Delta-8 THC is currently a hot topic in the cannabis industry. It’s a minor cannabinoid that gets you high but not as much as delta-9-THC. Low levels of Delta-8 in the cannabis plant are frequently converted from other compounds like CBD.

Most users are familiar with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary psychoactive molecule in cannabis (delta-9 THC). This cannabinoid is primarily responsible for the “high” sensation experienced after consuming cannabis, but it is only one of the hundreds of distinct cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-8 THC) has a slightly different molecular structure than delta-9 THC. It is also found in much lower concentrations in cannabis plants than delta-9 THC, often found in high concentrations. Delta-8 THC is a THC isomer or chemical analog. Griffin et al (2001) noted that the difference is due to the position of a double bond in the carbon ring, which causes delta-8 THC to have a lower affinity for the CB1 receptor of our brain’s endocannabinoid system. As a result, it may be less potent than THC and produce a less intense high.

How High Can one Get after Ingesting Delta-8 Gummies?

According to Oleinik (2021), Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive substance that can get you high. This high, however, will be less intense than that produced by the regular THC variant. After a “high,” use delta-8 to substitute THC, which is illegal in several states. Some users prefer delta-8 THC precisely because of its muted effect. Alternatively, some people prefer delta-8 THC’s smooth and mild high over delta-9 THC’s potentially anxious and paranoid effects. It’s especially true for those who haven’t used it in a while. Delta-8 THC has an energetic effect on its consumers because of its calming effects. People can continue their day more positively because they are more relaxed, making them more productive and pleasant. The method used by gummy manufacturers to measure their product is a good example of how high delta-8 THC can get you. Most of their products use THC gummies as the standard for doses: one delta-8 THC gummy is only half the strength of a delta-9-THC gummy. For example, the typical dose of a gummy is 10mg per gummy. To get the same high as delta-8 THC, you must consume 20mg of a delta-8 THC gummy.

However, because delta-8 THC is still a relatively unknown product, there is no concrete and scientific answer to how high this can make a person. There is also no clear answer about how this substance might affect the body. Like almost every other THC variant, its effect varies from person to person. This is affected by differences in body size, tolerances, and composition. Smaller doses are preferable for a safer outcome and to observe how your body reacts. Users are recommended to consult a physician first. This identifies any medical condition or allergy that could make ingesting delta-8 hazardous to your health.

How Long Do Delta-8 Gummies Take to Get One High?

Some users claim delta-8 gummies take three to four hours to take effect, while some users claim it takes only one to two hours. Overall, it depends on many variables. Bruijnzeel et al (2016) compared the time it takes for cannabinoids to take effect to some common factors: body weight, tolerance to THC substances, overall health, delta-8 THC purity, quality, and consumption (i.e., inhaled or ingested). You can also eat delta-8 edibles in two varieties: digestible and melt-in-your-mouth. To work, ingested edibles must be fully processed by the body. A cookie is an example. Even though digestion varies, it usually takes one to two hours to take effect. The other edible is meant to melt in your mouth. For example, edible candies are absorbed through the mucous membrane as they melt, allowing them to start working 15-30 minutes after consumption. Again, it takes about 15 minutes to work due to its consumption. All-time estimates are just that, estimates. Because delta-8 THC is so new, there are no set parameters for measuring how long it takes to take effect. Finally, you should test the product yourself. This is a safe way to determine how long delta-8 THC will take to work on you.

How it Feels Being High on Delta-8 Gummies

Delta 8 gets you high, but not like THC. Delta 8’s effects can be felt almost instantly and are initially stronger than THC. The initial wave is strong to the cerebral before settling into a relaxed state. Delta 8 may also boost your energy levels, especially when used with THC products. Many people enjoy this feature of Delta 8, but others find it overwhelming. It’s also best not to drive after taking Delta 8, especially if you’ve recently used cannabis or other cannabinoids. Beginners should start with low doses and work their way up. There are numerous Delta 8 THC cannabis products available today, most of which can be found online or in medical dispensaries.

The Half-life of Delta-8 Gummies

Millar et al (2018) showed that Delta 8 has a half-life of 1 to 3 hours, like most cannabinoids. Therefore, you may feel the effects of Delta 8 for up to 6 hours, though it may last longer. Even if you haven’t taken a dose in 3 hours, you should feel the effects of Delta 8 for at least 6 hours. Like any drug, there are several factors to consider when determining how long delta-8 THC effects last. Bodyweight, age, tolerance, etc. Some argue that because delta-8 THC is milder, its effects are shorter. In this case, the user can increase the dosage as desired. Another factor is the delta-8 THC concentration. The delta-8 THC’s quality and purity also help. This is one of the many reasons only to buy delta-8 THC from reliable sources. Finally, the duration of the delta-8 THC effect is influenced by dosage. Increasing the dosage to prolong the effect may be counterproductive and have negative consequences. Retaking it only when the effects wear off is a better option.


Delta 8 gummies are unique products with numerous medicinal and psychoactive benefits. Because it has no harsh taste even at high doses, delta 8 gummies are among today’s most popular products. If you want a delta-8 product that works with a mild “high,” gummies are the way to go. It is important to note that the historical use of cannabis cannot be relied upon in establishing the level of safety of Delta 8 products in humans.


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