Domi Review – Comparing The First & Second Generations

The mini magic wand vibrator, manufactured by Lovense, named Domi, had its successes in the world of sexual stimulation and pleasure for the better part of the end of the last decade. The company has now come up with a new generation magic wand primed as an upgrade of the previous one, which also goes by the same name – Domi.

Domi sold out before the second one could be launched. Therefore, there would be no confusion. Since Domi 2 is said to be more versatile and powerful, with other exciting features toppling its predecessor, let’s look at these two types individually, then discuss their similarities and differences.

Domi 1 Mini Magic Wand Vibrator

Released in 2017, Domi was a powerful quintessential piece of sexual technology. It was small, compact, codeless, lightweight, and smooth. It was by far the best magic wand at the time. Even then, Lovense made the product with the latest technology, such that it was programmable and could be set using a phone app. More exciting is that the device was compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Domi could be operated via Bluetooth to set their personalized vibrations.

Domi 1 was made using body-safe and splashproof silicone. Also, the wand came with a 12-months warranty and customer care support. This was a huge invention at that time and was used widely.

Domi 2

The newly released Domi 2 is cordless, rechargeable through Bluetooth, easy to use, and fully adjustable. Domi 2 also has a stable connection and close and long-distance control. This sex toy is 3x more powerful than Domi and has strong-powerful vibrations. Domi 2 is made from body-safe silicone material and is IPX6 water-resistant.

The second-generation Domi magical wand vibrator is an exciting release. It comes with various improvements, including replacing the old Bluetooth chips. The resultant gadget has a considerably high connectivity capability. Additionally, the wand comes with a revised design which significantly improves your hold. The battery was further advanced, so it held power for much longer. This allows you to play longer and with comfort.

Similarities Between First-Generation Domi And Domi 2


Both items come in a small black satin box. This is especially convenient if you like carrying them around or keeping them in your bedside drawer.


Both are made using body-safe silicone. The texture of the material also remains the same – smooth.

General Model

The sizes of the head and neck of the two products remain almost the same. Also, there are no significant modifications when it comes to devising flexibility.

Domi 2 remains with the same charging system. Its surface also remains splash-free as long as you keep water or any moisture away from the charging area.

What Are The Changes?

You may not notice many changes since the developers upgraded the previous version to make it more powerful, long-lasting, and user-friendly. 

On the hardware, the light ring is different. In this new version, the light ring is much thinner. Essentially, the light ring shows that the gadget is in use. This is important because cam models mostly use this new wand. This means that you can sync your wand with another, such that you can control it. It is an exciting way of using tactic technology to have virtual masturbation.  

Cam gals are the performers on the other side of the screen. To control the sex toy, you need to tip the model. However, you will find some performers who stay there, pretend the toy is on and that they are having an orgasm, collect the tips, and walk away. The ring would help you to know that the vibrator is on.

Also, the button area has been significantly reduced. With the old one having an extended button area, it wasn’t easy to control the machine while not looking. If you did, you’d easily turn on a function you did not intend. It is all corrected now, and everything is now seamless.

The base is also improved for touch. You can now hold on to the device a little easier than the original Domi, which had a more tapered end. You can now handle it with a bit of a grip.

How Different Does It Feel?

The machine is more powerful than the original version. You, therefore, expect differences in how you receive the vibrations. For instance, you would notice much stronger levels of the low, medium, and high power options. There are also 20 distinct power levels in the new toy.

The factory setting is 5/10/15. If the 5 is too much, you can revert to 2, or even 1. Here, you will experience much softer vibrations. For the high hitters, 20 is the maximum.

The Bottom Line

As seen above, the changes made on the mini magic wand weren’t meant to correct faults; but were to upgrade the software, so it has a longer-lasting experience, much powerful multivariable vibrations, and more compactness. This is essentially everything you got in Domi 1, but having it in plenty and much improved in the second generation Domi mini magic wand vibrator.

Get it now if you haven’t had an opportunity to try out the new Domi magic wand. If you had the first version, get the second-generation wand. The downside of the Domi 2 magic wand is that it is pricy. Therefore, if you are cash strapped, be patient and plan to get one.

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