Crystal G Spot Stimulator

Crystal G Spot Stimulator

The Crystal G Spot Stimulator is just gorgeous! I never thought that glass sex toys could be this fun to use! I used to think that adult novelties such as this one is merely for display purposes only. I mean, putting glass inside your vagina is sort of a freaky thought.

Crystal G Spot Stimulator

All my nagging speculations and theories against glass sex toys were put to an end when I decided to purchase the Crystal G Spot stimulator from a sex toys store and give it a try.

Let me describe the qualities of this g spot vibrator:

It is a hand-blown 7 inch glass dildo that is so smooth to the touch and elegant to look at

It has a vibrating bullet that you need to attach at the base so you feel the pleasurable sensations with every stroke.

The bullet has 10 different types of vibrating and pulsating modes which can be controlled via the attached remote controller

The shaft has an embedded spiral design that runs from underneath the arched g-spot tip to the base

It is every discrete and has no annoying buzzing or humming sounds

Can be placed in the freezer for a cool sensation or in hot water for a warm feel

It may not feel like a real penis or the typical dildo, but I’m telling you – this one will surely bring you to different heights! The tip is perfectly angled to hit a woman’s g spot every time it penetrates you deep down. Another bonus factor is the vibrating bullet. Aside from using it on the glass dildo, it could also be placed directly on top of the clitoris for direct clitoral stimulation. The results are just beyond description! The orgasms I’ve experienced with this toy are tremendously toe-curling.

On the other hand, being a bit thicker would make this toy more appealing that it is already.

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