Are you stranded on where you can consistently get quality CBD products that are also safe for consumption? Don’t worry; as we were reviewing Deep Relief, we noted it is one of the best CBD companies that guarantees your safety and effectiveness achievement. Its primary aim is to provide customers with unique quality products that have become rare within the CBD market. The company highly relies on the hemp plant and MCT oil to craft its products. Despite the company being among premium CBD products manufacturers, it also offers them at considerable prices. In addition, it has offers and discounts on special groups of people such as people with long-term disabilities and the military. The company values its customers, and its focus centers around the customers to ensure they are satisfied at all times. Besides, before any product gets to the market, it undergoes third-party lab testing to ensure it is free of any contaminant and contains the required CBD and THC levels. Kindly keep reading our review since we have unveiled significant information about its manufacturing process and range of products.

About the Company

The company is committed to offering the best products free from any harmful chemical substances that might interfere with their purity. It was founded by Joel Varian, who was interested in hemp-based products because of their effectiveness. Since the food and drugs industry was distorted by products full of harmful chemicals, which harmed people rather than offering solutions, he decided to join other companies to restore the lost hope. The company uses organic hemp plants to craft its unique products. Despite highly relying on hemp plants, they also have a team of experts responsible for tracing effective ingredients that would help them attain extreme quality levels and rapid effectiveness. Although its dream for bringing hope with the aid of naturally occurring products has not been fully achieved, it keeps bringing on board various naturally occurring elements to ensure effectiveness has been attained. In addition, it is committed to providing its manufacturing processes are environmental friendly.

The company offers product descriptions under each product to facilitate its buyers’ experience and make them go for the right products. At times, it might be technical to go for the best product that suits your needs without adequate product description. As we went through its product catalog, we noted it was well-defined. Even more, as we pinpointed each product, we noted more information about the products was given. Some of the important data provided include the ingredients, THC & CBD levels, how to administer, required dosage, extraction method, price, and the flavors available. Besides, its buying experience is straightforward according to our own experience. Navigating within the website was straightforward, as well as locating needed products. We easily added are omitted products to our shopping cart minus feeling suspicious activities. Our products were delivered on the third day, discreetly packed upon making payments.

To customers who have concerns about the CBD, the company, its products, or its systems, they can reach its support for more clarification. However, before reaching its support team, they can go through its FAQ page to see if the concern has been addressed. Some of the responded questions include subscriptions, how to open the childproof tinctures, the meaning of CBD, the difference between hemp and marijuana, affiliate terms and conditions, and a lot more. As we went through some of the responses, we noticed although they were precise, they were relevant and to the point.

If your needs have not been addressed in either of the questions, it’s when you can ahead to reach its support team. It has provided a link on its main menu (Contact Us) to help you reach out to its contact details. On this page, they have provided their phone number (916-384-0334), email address ([email protected]), physical address (El Dorado Hills CA), and a live chatbox. Its support system is very effective as its support team is. Since we couldn’t find much information about their sustainable farming practices, we emailed them, seeking more information. Our email was responded to within 24 hours with a precise but clear response that satisfied us.

Consequently, to keep track f its reputation, the company offers a product review page, which it uses for self-assessment. On the page, we encountered numerous reviews, positive and negative. Notably, the positive ones outnumbered the negative significantly. However, the company responded positively to the negative reviews, promising they would carry adjustments accordingly. Besides its review page, it also has social media platforms helping it to interact with its customers and customers interacting with one another freely. In addition, social media platforms are used to educate customers since various blogs are posted on them. Lastly, the platforms are used to contact its support team via Facebook messenger and Instagram message box.

Manufacturing Process

The company has legal documents allowing them to grow hemp plants and manufacture hemp-based products. All its manufacturing processes are conducted within the USA to maximize quality. Most importantly, its primary focus is on the quality of the hemp used to craft its products. Although the company uses hemp from California, the best hemp within the USA is obtained from Colorado and Oregon. However, the company ensures sustainable farming practices are applied to come up with the best hemp, free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. To achieve this, the company closely monitors its growth and ensure no artificial chemical fertilizers and pesticides are involved in enhancing faster growth of the plant. Besides, they prefer crop rotation to avoid exhausting the farm and maintain its fertility.

