Many companies are now dealing in CBD products, and Colorado Botanicals is one of them. Headquartered in LA, California, the company was founded in 2017 when the founder (whose identity is not disclosed) had his grandmother diagnosed with cancer. The brand aims to help people like the sick member benefit from CBD, especially because Colorado Botanicals aims to be transparent through thorough 3rd party tests and strict manufacturing processes. Here is our full review of the brand.

About the Company

According to the Colorado Botanicals website, the company was birthed in 2017 and has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The founder was motivated to start the company in response to his grandmother’s cancer diagnosis. However, the site does not reveal who the founder is or who makes up the team. Besides, the site clearly states that it aims to help people benefit from CBD by following strict manufacturing processes and conducting rigorous 3rd party tests. It sources its hemp from Colorado farms (no wonder the company name) and strips CBD from the hemp’s surface using the safe CO2 extraction method. Its extract consumption methods include softgels, gummies, pet products, tinctures, and topicals. The Help page discusses shipping and returns policies and such topics, while the FAQ section of the website extensively discusses what CBD is, how it is used, and narrows down to the company’s products. Colorado Botanicals conducts potency tests with accurate results (less than 10% variance) and posts the results online, but it does not conduct contaminant tests.


The following specifications are true for Colorado Botanicals;

  • The brand features broad-spectrum formulations
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Extract consumption methods include topicals, tinctures, edibles, and pet products
  • cGMP-certified manufacturing facilities
  • organic farming practices
  • products cost between $29.99 and $200.00
  • the brand uses USA-sourced hemp
  • The average price point is $0.07 to $0.67 per mg CBD
  • The total CBD concentrations per product range between 200 mg and 3000 mg
  • The company offers a military discount
  • 3 shipping options; free, expedition, and overnight
  • Free shipping to all destinations
  • The CO2 extraction method strips CBD from the hemp surface
  • No contaminant testing
  • Product pages do not list ingredients

Buying Experience

We loved our buying experience with Colorado Botanicals. The website is easy to navigate, making the buying process rather intuitive and straightforward. The Shop button groups products based on categories, and you only need to select the products you need. However, you get help via the product selection quiz that helps you find ideal products when you are buying CBD products for the first time and are unsure about how to go about it.

Once you finish buying what you need and have added all of them to the cart, the site prompts you to check out and sign into your account if you are a returning buyer or check out as a guest if you are a first-time buyer. You then fill in your billing information and physical address details, and the order is processed. The brand offers free shipping, which delivers orders in 4-5 days, but you can opt for priority or overnight shipping at $25 and receive your orders within 1 to 3 days.

Product Variety

Most CBD brands choose to deal in many products to bring on board many customers who consume different products, and Colorado Botanicals is no exception. Although it offers all products in broad-spectrum formulations without isolates or full-spectrum extracts, it has a decent inventory to boast. It offers soft gelcaps, tinctures, topical products, pet items, and edibles/gummies. Besides, most of these products feature multiple concentrations, taking into account novices who need low concentrations and veterans who thrive by taking strongly concentrated items. Still, some items feature limited flavors.

Quality of Hemp

A good percentage of CBD products is inhalable or ingestible, although they all end up in the system. Consequently, companies that use high-quality hemp are cherished. Colorado Botanicals is one such brand. It uses organic hemp grown organically and sustainably in Colorado farms. Besides, the brand conducts occasional tests for soil, ensuring the parameters in place match what’s needed for high-quality CBD products. Additionally, the brand tests the hemp and ingredients to uphold quality. As that’s not enough, its manufacturing facilities are cGMP-certified, assuring clients of high safety standards throughout the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Process

Colorado Botanicals uses organic hemp grown in Colorado farms. They practice organic farming and minimize using pesticides, chemicals, and solvents, and also test soils to confirm they are contaminant-free, preventing the absorption of toxins from the air and getting them to the human system. Once the hemp plants mature, they are harvested and processed in cGMP-certified facilities broad-spectrum CBD extracts. The brand uses CO2 extraction, a safe and efficient method in the cannabis space. The resultant extracts are tested for purity and potency by independent 3rd party laboratories, and the results are posted online. It’s commendable that almost all the products have a potency variance less than the 10% acceptable limit, although their contaminant test results are unavailable. Organic farming practices, cGMP certification, and regular soil tests and research result in the high-quality CBD products Colorado Botanicals boast.

Range of Products

The following are the CBD products offered by Colorado Botanicals;

1. Colorado Botanicals CBD Tinctures

Colorado Botanicals’ tinctures come in broad-spectrum formulations. Each tincture is packed in a 30 ml bottle and is either unflavored or peppermint-flavored. They feature four strengths, including 300 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg, and 3000 mg of broad-spectrum CBD formulations. They cost between $59.99 and $199.99, revealing an average price point of $0.07 to $0.08 per mg CBD.

