Dixie Botanicals is of the best CBD manufacturers that offer medical and wellness solutions. Unlike other companies, Dixie Botanicals gets great support from its mother company Medical Marijuana. It is one of the best manufacturers of marijuana-based products and among the first CBD companies to establish and carry a tough fight in legalizing CBD products in the USA. Besides, although Dixie Botanicals does not offer an extensive line of products, each of its products is carefully crafted to meet the safety and quality threshold set by FDA. All its manufacturing processes and facility have been approved by the FDA. You can buy unique CBD gummies, topicals, tinctures, vape products, isolates, and capsules from Dixie Botanicals to help you improve your health and wellness. The products are manufactured in different potency levels to meet the unique demands of its customers. Although its products are of high quality, its prices are somehow high compared to other fair rates in the market. To keep learning about Dixie Botanicals, kindly keep reading our review.

About the Company

With the full support of its mother company, Medical marijuana, Dixie Botanicals was established in 2012 to craft unique hemp-based products. To help it come up with unique products of premium standards, it has employed a team of professionals to help it in its operations. The company has agricultural, nutritionist, and scientists experts to oversee each part of specialization and ensure it is delivered as expected. Despite the company primarily depending on organic hemp plants, it has a team of scientists to help it identify more significant naturally occurring ingredients and sweeteners to help it come up with unique and productive products. Despite the company having a larger scope of helping everyone improve their health and wellness, it has its focus somehow centered on athletes. The company’s primary focus is to improve athletes’ health by offering them products to improve their active physical patrons.

Consequently, it has one of the best and most robust website systems that are fascinating to use since they are easily accessible. Navigation within its website is straightforward and takes the shortest time possible to get whatever you need. In addition, its product catalog is well-defined, making it easier to identify the products we might need. To help its customers go for the right products, it has offered a product description under each product. According to the company, the product description is to help customers understand the aim of the product, safety measures, and quality levels. Some of the fundamental information under each product includes the ingredients, THC & CBD levels, dosage, contaminant lab results, administering, and the price. Due to its robust systems, making an order is quite quick and straightforward. All you need is to add the products you need to your shopping cart and proceed to make payments. If you feel like you are not certain about a particular product, removing it from the cart is easy, and no suspicious activities will be encountered.

Upon making payments, the company will send you an email confirming that you have successfully ordered from them with a list of products, tracking number, and the expected days of delivery. In our case, the company stated that we should expect our delivery in seven to ten days. Notably, the company offers to ship in all 50 states, and it’s free on orders over $100. We received the products via UPS, even earlier than the stated days of delivery. The products were delivered on the fourth day upon ordering, discreetly packed.

Since the company takes pride in its products due to its high-quality manufacturing facility and processes, they offer a 30-day full refund trial. In case you don’t find their products effective within 30 days, you are to file a complaint through its support team for a full refund or replacement. The company only accepts unopened products that are in their original packaging. Upon ensuring they are in good condition, the company will approve a refund to your credit card or bank within five days. Besides, customers whose products might have been damaged during shipping are to report suing support email within 48 hours for a replacement.

Besides, if you have a complaint or inquiry to make, you can reach its support team for further guidance. However, it has also addressed common concerns on its FAQ, such as the meaning of CBD, its terms and conditions, shipping and return policy, the effectiveness of its products, lab results, and more. The responses given under each question are comprehensive and to the point. Suppose your concern has not been articulated on this page. In that case, you can reach its support team for clarification or complaint such as refund or replacement suing email address, phone number, or physical address stated under “Contact Us.”

Furthermore, the company offers various distinctions, such as the difference between CBD and marijuana satisfactorily. Besides, it explains the origin of hemp using historical backups from China and the USA. It has all significant information such as cultivation practices and harvesting clearly explained for customers to understand each activity involved to ensure they are getting nothing short of premium products.

Manufacturing Process

Dixie Botanicals has its primary focus on the manufacturing process since quality determines whether it will maintain the flow of customers on its side or not. The company has been legalized to grow hemp and manufacture its products using safe procedures that will not negatively impact the environment and people consuming its products. As a result, it uses a team of experts in various fields to ensure each part is brought out successfully. First, the cultivation of hemp plants is monitored closely by agricultural experts to ensure only sustainable farming is practiced. They avoid using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to ensure neither of the particles ends up in the raw material that will manufacture the products. Besides relying on organic hemp, they also incorporate other significant raw materials such as MCT oil to enhance rapid effectiveness.

