Crave Launches Saucy Foreplay Jewellery

Ti Chang, Crave founder and designer, is making waves with her saucy sense of style. She’s the brains behind the luxury gold-plated USB vibrator, and she’s now branching out to introduce a line of sexy jewellery that looks good in and out of bed.

And why should we be interested?

‘Just because you’re naked doesn’t mean you can’t show off your own sense of style,” the Crave website announces.

We couldn’t agree more.

The range of jewellery is called ‘Foreplay Jewellery” and currently includes three simple yet seductive accessories. They all feature an elegant design in leather and nickel-free metal, and simple construction to make an eye-catching addition to your choice of outfit. That is, of course, if you’re actually wearing anything.

Now you can dress your outfit up (or down) with these three accessories:

The Droplets Necklace which features two vibrating pendants on leather loops, which drapes around your neck. They can be worn as a striking necklace with your day-wear, and double up as cheeky nipple vibrators under your clothes.

The Leather Cuffs Bracelet is a playful nod to leather fashion. Two leather-bound cuffs are linked by a single chain which can be worn on one wrist for day-time fashion accessorising that pushes the boundaries. After hours, the cuffs can be separated to bind your wrists in any position.

The Leather Tassels are for your eyes only. They’re simple leather loops that fit neatly over your nipples – ideal for bedroom accessorising or wearing under your clothes.

Ti Chang’s foreplay jewellery is stylish and beautiful, but it’s not the first of its kind. Nipple tassels have been popular since the dawn of Strip Tease, and Clit Clips are a popular choice of those who like to dazzle with diamantes.

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