The company ensures the hemp is fully matured before its harvested and later taken to its manufacturing facility for further processing. Most importantly, they use the hemp while still fresh to maximize on quality. Since its establishment, it has primarily used CO2 as its extraction method. CO2 is preferably used because of its effectiveness. It helps various companies to obtain only useful cannabinoids and terpenes hence maximizing quality. Additionally, it’s also eco-friendly, unlike other methods such as ethanol.

Upon crafting its products, they are tested for both purity and potency to ensure they are safe for consumption. First, it has to ensure THC levels don’t exceed the optimum limit of 0.3%. Besides, it is also responsible for ensuring CBD levels posted online and on the labels match the ones in the products. Additionally, the lab also has a responsibility of ensuring its products are void of harmful chemicals that might interfere with not only the quality of the product but also the primary aim of CBD, which is to provide naturally occurring products. Notably, all its products are void of harmful chemicals such as pesticides residues and heavy metals. The results are thereafter posted for customer verification under “lab reports.”

Range of Products

Deep Relief Gummies

Gummies are the most convenient and discreet manner of administering your daily CBD dosage. You can easily put them in your working desk or in your pockets while traveling. The company offers its gummies in full-spectrum using organic hemp plant extracts. Additionally, they are designed to enhance sleep for those experiencing a poor sleeping pattern. Its gummies are available in two formulations, all-natural sour gummies, which are also vegan at $35.00. Another form is sleep gummies in the potency of 750 mg of CBD and 450 mg CBN at $45.00.

Deep Relief Tinctures

Its tinctures are formulated uniquely using C02 hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil, a leading carrier of bioavailability and other useful elements. Each serving is accompanied by a well-market dropper to help its customers administer the correct dosage of 1 ml per day. The tinctures are offered in a potency range of 300 mg to 1500 mg of CBD and in 0.5 oz, 1 oz, and 2 oz. Depending on the potency, they are sold from $30.00 to $65.00. Lastly, they are in full-spectrum and exist in three flavors.

Deep Relief Capsules

Its capsules are carefully crafted using CO2 hemp plant extracts and other significant oils such as MCT oil, enhancing rapid effectiveness. Capsules are the second most preferable way of administering your daily CBD dose, especially those who would wish to administer at one go and avoid the natural test. Currently, the company offers one kind of capsule at 750 mg of CBD at $35.95. However, it is served in a bottle of 30 capsules, and the company recommends oral use only, with the aid of your favorite drink or water.

Deep Relief Topicals

Skin problems arise discomfort while associating with other people. To increase your confidence by making your skin smooth, Deep Relief manufactures one of the best products, which are manufactured using CO2 hemp plant extracts and MCT oil to allow easy absorption by the skin, among other useful ingredients. Additionally, their potency range is from 100 mg to 1000 mg CBD which we found to be somehow limited compared to what other potential competitors are offering.

What we like about the company

As competition continues to rise within the CBD market, some companies such as Deep Relief continue to base their competition fight using quality. So many companies have sidelined the primary aim of CBD, which is to offer natural products which will address common health and wellness concerns of human beings. A significant number has focused on making profits making Deep Relief and other brands stand out. Besides, the company offers guidance on which products are the best by providing product descriptions. As a result, most customers understand the products they are about to buy better, their purpose, ingredients, and how to administer them.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company has stood out to be unique by consistently offering high-quality products, a few areas ought to be addressed. It should consider expanding its line of products to win over a wider market because of its quality products. In addition, it should give more information about its origin, its founders, and its team members. This will help its customers and interested parties such as our team to understand it better.

Overall Verdict

If you have been having problems obtaining quality products consistently, you don’t have to worry anymore. We highly recommend products from Deep Relief because they are manufactured with a lot of love and care by a team of professionals. To the company, we recommend it to put in more effort since the competition is continuing to grow. Most importantly, they should consider offering more products.

Kristina Shafarenko

Kristina Shafarenko is a relationship and health and wellness psychologist and a part-time freelance lifestyle writer covering health and fitness, sex, sexual wellness, and relationships. When she's not writing, you can find her planning her next getaway, taste-testing every coffee spot in sight, and lounging at home with her cat, Buddy.

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