Dixie Botanicals Review

Dixie Botanicals Review


Just like other CBD companies, CBD Dixie Botanicals also offers a range of products to their consumers. The products range from tinctures, capsules, edibles, including gummies, topical oils to isolates. However, Medical marijuana online platform, which plays a more extensive umbrella Dixie Botanicals, also sells all the products mentioned above apart from their official website (https://cbd.co/dixie-botanicals/). According to this analysis, CBD Dixie Botanicals is performing fairly in the CBD competitive market. Considering other CBD products in the market, Dixie Botanicals price their products a bit high, going for $20 for ten gummies (0.20 per CBD/mL). Consequently, as per follow-ups we made, Dixie Botanicals is a company backed by Medical Marijuana Company which acts as its parent and is publicly traded. To our surprise, we expected that QR codes to work, but they didn’t. We aimed to get the proper tests on their website, but they disabled QR codes, so we couldn’t get the lab reports for the company. The company portrays a good picture by displaying great information about their operations on their website, but the lack of lab reports left a lot of questions in the back of our minds. However, we encountered a direct, explicit experience when it came to purchasing and shipping their products.

About The Company

Dixie Botanicals has been in existence since 2012. Their hemp oil has been trending as a result of expertized cultivation and scientific extraction method. According to their website, an excellent team of scientists and experts attending to their company has enabled them to produce the best products in the market. Consequently, the company claims that its CBD products such as oils, capsules, tinctures, salves, and even sunscreens have no measurable amounts of THC.

Dixie Botanicals takes pride in using stevia to sweeten its various gummies and tinctures as a natural element. The company’s focus is to provide CBD for athletes and people who engage in physical activities. The company has further supportedits main focus by claiming that CBD enhances achievement in performance and muscle recovery for athletes. As per our research, the company ends up losing a significant number of clients due to only catering for physical activity patrons.

Medical Marijuana, Inc., the first publicly traded U.S Company in 2009, acts as a parent of Dixie Botanicals. Medical Marijuana takes pride in the following;

  • The first company to offer subsidized cannabis products to its government
  • Patients suffering from diseases like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and chronic pain received their first CBD prescription.
  • The first company that presented CBD idea to United Nations and World Health Organization.
  • As a result of their efforts in providing healthcare professionals with guidelines on recommending CBD products to its patients, it ended up being the first company to list CBD products in U.S Physicians’ Desk Reference.
  • The first company to create a mainstream natural CBD brand
  • The first, CBD Company to introduce and cannabinoid supplements to the mainstream market and enrich it in food streams.
  • The first company to market available CBD products to the work market pipeline.
  • The first company with a license to commercialize the U.S National Institute of Health (NIH)

For sure, with a parent company of such reputation, Dixie Botanical is an established brand with many reasons to choose it. The company is widely respected in terms of development and has the most renowned brand in the market of CBD today. Besides, Dixie Botanicals has developed a website that is easy to understand and easy to use at all times, enabling customers finding information or products easily. It has distinguished between oil, isolates, vape among various products using CBD Resource Guide. It has also come up with a unique manner of selling its products in the market by simply getting positive reviews on its products and posting them.

The most impressive part of their website is how they have described the hemp plant. The company has distinguished the hemp plant and the marijuana satisfactorily, even though they all belong to the Cannabis sativa L plant family. The website further explains that hemp plants for their product naturally contain less than 0.3% THC. In addition to that, CBD extracted from the hemp plant has also been outlined clearly, including how it is significant to the entire production process. Such information has been used to their advantage since other competitors are not able to provide it.

Manufacturing Process

As we tried to looking deeper incompany’s details, especially on information concerning how the product is manufactured, it didn’t turn out an easy task. However, we did not get discouraged; we kept on looking until we realized that Dixie Botanicals CBD products are made from non-GMO hemp grown in the Netherlands. The good thing about the company is how they describe everything; actually, we would say it is exciting and satisfactory. The whole cultivation has been brought out unquestionably. As per information we received, the farmers grow hemp without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, but unseuntique farming methods just to come up with a more natural raw material. It is indeed not only exciting but also enjoyable, this allows the full-spectrum line, which contains other benefits such as phytocannabinoids, cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabinol (CBN), amongst others.

