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Business Name and How The Business Started

My name is Debbie Roppo, the founder of Debbie Roppo Health Coach. I work with women to support metabolic health, focusing on diabetes, blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol, and weight. Additionally, we address mindset issues.

Healthy longevity occurs when your health span matches your life span. This is achieved when a woman embodies her authentic self in body, mind, and spirit. Through motivational interviewing, I uncover specific solutions unique to each client. Armed with accurate information, clients can make these solutions practical and sustainable.

Behavior science, which explores human actions, is an integral part of my approach. It is the missing ingredient in most health journeys. By leveraging behavior science, we bridge the gap between where clients are and where they want to be.

The psychology of emotional eating is another dynamic I incorporate to ensure success. Emotional eating involves using food to suppress or soothe negative emotions like anger, fear, boredom, and sadness. By recognizing, understanding, regulating, and expressing emotions in a healthy way, we create an environment that supports overall health. With emotional eating psychology, clients identify triggers and learn to cultivate boundaries, mindsets, and actions to overcome emotional eating. Imagine experiencing emotions in a healthy way instead of reaching for ice cream out of loneliness or grabbing chips out of boredom. It can significantly ease your health journey.

My business incorporates several strategies. First and foremost, authenticity is crucial. It means being true to oneself without pretense or false beliefs. Remaining authentic allows me to stay grounded in my core beliefs and committed to the desired outcome, even when faced with challenges.

Secondly, I prioritize understanding my clients’ needs by actively listening and observing. This helps me create products or services that truly meet their requirements. Often, clients’ actual needs may differ from what I initially perceive. Staying attuned to their needs is essential.

Another important strategy is maintaining a strong commitment to my personal health. Taking care of my physical body and mental well-being provides the foundation for making decisions, working long hours, and sustaining my business. Nurturing a spiritual sense of calm and peace keeps me on track, regardless of the difficulties I encounter.

Growing an email list is the fourth strategy I employ. It is the most effective way to establish direct contact with potential clients.

Lastly, I emphasize automation. Leveraging available technology and resources saves time and money, enabling me to focus on my most valuable asset—the client.

Founder’s Story and Motivation for Starting This Business

Around 2013, my joints began to swell and hurt. I vividly recall the first morning when I couldn’t stand due to excruciating foot pain, forcing me to crawl to the bathroom. I was terrified.

Upon visiting the doctors, I received a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), an incurable disease that destroys cartilage throughout the body. This news shattered the template I had created for my life. I knew exactly what it meant since I worked as an X-ray tech. My life was about to change drastically.

They recommended toxic medications, but I was hesitant to follow that path. Instead, I was determined to find a way to relieve the swelling in my fingers and feet and regain control of my health.

Although I had always been fascinated by health, I hadn’t consistently applied that knowledge. This changed when I started researching, adjusting my nutrition and exercise routines. While these changes alleviated some symptoms, they weren’t enough.

That’s when I decided to fully commit. I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and implemented everything I learned. The results were astounding, but I still felt something was missing.

My intuition, my spiritual guidance system (SGS), led me to look within. It was then that I realized the missing piece of the puzzle: understanding that mindsets contribute to physical symptoms. I recognized that the RA attacking my joints was a direct result of the negative mindsets I held.

By addressing the root of my+ problem and making necessary mindset changes, my health improved significantly. Ultimately, I learned the importance of self-love, setting boundaries in relationships and at work, and silencing the self-critical voice within me. I needed to respect and honor myself. Once I discovered this truth, I couldn’t keep it to myself—I had to share it with my four sisters and every woman in the world. And that’s how Debbie Roppo Health Coach was born.

In my current perspective, my purpose in life is to help others uncover their powerful, healthy selves within. My love for learning led me to pursue certifications from Erickson College’s Art & Science of Life Coaching, FMCA Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, IIN, and The Psychology of Emotional Eating.

The tools I’ve acquired over the years have been life-changing. I hold the IAHC coaching certification and have worked as a licensed radiographic technologist for over 20 years.

I am a lifelong learner of the Law of Attraction, A Course in Miracles, and all spiritual texts. While it may sound strange, I am grateful for the pain and the diagnosis I received. All experiences can serve as lessons when we allow them to. I understand that this may be challenging to relate to.

Without those difficult challenges, I wouldn’t have achieved the improved health and joy I currently experience. Furthermore, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with individuals like you.

I know that my journey would have been easier with a health coach by my side. Back then, I didn’t even know they existed. You don’t have to embark on your health path alone. Bring along a strong advocate—your coach.

Challenges Faced

The challenges faced by the business market include incomplete coverage of health coaching by health insurance. However, I remain hopeful that this will change soon. We currently have CPT codes, but it’s a small step. Additionally, there is a need to bridge the gap between recognizing the need for change and believing in the possibility of change through health coaching.

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Advice to Other Entrepreneurs

If I were to offer advice to other potential entrepreneurs, I would say: Know your why and ensure it aligns with your core values. This will be your anchor during challenging times. Give your team the respect and recognition they deserve. Their satisfaction reflects your management skills, and when they flourish, your business reaps the rewards. Be patient with yourself and allow failures to become valuable learning experiences. Failure is an ingredient for success.

I used to underestimate myself, not fully realizing my capabilities and strengths. Armed with the right information, every client can reach their desired destination. It is a beautiful sight to witness.

Debbie Roppo

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