Digital Funnel It’s a wonderful feeling to help other companies fulfill their visions

Digital Funnel: It’s a wonderful feeling to help other companies fulfill their visions

Why did I Start Digital Funnel?

I’ve been there on the front lines, working for large, digital start-ups, managing sales teams and helping businesses to utilise digital marketing techniques to really grow and propel their business. However Digital Funnel was born out of necessity, prior to starting the company I found myself working for a promising technology start-up however the company unfortunately folded, which left me with no income, a young family and a mortgage to pay. From that point on I promised myself I’d steer my own ship financially and start my own business.

Alongside that, I have a passion for helping other businesses, I really do love it. We’ve got a great position here as a digital marketing agency to work with a client that may be struggling to drive leads or cement a strong online presence and then totally transforming that side of the business, it’s a wonderful feeling to help other companies fulfil their visions.

One thing that’s incredibly important to me is giving employment to younger people, I love taking on bright, hard-working, new staff that are eager to make a career for themselves. In my career I never had a mentor or an individual to help educate and assist me with my work, it’s something I really wished I had so it brings me great satisfaction to offer that support to our team members here.

At the end of the day, I’m a firm believer in doing business the right way. I think everyone’s been in a situation where they’ve dealt with an individual or group that wasn’t the most pleasant to deal with, you don’t have to be that person when it comes to business. We focus on honesty, transparency and working hard in order to drive the right results for not only us, but for our partners too.”

The Challenges Facing Us

For the average digital marketer, keeping on top of SEO trends is the most demanding and time-intensive part of their day. The ultimate aim of SEO hasn’t changed. Digital marketers still need to deploy a multitude of tactics to boost rankings and improve reverence and authority.

However, delivering a successful campaign isn’t as straightforward as it once was. Google algorithm updates are a constant thorn in the side of digital marketers. Meanwhile, new features are being introduced all the time that have a significant impact on ranking performance. As such, there’s no such thing as a standard approach to SEO anymore.

Significant Challenges to Overcome in 2022

As ever, digital markers face an uphill battle in 2022. Some of these obstacles will be largely familiar, while others are emerging trends that will require marketers to rethink their usual strategies. Below, we spotlight the five biggest challenges that lie ahead.

1. Identifying the Best Keywords for your Campaign

Keyword research has always been vital to SEO. Nowadays, however, utilizing competitive keywords isn’t enough to give you an advantage over your competitors. Using a term like ‘SEO in Cork’ is all well and good, but your overall site content needs to prove relevant to this term for you to rank for it.

Likewise, long gone are the days when keyword stuffing was enough to get you by. Overusing a term like ‘SEO in Dublin’ won’t guarantee you beat out other local businesses in SERPs. Ultimately, your keywords and site content need to match user intent if it’s going to rank.

2. Google Algorithm Updates

Even the most experienced digital marketer struggles with Google algorithm changes. Originally, the search engine giant only introduced a handful of algorithm updates a year. Flash forward to 2022, and it’s not uncommon to encounter thousands of algorithm changes in any given 12-month period.

Although many of these updates are minor, some changes can have a significant impact on your SEO campaigns. In an ideal world, you’ll want to be able to plan in advance. As such, it’s vital you check Google announcements for news about any upcoming algorithm changes.

For maximum peace of mind, investigate industry news for news about upcoming algorithm updates. Here, you’re not simply looking for dates for your digital calendar, but insights about the kind of impact you can expect. Sometimes, Google may only provide superficial information about what an algorithm is for. The only way you can truly determine the impact of an algorithm is to see its effects in action.

If a certain algorithm change has proved chaotic for your campaigns, don’t panic. If there’s industry-wide disruption and resistance, there’s a good chance Google may decide to change it back. This saves you the hassle of having to deploy an algorithm recovery strategy.

3. How to Rank Higher

You’re largely focusing on organic search strategy, it may take a while for your efforts to bear fruit. Don’t be dismayed if a grade-A campaign isn’t yielding results yet. SEO involves implementing a variety of optimization methods to improve rankings.

