirmation; exact as ordered and well packed.

Manufacturing process

Among companies that keep a close eye on their manufacturing process than any other activity they carry, then you cant exclude Cibdol CBD. One of the top reasons they are performing excessively across the globe is their tremendous efforts in ensuring each customer gets the finest products. Looking on their review page under their website andTrustpilot, you will meet a significant number of positive reviews that are pretty impressive from their customers. Although the brand doesn’t state a specific location where they get their hemp, they insist on only using quality hemp void of any pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, or any other harmful contaminant that affects the purity of products manufactured.

To ensure all their products are safe for consumption, the brand uses an independent third-party laboratory to confirm their purity. Its role is to ensure no contaminant is in the product that is about to be released to consumers. Additionally, it is also tasked to ensure both THC and CBD levels on their stickers match the products’ ones.

For effectiveness, some of their items have been blended with naturally existing ingredients. Before any ingredient is settled on, the brand has a research team whose function is to ensure the product occurs naturally and its effectiveness has been banked on for more than 20 years. Also, the brand has an annual assessment on all their products where vigorous scrutiny is done on them.

Cibdol has obtained FSSC2200 certification and follows manufacturing standards placed by the body.  Besides conducting contaminant analysis, the brand also conducts annual assessments of their products’ food and safety standards, which is impressive, unlike other CBD trademarks.

Range of products

Cibdol is not an exception of CBD companies devoted to offering a more comprehensive line of products to meet the needs of its large market. This analysiswill focus on products that have made their brand famous, making it compete favourably within the CBD industry.

Cibdol CBD Tinctures

Cibdol CBD Tinctures

Cibdol covers people searching for simple tinctures,which are also beneficial.Unlike most CBD companies with both broad and full spectrum tinctures, Cibdol only offers full-spectrum tinctures. Consequently, during their manufacturing, the brand uses cold-pressed hemp to develop fully effective full-spectrum CBD oil-based tinctures. They are also designed in a manner that enhances easy effectiveness and absorption as well as addresses multiple functions on the human body. Some of the active ingredients blended in with hemp include CBN and CBG, which are considered effective in responding to the naturalwell-being balance of the human body. To help pet owners, the brand offers them tinctures at a discount of 2% and 4% for cats and dogs, respectively.

Cibdol CBD Topicals

Cibdol CBD Topicals

Unlike Cibdol tinctures consumed orally, CBD topicals are applied directly on the body. Each product features its unique purpose, such as beauty products that offer multiple options like radiant skin, CBD for smooth, day and night cream, and anti-aging options that make your skin appear smooth even at old age. Apart from the mentioned products, they also offer lip balms, face serum, foot cream, and hand cream, which keeps them moisturized at all times. Additionally, their skin products are designed to minimize inflammation, itching and skin irritation.

Cibdol CBD Capsules

Cibdol CBD Capsules

For those who wouldn’t prefer the test of tinctures, then the brand offers them a solution that would help them consume their daily CBD at one go. They are small in size and are easy to move around with even when travelling compared to any other product. Additionally, they are administered orally with either water or a preferred drink. However, the brand offers them in multiple potencies; 384mg, 960 mg, 1920 mg; for 384 mg, it contains vitamin D3.

Cibdol CBD Vape

Cibdol CBD Vape

Vaping has become quite common, especially to the youth; they find it interesting. For CBD consumers who prefer to spend their time engaging in vaping, the brand offers them vape products rich in CBD, having all accessories, including pods and vaporizers. Despite your stage of CBD consumption, the brand caters for all levels; from beginners or connoisseurs. Their vape products exist in various flavours such as mint, mango and strawberry.

Cibdol CBD Isolate

Cibdol CBD Isolate

For those who would prefer taking their CBD while eating, the brand has a solution. You can include it in your daily meals by sprinkling it over your drink or food. Additionally, the product has been verified to be void of THC, heavy metal, pesticides or any other contaminant that might affect the human body. It is purely obtained from European organically grown hemp.

What we like about the brand

Unlike other brands, the brand has numerous products offered to its customers. These products have been carefully manufactured using organically grown hemp-based in Europe. Additionally, before their products are rendered to the market, the brand ensures they have undergone accurate assessment by the third-party lab for purity satisfaction. Notably, the brand incorporates the use of C02 during extraction of essential ingredients from the hemp plant, used to make their products, plus other ingredients where need be. Lastly, as we have mentioned that all their products undergo third-party tests; the results are posted under each product for the pre-purchase check.

What we don’t like about the brand

Although the brand is committed to satisfying a wider market by offering a wide line of products, there are some issues that ought to be addressed to make its trademark become better. First, their brand provides one of the most expensive products in the market. Although we agree their products are of high quality, they should reconsider their price range to make them average for more people to afford and continue enjoying products from their trademark.


According to the assessment we carried on Cibdol CBD and its products, we would recommend any CBD consumer to go for their products. They are carefully manufactured with organically grown hemp to meet their quality expectations. Apart from the brand offering quality products, it is also committed to giving its consumers information on the role, history, and how CBD is manufactured before consuming it. It offers blogs from time to time to keep its customers informed and conversant with CBD in general. However, they should reconsider their price to become standard to make more people who desire to enjoy CBD from their brand be able to afford it.

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