How to Convert Your Social Media Followers to Customers How to Convert Your Social Media Followers to Customers


Bowman’s conversion team curate conversion campaigns for brands following her proven process. How to Convert Your Social Media Followers to Customers, is a step-by-step guide entrepreneurs can implement themselves to start converting their social media fans and multiply sales. The book’s price point ensures access to Bowman’s marketing genius to all. The book, feared by the marketing industry and welcomed by the business community, is already being referred to as the marketing and eCommerce ‘Holy Grail’ thanks to Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, predicted to be on multiple best-sellers list by June 2022. was conceived in lockdown 2021 by our founder, Forbes writer, best-selling author, and multi-award-winning social media scientist, Sophie Bowman. The company was built around a huge problem, highlighted by COVID. Businesses were struggling, yet still brands had no strategy in place to convert their social media followers to customers., implement, and manage various marketing campaigns to convert social fans to sales. The case study results were so successful that when our founder appeared on the Shark Tank edition of The Simonetta Lein TV Show, Kevin Harrington praised the business model to the highest and recommended Sophie wrote a book. So, she stuffed the proven conversion process into a book, which made the Top 5 in its first week in the Marketing, Social Media, and Business book categories. The book was always part of the plan, ensuring that everyone has access to the process without the thousands of dollars price tag for Sophie’s team to handle the process for both aspiring and established brands, businesses, and influencers. 

At the time, Sophie was nursing a broken jaw following a bike accident that nearly took her life. After losing weight on a two-month liquid diet, Sophie was spotted, scouted, signed, and paid to walk the runways of Miami Swim Week. Forever seeing opportunity in everything, Sophie went on to compete in Miss Bikini U.S., and is the current titleholder of Miss Bikini Fitness UK 2021/22. Sophie launches her patented technology brand in late 2022. The ability to see opportunity in everything and creating brands and services that offer a solution to a common problem is truly a gift, and something everyone can do if they open their mind, challenge themselves to think outside of the box, and strategically design products or services with purpose from our life experiences. When the universe sends you down an unexpected path, build business ideas around it. won the GOLD Stevie Award for Company of the Year 2021 the same year it launched at the American Business Awards. This year, Sophie is back as a judge. Although marketers expected to be the first to be cut in panic budgeting throughout the pandemic, business took off with the team having to turn clients away amidst the realization that for businesses to thrive rather than merely survive mask mandates and lockdowns, a strong online presence and aggressive marketing tactics are compulsory.  Sophie was soon after selected as the face of a global campaign to promote diversity and tolerance, resulting in her face being blasted across billboards in Times Square, NYC as an example of an inspirational immigrant. 

A predicted challenge was finding enough businesses with the budget to have Sophie and her team work on their bespoke conversion strategies. A challenge for which the book became the solution. Sophie has won multiple awards for her campaigns and pro bono efforts to help small businesses in America throughout lockdown and beyond, so releasing a book ensures the proven process accessible to all in an easily digestible format any tech-phobe can follow. 

Our celebrity entrepreneur x BALMAIN case study gives the results of one of the most successful low-cost viral campaigns known to man. So much so that Shark Tank’s Kevin said, “Increasing sales for a brand by over 38% within a month makes a service all businesses need to know about.” Kevin also labeled the aptly named book How to Convert Your Social Media Followers to Customers the ‘marketing holy grail.’ 

All businesses will continue facing challenges and curveballs from the universe as the pandemic saga drags on, but it’s important to see all the positive changes to come from the situation. Mental health has become an openly talked about priority for employees, remote work saves us time and money, while allowing us to feel like we have a life around work because we’re in our sanctuaries. Ecommerce has become the epicenter of most sales of products and services, saving on brick-and-mortar expenses. Aspiring entrepreneurs are launching startups in a new world that doesn’t look down upon not having an office. People finally had plenty of extra disposable time to figure out what they want in life and start chasing their dreams. We realized the importance of multiple revenue streams and how disposable workers are to businesses. We remembered life is ours to live. And we discovered that when the seemingly apocalyptic crap hits the fan, Americans will bypass food and water, choosing to hoard toilet tissue, instead. I don’t think anyone saw that one coming. 

The biggest challenge all business owners face now is finding ways to stand out and succeed in a saturated online world. Everyone and their mother seem to be selling online courses, most people have written a book, and everyone else is trading bitcoin. The world sees the value in essential goods now, so any upcoming brand who finds innovative ways to brand and market boring, household essentials will achieve market longevity.      

I built my career on borderline crazy ideas that no one understood, dismissing them because they went against the norm. I’m living proof that challenging industry status quo and building brands within a tight niche with purpose is never a bad idea. Thinking and planning helps make your brand invincible. It’s all about having a business model that can quickly adapt to change. I discovered last year that a woman became a millionaire by launching a subscription-based membership for people who collect buttons. Keep this in mind the next time someone makes you feel like your ideas are ridiculous… buttons!! 

What a lot of people don’t share is the overwhelming amount of work it took internally and physically to overcome personal demons, silence our inner negative voice, and persevere to bring big projects to fruition. If you’d told me three years ago, I’d be a pageant titleholder, cover girl, being paid to walk Miami Swim Week, and signing paperwork for eight-figure investments, I’d laugh in your face and tell you to go tell that to my then broke ass sleeping on an air mattress in an empty South Beach studio. If you told it to the teenage me who struggled with major acne, an eating disorder, and painful insecurities, she would look at you like you’ve lost your mind. The moral of the story is you can overcome anything and choose to become whatever you want. Everything is there for the taking. Whatever makes you happy, do that. Throw in generous amounts of purpose, a splash of innovation, and a sprinkle of savage perseverance, and you can build a business around selling products or services that make your soul feel alive. If I can do it, literally anyone can. So, why not you?

Eight years ago, I was stuck in a teaching career I no longer wanted to have a midlife crisis at turning thirty, so I forced myself to act and boarded the ride of my life. Within a month, I’d quit teaching, and made my branding, marketing and copywriting side hustle my business startup. I relocated to Morocco to feed the hunger to travel and live abroad while living like a queen in a five-floored palace like a princess for less than $450 a month in Marrakech. The low cost of living was a huge help during the startup phase, allowing me to live temporarily in Australia for a while, and take on the PR director role for the European Modball Rally from London and Paris to Rome, Monaco, and Barcelona. If you can survive six days of driving in a car full of video crew, excessive outfit options, and food poisoning, you can probably survive anything. Soon after returning to North Africa, I met a bunch of army boys from San Diego in a Marrakech bar. We tossed a coin on whether I should move to Miami or San Diego. Miami won, and six years later, here I still am. You don’t have to choose between traveling the world or starting your business. You can do it all. Why wait? None of us know for sure that we’re waking up tomorrow, so the bucket list life starts now. 

If like me you have been social distancing for years pre-COVID preferring to keep your circle small, make sure that small circle is full of positive go-getters that you can brainstorm ideas with, seek guidance from, or generally have your back. Check your circle. Cut off anyone that doesn’t add positivity and inspiration to your life and watch your life change. 

Starting and maintaining a successful business will be the roller-coaster of your life. Way more so than trying to date in Miami. Remember that everyone has bad days. On days of near-hopeless despair, unplug by doing something you love, and start over tomorrow. My personal escape plan is to the beach or sitting on my bay view balcony reading a book. Take brain supplements. Go to the gym. Upgrade to a healthier diet. Organize your home. Push yourself to get into the best shape of your life. These little steps join to make big moves. The more resilient your health becomes, the more resilient your wealth will become. You got this! 

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

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