Glass dildos and sex toys are exquisite. Peaches and Screams has a large selection of Glass Sex Toys for men and for women. Many are hand blown glass giving you the beauty of a glass artifact with the play of a great sex toy. Glass Sex Toys are sleek and sexy. They offer a unique look and are always hard and ready to please. Handcrafted glass butt plugs and dildos are non-porous and easy to clean. Glass is hypoallergenic and made for anyone who loves to be pleasured alone or with their lover. Peaches and Screams offers a great selection of Glass Designer Sex Toys. Our glass sex toys come ribbed and with bumps or external extras to please every part of your body. They can be used internally as well as externally a sexy massager. Elegant glass sex toys could sit on a shelf as art with beautiful detail and then used to make your lover cum with you. Glass can be warmed up with water or a quick trip in the microwave. Imagine being turned on, lubed up, and ready for the heat. With butt plugs and dildos available, Peaches and Screams glass dildos provide pleasure in an extraordinary way. Smooth glass slides easily and stimulates you in ways other dildos do not. Lube up the glass and glide it across your body or slip it inside for vaginal or anal penetration. Peaches and Screams has glass sex toys with curved heads designed to find that elusive G-Spot. With different curves and different lengths, glass sex toys are sure to give your body the pleasure moments you need. These luxury sex toys are aesthetically pleasing as well as physically stimulating. Peaches and Screams also offers a line of multi-colored glass sex toys. With a designer look to them, these beautiful pieces could be coffee table art. Depending on the surrounding light, the colors in these glass sex toys will change from gold to pink and blue or green. These glass sex toys have a bulbous shape for pleasure and a narrow shaft with a pull ring for easier handling. Like other glass dildos, these multi-colored toys can be heated for your pleasure. Used colder, orgasms could be even more intense. Play around with different temperatures with your glass sex toys and see what your body likes best. Whichever you choose, be sure you check out the entire Glass Sex Toy selection here at Peaches and Screams. Bring beautiful art into your sex life. Build your pleasure with varying temperatures and shapes as well as sizes. Peaches and Screams always has discreet ordering and shipping so order today. Browse designer glass dildos and glass butt plugs below.

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