If your site is failing to rank well after a considerable amount of time, take a step back and reconsider the basics. Is your content relevant and authoritative? Are you updating your site content regularly?

Believe it or not, many people still overlook the importance of factors like metadata and backlink building when it comes to increasing site rankings. If you’re struggling, an on-page SEO audit is a must. Meanwhile, your content marketing strategy will also need a second look if your long-term goals are still out of reach.

Emerging Trends and SEO Opportunities

Rolling out a successful SEO campaign is far from simple, but several emerging trends provide you with lucrative new avenues to explore. Whether you’re looking to capitalize on the growing number of mobile users or want to make use of new Google features, there are plenty of ways to give yourself an edge in 2022.

1. Video Snippets

Have you noticed an increased number of videos in Google search results? In most cases, these truncated video snippers appear when users search for answers to ‘how to’ questions. If your page content offers instructional videos or in-depth guides, this innovative feature is something you can leverage to great effect.

Although the future impact of video snippets remains to be seen, it’s likely to remain a staple feature of Google results pages. To make sure your own content is fully optimized for future integration, there are several things you can do right now.

Already have a YouTube channel loaded with videos and instructional guides? Make them more accessible to your existing viewers by splitting them into chapter-sized chunks. An added benefit is that Google has more relevant sections to draw from when displaying snippets in results pages.

If you’ve neglected the general optimization of your videos and YouTube channel, now is the time to refocus on it. Apply all the usual SEO techniques to increase relevance and build authority.

Finally, make life easier for your viewers by embedding videos hosted by third-party platforms directly into your blog entries or website pages. You can also make your videos accessible to all by ensuring you have activated closed caption options.

2. Capitalize on Compelling Headlines

If your click-through rates leave a lot to be desired, the issue may lie with your headlines. First-rate content is all well and good, but if you’re not grabbing the attention of readers with those first few words, the rest of your pages will never be seen.

Emotional headlines can lead to a marked increase in click-through rate. Furthermore, engaging with negative and positive words yields similar results. However, when crafting headlines, be careful about the kinds of words you’re using.

3. Google Passage Ranking

Google Passages is one of the more interesting ranking features of recent years. If your page content is already well-organized with a clear structure, you should automatically benefit from this ranking feature.

However, if your pages are lacking order and context, now’s the time to rethink your approach. Focus on page headers first. These will ensure individual content sections benefit from added context. This will read as a positive ranking signal and help drive your organic SEO efforts.

4. Easy Tweaks for Mobile Search

Searches from mobile devices account for around 63% of organic search traffic in the United States alone. This number is almost certain to increase, so it’s vital your content is tailored toward every device type.

An increase in mobile device usage has also led to an increase in voice searches. Recent statistics reveal almost half of all searches carried out in 2022 were carried out using voice assistant technology. The good news? If your site is mobile-friendly, there’s a good chance it’s voice-friendly too.

Keeping on Top of SEO Trends in 2022 and Beyond

The SEO landscape is in constant flux. For digital marketers, being able to rise to the challenge makes all the difference when it comes to delivering a successful campaign or falling short of the competition.

Thankfully, many of the foundation blocks of good SEO practice remain the same. To produce relevant and authoritative content, ongoing keyword research is a must. You’ll also want to keep on top of the latest Google algorithm updates and have a solid recovery plan in place. Regular on-page audits are also crucial for identifying minor issues that might be holding you back.

Although familiar challenges remain, new and exciting opportunities continue to appear. Looking to increase click-through rates? Craft compelling headlines to engage users. When it comes to language choice, just make sure you’re drawing a line between your main site content and social media channels.

There’s also a wealth of new search features you can use to your advantage. Thanks to Google Passage Ranking, carrying out a few minor tweaks to existing content can grant it improved context. Meanwhile, with video snippets becoming a staple of SERPs, there’s never been a better time to bring your YouTube channels into play.

Finally, mobile friendliness is a must. More searches than ever before are being carried out on mobile devices. To reduce bounce rate and boost conversions, your content needs to be suitable for displaying on tablet or smartphone screens. These mobile-first tweaks will also allow you to capitalize on the growing trend for voice searches.

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