Cowgirl -The American Man's Favourite Sex Position

Cowgirl -The American Man’s Favourite Sex Position

Ladies, thanks to popular magazine Esquire’s latest sex study, we now know that American men like you on top. So if you’ve ever had any doubt about trying out a new sex position, here’s your motivator: 30% of men prefer cowgirl position with you on top, 28% prefer missionary position with him on top, and 26% prefer doggy style. The stragglers come in with a measly 5% loving reverse cowgirl, a cheeky 4% loving spooning, and the rest of them are a mix between ‘facing each other’ and ‘other’.

If you thought that missionary was a done deal and that the bedroom was a boring place: get out your cowgirl hat and hop on for the ride of the night! The cowgirl position is not just about him either; it gives you full control over the movement, the depth and the speed of the penetration and lets you control your own orgasm. It also gives him full viewing pleasure of your body, and gives him easy access to your erogenous zones for erotic stimulation and better lovemaking.

In addition to sex position statistics, the survey also revealed that men are a bit ambitious with their bravado with 22% of interviewees reporting that they’ve had 20 or more sexual partners in their lifetime. A more realistic 23% reported that they’ve slept with between 2 and 5 different partners, and 21% reported that they’ve been with between 6 and 10 partners.

We also learnt that although 34% of married men have reportedly cheated on their partners during their marriage, you’ll be pleased to know that married men are 25% more likely to say that they are satisfied with their sex lives and that they’re getting laid more often than their unmarried counterparts.

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