Canned, dried, fresh, boiled, blended, we all enjoy consuming fruits. Fruits are an essential part of a meal. Not only are fruits rich in minerals, vital vitamins, and fibers, they also contain antioxidants that boost health.

Studies have shown thata high intake of fruits in the diet lowers the chances of suffering from certain conditions such as constipation, diabetes, inflammation, heart diseases, and cancer. Blue fruits are enriched with numerous vitamins essential for a healthy body. The blue color of these fruits is as a result of the presence of polyphenols. In addition to its vibrant color, the blue fruit contains high levels of anthocyanin from polyphenols that help lower the probability of obesity and prevent other diseases. Some of these blue fruits contain high fructose content while others have low sugars. Discussed below are the different types of blue fruits and the vitamins and minerals they possess.


Despite their name, ‘Blackberries, they belong tothe blueberries family. Blackberries, just like prune and other green vegetables, are a rich source of Vitamin K and manganese. For blood clotting to be effective, the body requires an ample amount of Vitamin K and calcium. If the body is deficient in Vitamin K, there is a likelihood of osteoporosis and other bone conditions to arise, this explains the role it plays in our bone health.

Concord grapes

Concord grapes are blue fruits mainly used by industries to make juices, wine, and jams due to their great taste and flavor. Like the aforementioned blueberries, concord grapes are also packed with beneficial compounds that act as antioxidants. Though they are richer in these antoxidants compared to the red, green and purple grapes. Research shows that concord grapes contain nutrients that may boost the immune system. Into the bargain, several other studies show that taking concord juice can help elevate mood and boost memory.


Elderberries are blue-purple in color, very fleshy and appealing to the eye. This fruit is among the most common plant remedies people use occasionally. Nevertheless, Elderberries are packed with Vitamin C and B6 and as a result, are considered to be a remedy of cold and flu. According to conducted research, a concentrated elderberry juice aids in fighting the flu virus and prevents infection of the cells. Over and above that, vitamin C and B6 helps in strengthening the immune system in order to fight against other infections.Keep in mind that these berries must be cooked before consumption, avoid raw and unripe elderberries as they cause stomach upsets.


Blueberries are part of the blue fruits family, they are tasty and juicy. Likewise, they are packed with nutrients and contain low amounts of calories. Blueberries also contain high amount of fibers due to their juicy nature and minerals such as manganese and vitamin C and K responsible for blood clotting. Additionally, they have a specific antioxidant known as anthocyanin which protects our body from the harm of free radicals. Study shows that consumption of foods rich in antioxidants prevents lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Damson plums

If you have never experienced constipation you must be among the few folks who have a strong digestive system. Studies show Constipation affects close to fourteen percent of the world’s population. Constipation is linked to a lack of essential fibers and roughages in the diet. These blue plums are said to contain the right amount of fibers enough to ease digestive complications. Consequently, damson plums have a type of sugar known as sorbitol that softens your stool ensuring your bowel movements are much easier. They can be processed into jellies and jams or dried to be taken as prunes..

Black currants

Black currants are a bluish-purple in color and have a unique taste. They are best known to be packed with, polyphenolic substances, vitamin C, anthocyanin, and antioxidants. People have also found the leaves and seeds of the blackcurrant tree to be useful in treating certain conditions. However, these berries aid in enhancing smooth blood flow, boosting the immune system to fight against viruses, bacteria, microbes, and cancer. Additionally, black currant can be found in the form of powder, dried fruits, oil, and pills.

Blue tomatoes

The blue tomatoes can also be referred to as indigo or purple rose tomatoes. Despite their various names, the blue tomatoes are blue fruit. Like its counterparts, the blue tomato contains a high level of anthocyanin. The high levels of anthocyanin characterized have been found to reduce inflammation in a person and prevent heart diseases. Furthermore, good eyesight and better brain health are promoted by consuming these blue tomatoes. Like other tomatoes, the blue tomato contains other antioxidant compounds such as lycopene. Lycopene is linked with reduced heart disease, stroke, and even prostate cancer.

In a nutshell, the benefits of consuming blue fruits are as follows.

  • Boost the immune system in order to fight off infections and other conditions.
  • Excellent sources of Vitamins such C (great antioxidant) and Vitamin K (responsible for blood clotting).
  • Provide nutrients essential in maintaining health of the skin, bones, brain and the teeth.
  •  Blue fruits contain antioxidants that act as an anti-aging agent by reducing DNA damage.
  • Maintains a study blood sugar level because of their moderate sugars.


Fruits are important due to their vast essential vitamins, sugars, minerals, and fibers. The seven groups of blue fruits are important to our bodies as they contain the nutrients that boost health by strengtheningthe immune system. Additionally, they equip the body to fight against illnesses. The seven types of blue fruits are; blueberries, blackberries, elderberries, concord grapes, black currants, damson plums, and blue tomatoes. Some of these blue berries are eaten when fresh, cooked, dried, and others processed, be sure to research before consuming them raw because some like the elderberries cause stomach upsets when consumed raw and unripe. Nevertheless, their unique flavor, color, and taste make them the best ingredients for jellies, jams and wines.

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