2. Colorado Botanicals CBD Softgels

You can now buy CBD softgels from Colorado Botanicals. The brand does not indicate what constitutes the gels but mentions that each delivers 25 mg or 10 mg. The gels feature broad-spectrum formulations, guaranteeing you full entourage effects of various cannabinoids without THC, and are packed in 30-count jars.

3. Colorado Botanicals Topicals

Colorado Botanicals has a topical product line with a muscle rub and two types of salves. You can choose the Alleviate or Rejuvenate CBD salves, which deliver 200 mg or 500 mg CBD, translating to 3.33 mg/ml or 8.33 mg/ml potencies. The muscle rub packs 400 mg broad-spectrum CBD and features a 4 mg/ml potency. These products cost between $29.99 and $49.99, revealing an average price point of $0.1- $0.15 per mg CBD.

4. Colorado Botanicals CBD Edibles

Colorado Botanicals offers an edible product line with CBD gummies that makes an ideal selection for those who hate the aftertaste of CBD oils. The gummies feature two concentrations; 10 mg or 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, guaranteeing users full entourage effects of terpenes, flavonoids, different cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBG, etc., but without THC. Besides, the gummies are vegan-friendly and come in 30-count jars.

5. Colorado Botanicals Pet Products

Colorado Botanicals acknowledges that even our furry and feline buddies need good health and can benefit from CBD products. It offers a pet product line with CBD tinctures that sell at $59.99. The total CBD concentration per 30 ml tincture bottle is 750 mg, revealing a 25 mg/ml CBD potency. What’s more, the oils are carefully extracted and feature broad-spectrum CBD, guaranteeing a full entourage effect without a tint of THC.

6. Colorado Botanicals Discounts, Coupons, and Bundles

Colorado Botanicals has put in place several programs that help its clients save a few bucks. For instance, professors, teachers, paramedics, fast responders, police officers, and firefighters get discount codes courtesy of an Appreciation Program. However, the brand does not reveal how much discounts they are given. Besides, there is a program in progress that, once completed, will grant customers loyal points for every purchase. Lastly, first-time buyers get 10% or 15% off total sales when they subscribe to the brand’s newsletter.

What We Like About the Company

We liked many factors about Colorado Botanicals, including;

  • The brand has a straightforward website that is easy to navigate
  • The product finder quiz comes in handy when you are unsure about the products to buy, and it helps you select
  • Colorado Botanicals has an instant messaging feature whose online agents are responsive, fast, and polite
  • The brand offers military veteran discounts once they prove their identity
  • The broad-spectrum formulations featured in all CBD products allow individuals to benefit from the full entourage effects of multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids without THC tints
  • The customer care desk agents have good background knowledge about the company and how it operates
  • Colorado Botanicals ships products fast, whether the overnight option ships deliveries overnight
  • Growing the hemp plants organically minimizes chances of getting chemicals, solvents, and pesticides into the human system
  • Colorado Botanicals sources its hemp from the organic Colorado farms and processes it in cGMP-certified facilities that uphold high safety standards
  • The brand offers free deliveries for any orders and auto-ships your orders to your billing address
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee allows dissatisfied clients to raise complaints and receive full refunds when the claims are justified
  • The company strips its CBD oil from the hemp surfaces using the clean and safe CO2 extraction method that leaves no residues or solvents on the oil
  • Colorado Botanicals takes care of novice and veteran CBD consumers through its multiple-concentration CBD products

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Although we identified many perks about Colorado Botanicals, we came across several kinks the brand needs to iron to attain business milestones. For instance;

  • All products in Colorado Botanicals’ inventory feature broad-spectrum formulations, locking out consumers who only use isolates or full-spectrum formulations
  • The company does not reveal information about who makes up its technical team
  • The product pages on the official website do not list the ingredients featured in the product
  • Sadly, Colorado Botanicals does not test for contaminants

Our Verdict

Colorado Botanicals is one of the biggest CBD-manufacturing brands in the CBD arena. It was founded in 2017 and headquartered in LA due to the founder’s grandmother being diagnosed with cancer. Its mission is to be transparent with its clients by following strict manufacturing processes and availing 3rd party results for all the products in the brand’s inventory. Through its website, Colorado Botanicals states that it aims to help people benefit from CBD products, but it does not disclose the founder or who forms its technical team. Colorado Botanicals, although young, has established a good market reputation through its fairly wide assortment of products, accurate potency results, responsive customer care desk, free shipping for all orders, the 30-day money-back guarantee, and several discounts for various categories of clients, including policemen, firefighters, teachers, professors, military veterans, fast responders, and returning buyers. However, the major blowback is that the brand does not disclose who the founder is or who forms its technical team, nor does it conduct contaminant tests. Improving these areas will undoubtedly help the company scale new heights in the CBD arena.

Tatyana Dyachenko

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