After harvesting fully matured hemp, it is taken to its manufacturing facility while still fresh for further processing. A team of chemists ensures proper manufacturing methods are used and minimizes the chemical used to avoid increasing chances of contaminating its products. They use CO2 to obtain useful terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant and blend the crude oil of the extracts with other ingredients to come up with quality. CO2 is widely used due to its effectiveness of only extracting useful parts of the plant besides being eco-friendly compared to other methods.

After the products have been crafted, each batch is tested by an independent third-party laboratory for safety and quality measures. The responsibility given to the lab is to ensure all the products are free of harmful contaminants and contain measurable THC and CBD levels. THC levels are not to exceed 0.3%, which is the optimum level required, and CBD levels match the ones stated online or on each label. After all, tests have been done, the results are posted online, and QR codes are provided on product labels for customer affirmation. 

Range of Products

Dixie Botanical Isolate

Dixie Botanicals uses CO2 hemp plant extracts to manufacture one of the best isolates in the market. They are 100% pure and could be blended in either foods or beverages for those who would prefer to avoid the natural test of hemp. In addition, they currently offer one form of an isolate of 1000mg potency, in solid form.

Dixie Botanicals Edibles

If you are looking for the most discreet and convenient way of administering your daily CBD dosage, we recommend gummies. Unlike other products such as topicals and tinctures, administering gummies is done with a lot of ease since you could do it as you continue with your daily chores. The company offers its gummies in a pack of 30, each with 10mg of hemp plant extracts and other ingredients such as MCT oil. Additionally, they are manufactured in various flavors, such as mango and watermelon, to enhance your chewing experience. They are designed to energize the body and keep your mind active during work. Lastly, they are sold from $19.99 to $49.99, depending on the potency range you need.

Dixie Botanicals Topicals

If you have a problem with your skin or your body is worked out, Dixie Botanicals topicals will help you address your needs easily. However, they only offer two kinds of topical products but in different flavors and potency levels (Salvation Balm and Sunscreen). Sunscreen enhances body relaxation after a long day, and it’s vegan. For easy application and effectiveness, they are blended with various ingredients such as MCT oil which allows rapid absorption into the skin, and other naturally occurring elements such as camphor oil, bee wax, lavender oil, and cedarwood.

Dixie Botanicals Tinctures

The company uses CO2 hemp plant extracts to manufacture one of the best tinctures within the CBD market. They are formulated in isolate form alongside other helpful ingredients such as MCT oil and coconut oil. Each serving is accompanied by accurate market droppers to help the customers administer the correct dosage. Lastly, they are sold from $20.99 to $59.99, depending on the potency level.

Dixie Botanicals Tinctures

If you are looking for the best and most convenient administration of your daily CBD dosage, then capsules are the second gummies alternative. They can be administered at one go with the aid of your favorite drink or beverage. Notably, they are for oral use only, and each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD.

What we like about the company

Unlike other CBD companies, Dixie Botanicals has supplied a lot of information concerning its operations and products for customers to understand its commitment to ensuring they care about their health and wellness conditions. Additionally, a lot of educational information has been rendered on the website to help customers understand the significance of CBD products. Due to this, they have proved to be good ambassadors of CBD products across the 50 states. They have sidelined their profit interests and focused on improving people’s health and wellness conditions using hemp-based products.

What we don’t like about the company

Although its mission states that its focus is on offering premium products at considerable prices, their prices are slightly higher than the current market trend. Also, they tend to focus so much on athletes rather than the general health and wellness of all individuals who prefer CBD products for health and wellness purposes. Lastly, their QR codes are not accessible, making it difficult for customers to confirm their lab results. This has been a significant issue that has cost a lot of CBD trademarks considerable numbers of customers.

Overall Verdict

Although we would recommend its products since they are void of any harmful substances that might affect the users’ bodies, they should reconsider being transparent on the lab results. Furthermore, the company needs to slightly lower its prices to attract more customers and offer veteran discounts. All in all, the company’s performance is excellent and has proved to be an ambassador of CBD trademark by educating people on the significance of going for CBD products.

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