We all love milkshakes for their great taste, flavors, and colors. Whether they come in fruity flavors or vegetables, we do enjoy drinking milkshakes. Looking to gain muscle or lose weight? Protein milkshakes arewhat you need.

Protein milkshakes work as a dietary supplement to many folks. Well, according to the food and Drug Administration (FDA), a dietary supplement is a product that contains dietary ingredients like minerals, herbs, vitamins, and amino acids. When it comes to protein milkshakes, ensure to use nutritious ingredients to get the right results. In particular, it is best to discuss with a nutritionist or health instructor to help decide what specific ingredients should be included in the protein shake. Above all, be sure to incorporate all the macronutrients, which are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, to achieve the best results.

Protein shakes for weight gain

Protein shakes are commonly used by gym enthusiasts and athletes to gain muscle and boost their performance in their field. Muscles play a big role in energy production and metabolism. It is important to build muscles to keep metabolism healthy. If you ask yourself what specifically is in the protein shakes that enable muscle gain, you are not alone.

Sources of amino acids

Researchers have found out that protein shakes contain amino acids. As mentioned earlier, amino acids act as dietary supplements. Combined with strong workouts or rather resistance training, as many people term it, protein shakes enable faster muscle growth as they are directly absorbed in the bloodstream, which triggers a remarkable change to muscle synthesis.

It is important to note do that protein shakes are best consumed after a workout session. Take protein shakes alongside a healthy normal diet from a nutritionist to get better results. As a result, this will increase calorie intake as you will be combining daily caloric intake plus that of the protein shake. Remember, the only way to gain muscle is to consume more than what the body burns. Nevertheless, when using protein shakes for muscle gain, be sure to combine nutritious ingredients packed with calories.

Toxicity of protein shakes

 Although protein shakes are tasty, the excess is not always a better option when it comes to proteins. Proteins are vital in providing energy while the shakes help us to gain muscle, but beware of their side effects if consumed in excess. Some of the major side effects of excess proteins in the body are; kidney disease, risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Consequently, only a nutritionist will explain the recommended daily intake to avoid falling into a problem.

What’s more, animal protein powders like casein and whey may serve well in a muscle gain journey.Happen to be allergic to animal protein powders? Consider switching to non-dairy sources such as eggs, soy, Pease, and Tempe. Examples of protein shake that aid in muscle gain; are chocolate strawberry and peanut butter smoothie, strawberry avocado smoothie, high-protein berry tropical shake, green banana smoothie, etc.

Protein shakes for weight loss

Fortunately, protein shakes can also aid in weight loss while maintaining your muscle. As mentioned earlier in this article, protein shakes help boost your energy metabolism and reduce your appetite.

How protein shakes decrease appetite and hunger

Ever taken a healthy breakfast with healthy protein? If not, you really missed a chance of enjoying the feeling of satisfaction. Studies have shown that protein as a macronutrient enables one to stay satisfied longer than any other macronutrient. This is because it releases satiety hormones GLP-1 & PYY. As a result, feel less hungry throughout the day.

If the goal is to lose weight, consider replacing meals with protein shakes. Take an example wherein a couple of two, husband and wife, decide to make different food items during their breakfast meal. Assuming the wife eats; hot chocolate, a banana, 2 boiled eggs, 2 sausages, and a slice of bread. The husband takes; hot chocolate, an apple, 2 pieces of arrowroot, and some slices of bread. Guess who will stay for the longest time without the feeling of hunger? Well, you guessed right.

To add to that, a study conducted in 2009 shows that drinking whey protein shake actively reduces your appetite. This means selecting the right ingredients for preparation of protein is very important in a weight loss journey. Protein shakes also help in losing belly fat especially among women who just gave birth and are trying to get rid of the baby weight. Researchers have found out that most people reduce the amount of protein in the diet when following a weight management diet. While this might sound like the right approach, it does more harm than good to the body.

Which proteins are the best

Casein, soy, and whey proteins are considered complete proteins, meaning that they all contain the essential amino acids required by the body. However, they might spike an allergic reaction. Other small studies have also shown that people react to protein differently depending on their approach to face their situation.

It is almost impossible to decide on which protein produces the best results. Although studies have shown that whey protein is easily absorbed into the bloodstream as compared to casein. For this reason, it is recommended to take whey protein shakes almost immediately after a workout session. All said and done, consider the quality of proteins you buy, by researching to learn about proteins and the types.


Many folks can attain their protein daily required intake by consuming protein sources other than protein shakes. Extra proteins from protein shakes can be a good way to boost metabolism, gain muscles, lose excess weight and reduce appetite at the same time. Whatever approach is taken to achieve the health goal, keep in mind that proteins can be beneficial and harmful at the same time. Consider taking advice from a health instructor or nutritionist on what approach to take in gaining muscle or losing weight. Remember, excessive consumption of protein milkshakes is harmful to your health.

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