Peaches and Screams bring you a magnetic collection of bondage collars brilliantly crafted for both aesthetics and functionality. BDSM collars come in enticing colours and patterns and mostly fashioned out of warm comforting leather. Bondage collars are flexible and come with easy lace-up or buckle fastening. There are deep, narrow and wide BDSM collars from which to choose from. Some of the slave collars also have leads attached to encourage couple play. Peaches and Screams offer a wide range of Collars with varying degrees of flexibility. Collars elevate your bondage game and introduce an element of passionate heat in foreplay and sexual gratification. It is advisable that you try the various bondage collars offered by Peaches & Screams to identify what suits you best and collars that respond positively to your kinky needs. Bondage collars come in different sizes and the category is generously designed to accommodate both beginners and professional bondage players. They are tailored for durable and lengthy play. For the fashion conscious Peaches & Screams online shop has an eclectic line of very fetching delicately patterned Collars. They also feature bold tribal patterned Collars for those days you want to combine fun and outrageously impressive fashion.

Add a selection of audacious bondage collars to your personal armory of bondage accessories. Expand your sexual horizons buy and use bdsm collars for extended play, in foreplay and to switch things up in the bedroom. Both men and women can use bondage collars on their own, or with leashes or in conjunction with other sex toys. Indulge in firm or flexible play exploring with various bdsm collars. Modeled with thoughtful passion and erotic understanding the slave collars build and generate elevated sexual vibrations. Ease your way into Collar use and infuse some creativity to your bondage delivery. Turn sexual captivity into intense and blazing hot bondage play. With calculated and careful tightening of the Collar buckles or laces squeeze out, multi-layers of pain-seared electric pleasure. Buy bondage collars and set off on a dreamy journey of hot and kinky sex. Build into your bondage repertoire the exquisite beauty of well-adorned necks. Introduce playful chic into your game plan. Burn a passionate blazing trail into the glorious stinging sensations of carefully and masterfully manipulated collars. Set off on a journey of vibrant erotic discovery. Buy and add collars to your bondage play to spice up things in the bedroom. As with all sex toys you should try out various collars to establish the most comfortable ones for you or your partner. You should also work slowly towards building up higher levels of pain tolerance. Indulge in longer play when you have established comfort levels that support extended play. Add more bondage toys to your collars to make play more challenging and exciting. Shop from Peaches & Screams for durable and high quality bondage collars. Embrace your neck-related pain laced sexual pleasures make collars a part of your extended bondage play. Awaken your sensual nerve senses and build up erotic expectation with expert manipulation of the buckles or laces of the collars. Heighten your sexual pleasure nerve senses or those of your lover with skillful use of bondage collars and build up to volcanic and toe-curling multiple orgasms. Buy and make bondage collars an essential part of your bondage play. Live out your fantasies with perfect collars from Peaches & Screams. Step out in suave made for fun collars. Visit Peaches & Screams online shop and stock up on various bdsm collars to suit your every kinky mood. Join our UK-based online forum, Bedroom Talk with Peaches & Screams where you can post questions or share your experiences and chat with our supportive online community.

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