Curly Hair Solutions - our mission is to help and solve any and all problems with curly hair

Curly Hair Solutions – our mission is to help and solve any and all problems with curly hair

Business Name and what it does 

Our business name is Curly Hair Solutions.  We used to have products branded under the business name, over time our top selling product called Curl Keeper became more recognizable than the business name, so we rebranded all products under the brand name Curl Keeper. 

Here at Curly Hair Solutions, we have a very small but mighty team.  Jonathan Torch is the founder of Curl Keeper and heads up our R & D team to test ingredients and develop the highest quality curly hair products on the market.  Our formulas are designed to perform 100% of the time in all weather conditions without the use of Silicones, oils or wax. 

Our marketing and sales team is lead by our CEO Steven Torch.  Steven works with our very skilled team to develop cutting edge sales and marketing tactics.  In the ever-changing landscape of the curly hair products market, it is essential to predict what the next big trend will be and get ahead of new products to launch in the market. 

Independently owned and operated with passion and pride. Curl Keeper was built from the ground up over 25 years of product testing and community feedback.  Most importantly our owners and staff are the heart and soul of the company and operate with passion every step of the way.

Our mission is to help and solve any and all problems with curly hair and empower curly haired consumers to feel confident and proud.  Creating products that address specific concerns with curls and working with our customer base to ensure great results every time is essential to our success and reputation as a leading brand. 

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

It all started in 1985 when Jonathan Torch opened his very own salon in Toronto, Canada – The Curly Hair Institute. Clients complained about the way many products caused unnecessary buildup, frizz and hair loss. Jonathan realized that the haircare on the market did not live up to his curly client’s curl needs. In fact, there was a lot of damage happening to the curls that he loved and nurtured.

Jonathan knew that the unique problems presented by curly hair required customized attention and science. With the assistance of chemists and clients and many test runs and formulations later, Jonathan finally created something amazing. A true answer to frizz and completely based on science and named it – Curl Keeper. Today this remains the best seller (now named The Original Liquid Styler) and is the inspiration for all of the 30+ products that came after it. A back-to-basics line of curly hair products that are water-based, silicone-free, and work with humidity and not against it. A true leader in revolutionary water-based curl care.

The challenges the business/market is facing

Curly Hair Solutions is a pioneer in the curly hair world.  In the beginning we faced challenges mostly on how to market and spread the word about our products.  When people tried Curl Keeper products, they because loyal customers for life.  At the time print advertising was the main way to get in front of curly haired consumers.  Fast forward 25 years and what used to be a challenge is no longer.  With smartphones and social media, we are able to reach the end consumers immediately and show how effective our products are. 

 These days we are faced with hundreds if not thousands of competitors who pop up daily.  The challenge is to stay at the top and continue to show that Curl Keeper is a leader in curly hair and has withstood the test of time.  

Other current challenges we face along with all brands is more logistics Related.   With soaring costs on ingredients, packaging and shipping we must carefully navigate forward while still upholding the highest level of quality and ingredients in our formulas. 

The opportunities the business/market is facing

The sky is the limit with all the resources at our fingertips in this modern day and age.  Marketing and speaking directly to the end consumer are more attainable than ever before.  not only is it important to have a very high performing superior product to competitors but how the brand is shown and seen is just as important. Being inclusive and catering to a wide range of curly hair types has always been at the forefront of our mission and continues to be.  working with influencers and curl ambassadors allows us to relate to consumers in ways we have never been able to before. 

Finding gaps for what is available in the market has been a key part of our R & D process along with upcoming trends.  Curl Keeper was initially built on Curly Hair Gels and frizzy hair products.  We have our high-performance Curly Hair Shampoo and Conditioners.  More recently we have identified overlooked segments of curl products and come up with our most recent Curly hair products.  For a hair and bond repair product we have our Rapid Hair Repair that is great for any hair that is damaged especially from color applications.  Our new Slip+ formula addresses very tangled Curly hair and allows for much easier styling and curl management.  There is a lot more coming from Curl Keeper and we are excited to move into the future of curly hair care

Advice to others about business

Although times have changed drastically since the beginning of the internet and Google advertising one thing has never changed and it is something Curl Keeper as a brand prides itself on, relationships.  Whether it be with our suppliers, consultants, sales agents, customers and staff we uphold the highest’s regard for a strong personable relationship that goes deeper than a phone call or zoom meeting.  Brands succeed with proper support and determination that is built over time and lasts forever.  

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