Among the various upcoming CBD companies worldwide, Coastal Clouds outshined itself as one of the few fast-growing brands.  The brand has proven to be well equipped with whatever it takes to be the best in the CBD industry. This is because of their ability to produce extremely high-quality CBD products using the best raw materials and manufacturing facilities. The brand has captured many customers, visible from the positive reviews posted on their website and other online platforms.The brand has been able to satisfy its customers by offering a handful of fantastic products in different forms preferred by the customer. Their products are gummies, relief sticks, capsules and soft gel, flower and hemp rolls, oil drops, and vapes and liquid. The brand has guaranteed that by consuming their products, customers can have increased focus, improved sleep schedule, feel calm, cool and more collected, experience less or eliminated muscle and joint aches, have incredible and sensational skin, plus other health benefits.Their products are both vegan and non-vegan and are all passed through third-party testing and proven to be safe for consumption. The brand believes that customers have nothing to lose but pain by trying their products.

About The Company

Coastal Clouds CBD is located in Irvine, California and was launched in 2020 with the aim of offering customers the whole benefits of premium CBD. From their transparent and easy to navigate website, they have stated that the owners were inspired by the naturally calming salted ocean waves and gently rolling clouds. In search for more information about the history and foundation of the company, we realized that they had not provided any on their website nor included the founder’s name. It wasn’t easy to analyze the company’s nature and its team members. However, the brand has provided additional locations where customers can purchase their products from including Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, and Tennessee.  The company has, however, been very transparent about the nature of its products, manufacturing process, additionalingredients, dosage instructions, CBD concentration, price, third-partylab results and any other side effects. They have mentioned that they use all-natural premium hemp grown in USA farms under the sun, although specific states have not been revealed.

Additionally, the brand has stated that a state of the art facility is used to produce and manufacture their products. Since the brand owners spent quality time researching and gathering data on how it can provide the best CBD products for consumers, they realized that some nutritional ingredients and flavourscould be added to the organically grown phytocannabinoid hemp extract to enhance their benefits. Some of these ingredients, according to their website, include: turmeric, green tea, Ashwagandha, Ginkgo, Valerian root, L-Theanine, passionflower, MCT oil, organic SimmondsiaChinensis seed oil, mango seed butter, lavender oil, Anthemis nobilis flower oil and Sunflower oil. These ingredients help add a more nutritional value to products and make them easily digestible and absorbable to the body.

From our research, it was clear that this brand provides safe to consume products through their third-party results provided on their website. The lab report page has been systematically arranged with lab results data for each one of their products. These results proved that products contained the right amounts of CBD concentration, and they matched with amounts on product labels. They also proved to be free from contaminants, heavy metals, microbial, pesticides, and the presence of other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBC, THCV, CBDA and CBG. The brand has added the most purchased products on their ‘on the go’ section. We realized that the brand provided various recipes forcreating some of their products in the comfort of your home. Through this, customers can have an overview experience on the nature of different products and their benefits. Customers have been provided with an easy buying and shipping process where all you need is to find your preferred product in the search bar and add it to your bag. Prices, ingredients and other informative details have been included on the page. Customers receive their orders within two business days, and they can return products bought online or physically within 30 days of receiving. The company allows customers to ask for the original payment, receive store credit or exchange it for another product. Discounts offered are 15% off orders above $49.99 when customers use code ‘HOLIDAY’ while finishing up the payment process. New customers also receive discounts upon signing up.The brand sends customers an email for tracking their order once shipping begins. This ensures product safety.

For customers hoping to reach their service desk for product enquiry or clarification of details, they have provided an email address and a contact number. From their frequently asked questions, it was clear that the brand is open with customers and offers relevant answers for the frequently asked questions. Coastal Clouds products are user friendly to all customers; however, they have advised consumers to consult their physician in cases of side effects or if they are consuming other prescribed medication. We also noticed that they have been approved by Hemp Industries Association, National Hemp Association and US Hemp Roundtable. This proves that the brand manufactures quality products that serve the desired outcome for consumers.