The company comes up with products such as oils, tinctures, slaves, and liquids that are compounded by base CBD oil. Also, the companies isolates are further refined to a purity level of 99% CBD isolate, a powdered product used in edibles and dabs.

Although the lab tests didn’t work when we tried to scan QR codes, the company takes pride in its triple lab testing philosophy to ensure purity is attained. The company conducts three tests as follows; when the oil is extracted from the hemp plant, when the oil arrives from the Netherlands to the U.S (cleared by the customs), and finally after product formulation. The company also carries various tests such as solvents, heavy metals, or harmful contaminants to ensure the product is suitable for consumption. According to our research, Dixie Botanicals carries out its third-party tests is very reputable, going by ProVerde.

Although the company claims to have several tests by a credible lab, still they are unable to disclose proof of their results. We decided to carry out tests by scanning QR using our phones applications, but we couldn’t get results. We went ahead and started an online chat, but it was not lively, so we thought making a phone call would be easier. However, their response on our phone call was considerably fast but with great disappointments. Whenever we requested verificationon of third-party tests on the product we ordered, the customer care servant told us it could go up to three or more weeks for them to send us the results, which to us was quite disappointing.

Range Of Products

Dixie Botanicals has a wide range of products; they include isolates, CBD tinctures, edibles, capsules and edibles such as gummies.


Dixie Caps (PRNewsfoto/Medical Marijuana, Inc.)

The capsules go for $76 and are available in bottles of 30 capsules with 25mg CBD each. However, the capsules contain full-spectrum CBD containing 25mg of CBD with medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil used as a carrier oil for boosting absorption. The capsules are administered orally with water.



Dixie Botanicals Company produces one of the best Isolate powders, which is 99% pure. The product is solid in a 1g (1000mg) jar going at $50. The product is blended into foods and beverages or vape liquids minus further heating required or, in other words, decarboxylated.


Dixie Botanicals CBD Gummies

Edibles are available in various bags; a ten count bag is $20, and a 30 count bag is $44.99. The company offers gummies in 10mg/gummy strength. The products are in either a mango r watermelon flavour and made from all-natural, hemp-derived CBD isolate. The company also offers edible products called Kicks, infused with CBD isolate, vitamin B, caffeine of 100mg, and 60 mcg D3.



The topicals are of two products; the first is called Salvation Balm and contains 50mg CBD topical cream, and the second is a CBD infused SPF50 sunscreen. The Salvation Balm is blended with CBD oil, cedarwood oil, lavender oil and beeswax. They are all free with a cocoa butter texture. On the other side, sunscreen has SPF50 protection and other healthy nutrients on our skin. They go at $21.99.



Dixie Botanicals offers a CBD isolate tincture with 200mg of CBD per 1 bottle containing 60 servings per dropper bottle. For faster absorption, MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) coconut oil is used. Additionally, the product is infused with natural orange flavour.

Why we like the company.

The most exciting thing about the company is how they have decided to brand their product and market it in the market. They have an exclusive manner of the product description to ensure their customers are entirely contented about their product. Another exciting factor is how they can nature their hemp plant. It is a clear indication of their desire to develop a more natural solution to the world.

Why we don’t like the company.

There are two reasons why we disliked the company and unless these reasons are adhered to, the company’s reputation will be brought down day in day out—their ability to not verify and inform their customers about the third-party test results. We don’t deny the fact that their time to time test and the involvement of a reputable company is involved; we still have doubts at the back of our mind on why they are not disclosing this information.

Another key takeaway is their focus on athletes and no other interested parties. The company could offer a wide range of services to a significant number of CBD users considering their focus on coming up with a more natural product in the market. Since the market is highly reputable and widely known, we think they should reconsider their market range.


We wouldn’t discourage anyone from using the product since the company has a good track record following their determination to develop a more natural solution. But, the company has to come out clearly on how they carry out their firming up to the third party tests they engage in to ensure they give quality to their consumers. However, we would seek the company to work on their QR tests to clear the air and doubts concerning either of their products. By doing so, they will gain more trust.

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