Manufacturing Process

From their website, the company has stated that they use very high-end farming and manufacturing processes for their hemp. They use natural organic hemp grown under the sun in US farms, which they claim to be contaminant-free, although no lab results have been provided. This hemp is harvested and using state of the art manufacturing facilities, it is processed for the extraction of the final product. Although there is not much information on steps undertaken in the manufacturing process, they have stated that they use the CO2 extraction method. This is the most preferred and approved method of CBD extraction since it provides pure extracts free from solvents and toxins. It is also the cleanest and safest method, and extracts contain more CBD to THC concentrations. These extracts are then formulated with other ingredients and flavours to ensure rapid absorption and maximum bioavailability. The next step is passing them through independent third-party labs where potency and purity tests are undertaken. As earlier stated, lab results are available on the lab results page, and individual products contain individual lab results. Product’s batch numbers are also attached to products, and they match results for specific batches. We analyzed their products and came up with an analysis as follows:

  • Each focus capsule contains 12.5mg of full-spectrum water-soluble CBD and 2.5mg of CBG.
  • Each sleeping capsule contains 12.5mg of full-spectrum water-soluble CBD and 2.5mg of CBN.
  • Each soft gel contains 25+mg of full-spectrum CBD.
  • Each relief stick contains 1000mg of CBD isolate.
  • Each bottle of vapour contain 750mg of CBD
  • Oil drops are offered in 30ml bottles where one 750mg full dropper contains 25mg while one 1500mg full dropper contains 50mg of CBD.
  • Each rich flower contain 18+% total cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG and traceable amounts of THC

The results also proved that productscontain less than 3% THC concentration, the required percentage. No additional contaminants or toxins were found in the products that prove safe for customer consumption. The company packs its products in secure packaging, and products arrive with labels showing products names, ingredients, and usage instructions. Customers have been guaranteed to feel the difference immediately after consumption.

Range Of Products

The company offers full-spectrum, non-GMO CBD products available in various forms, strengths and serve different health purposes. These products are available in different flavours or those containing no taste. These products are fruit punch gummies, lavender mint gummies, peach citrus gummies, CBD soft gels, focus capsules, sleep capsules, relief stick, flower, CBD-rich hemp rolls, rich hemp rolls with lavender, CBG- rich hemp rolls, peach citrus oil drops, lavender mint oil drops, mint chocolate oil drops, chocolate raspberry cream oil drops, fruit punch oil drops, mango diesel oil drops, cucumber melon vapour, guava berries vapour, mint vapour, peach berries vapour and tropical lemonade vapour. All these products are attached with their prices. Our price analysis showed that product prices range from $4.99-$99, which means that 1mg of CBD costs $0.04-$0.17, an average market price. We reviewed the brand’s product catalogue during our research:

Coastal Clouds CBD oil tincture

These are full-spectrum tinctures offered in 30ml bottles and formulated with sunflower and MTC oils together with other high-grade terpenes for maximum CBD experience. Customers have declared them to be delicious and available in fruit punch, lavender mint, chocolate raspberry cream, mango diesel, mint chocolate and peach citrus flavours. According to customer reviews, their favourite product seemed to be the mango diesel flavour, a unique mixture of mango and sour diesel flavours. Prescribed use is 1ml drop under the tongue 1-3 times a day.

Coastal Clouds E-juice

This unique CBD product has proved to be created with the utmost love and uses only the finest ingredients and flavours. These fruity flavours are cucumber melon, guava berries, mint, peach berries and tropical lemonade.  Customers have reported being much connected with these flavours and can’t resist coming back for more.

Coastal Clouds topicals

We rated this product as our best product from this brand because it can leave your skin feeling smooth and fabulous all day. It contains menthol, beeswax, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, sage oil, Shea butter, arnica Montana, cannabidiol isolate, eucalyptus oil and frankincense. Customers have passed the product to produce positive results.

What We Like About The Company

Despite the company being among the newest CBD companies, it has captured many customers and consequently received many positive reviews from customers. They have offered transparent and accurate information regarding their products and have made the buying and shipping process easier for customers. The brand has also kept a good reputation among customers by ensuring they provide up to standard products which fulfil intended intentions and are pocket friendly for everyone.

What we don’t like about the company

The company has failed to disclose any information about its history, foundation or its manufacturing process on any platform. It is difficult for customers to know its founders or its team. Although their health benefits are visible, it also offers a minimal product catalogue. The brand also provides few discounts and only on products worth $49.99. we would advise the company to provide more details on their website.


Coastal Clouds CBD is an overall successful company that customers can rely upon to provide the best products for their health problems. From our research, we could advise customers around the United States to take advantage of this brand and use its products maximally. They are trusted to offer natural CBD products favourable to every consumer and containing additional nutritious ingredients which guarantee maximum results.

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