Don't Think you are Feeling CBD Oil Effects? Here Is Why

Don’t Think you are Feeling CBD Oil Effects? Here Is Why

Although people worldwide appreciate CBD, people respond differently to it because of weight, frequency, and dosage. However, there are cases where people do not feel the effect of using CBD. This can be caused by the source of CBD, lack of CBD build-up in the system, and impatience.

CBD is the second known compound found in hemp or cannabis plants. It has found its way to the market because of its health-associated benefit. The legalization of CBD has led to an increase in cannabis companies. This has not only contributed to the growth of the economy but also helped with some health conditions. People take CBD for different reasons, for example, medical and tolerance. However, it is advisable to start low and gradually increase the dosage. You will be able to know the exact amount of CBD you need to take. Herein is a discussion of why you might not feel CBD oil‘s effects.


CBD is a natural active compound derived from hemp or cannabis plant. CBD naturally comes in the form of oil. Since its legalization by the Food and Drug Administration, CBD has been infused in many products and has different formulations. Therefore, CBD oil can be found in the form of lotions, creams, oils, bath bombs, and balms. US–hemp grown is emphasized by the FDA because it is considered safe; it is grown under agricultural regulations.

CBD and THC are extracted from the same plant but have different functions. According to Watt & Karl (2017), THC has psychoactive properties which cause hallucinations by altering the user’s mental state. CBD is known for its health benefits in the body. It is used in the US to treat epilepsy in patients aged two years and above under the brand name epidiolex.

Although the FDA regulates CBD, it does not regulate the CBD products in the market. The FDA highlights that CBD is legal only if the THC from hemp is less than 0.3%. CBD products are designed based on the compounds they contain. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the ingredients from the plant, including THC, which can intoxicate the body and brain. On the other hand, broad-spectrum contains cannabinoids that complement CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids with little traces of THC, while CBD isolate is pure and comes in the form of crystalline powder.

Reasons you Cannot Feel CBD

The CBD Product is Not from a Reputable Source

The source of CBD determines its quality. FDA legalized US-grown hemp-extracted CBD since it is grown under agricultural regulations. This makes the source reliable for the production of good-quality CBD products.

Build up in  Your System

People respond differently to CBD. Therefore, finding the right dosage can be hard. It is advisable to start small and slow and gradually add the dosage to your desire. It will help you get your sweet spot. Also, you can know how much your body can hold in a day and how long it will stay.


Patience is essential in everything. The CBD product will need time to be effective, depending on the mode of administration. For example, CBD utilized through edibles will take more time before being absorbed in the body, thus taking some time for the effect to be felt compared to vaping.

Benefits of using CBD

Alleviate Anxiety and Stress

The research about CBD is still in its infancy stages. CBD can alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression, a common mental health disorder affecting most people today. For example, in a study that involved 72 people, 47 had anxiety, and 25 experienced poor sleep. They were given a dosage of 25 milligrams of CBD daily for a month. The results were positive since 79% of patients reported a significant decrease in anxiety while 66% had an improved sleep quality.

Relive pain

According to Überall (2020), CBD can be used to relieve both local and chronic noncancer pain. It has been used in US and UK for some time, and patients with multiple sclerosis and other chronic noncancer pain showed positive results after using CBD.

Improves Sleep Quality

Shannon & Opila-Lehman (2015) stated that CBD could enhance good sleep quality. There are many causes of poor sleep. They include mental health disorders, physical conditions such as pain, medications that can cause breakage of sleep patterns, caffeine, and the environment, for example, noise or poor bedding. For example, pain can be the cause of poor sleep quality. CBD products can soothe local and chronic non cancer pain. This can improve sleep patterns and quality. Additionally, more research was conducted, and some patients with REM sleep behavior disorder are characterized by the victims acting out their dreams. It is mainly associated with poor sleep and nightmares. With the administration of CBD, the patients showed improved sleep.

Factors to Consider When Buying CBD Products

The source of CBD

CBD can be derived from hemp or cannabis plant. The Food and Drug Administration emphasizes the use of hemp-extracted CBD. Also, US-grown hemp is encouraged because it is grown under agricultural regulations and thus considered safe for human use. Cannabis plants grown in natural soil with rich nutrients produce a good quality product. Most products found in online stores are mislabeled, misleading the consumers.

Method of Extraction

It is not easy to know if the product is of good quality or not by looking at it. Apart from looking at the reputation of the manufacturer and the company, it is essential to consider the method used to extract the product. It is important since other methods can affect the quality of the end product. Extraction of CBD can be done in two methods; the use of chemicals or CO2. When CBD is extracted using chemicals, it can be present in the end product and thus affect its quality. According to Rochfort et al.(2020), using CO2 to extract CBD is the best method since there is no use of chemicals.

The Manufacturer

 It is good to consider purchasing a product from a reputable and trusted brand. This is because the manufacturer determines the product quality they present to the market. By researching them online, you can know if the manufacturer is reliable and the product can serve the needed purpose. It is possible to get reviews from other users of the product. Positive reviews show that the product and the manufacturer are reliable.


Utilizing CBD might not have the health benefits you desire. However, CBD is appreciated for its health benefits to the human body. Since people react to CBD differently, there is a need to be patient with the product or consult a medical doctor for instructions. Some OTC drugs can react with CBD; thus, inquire from your doctor or medical practitioner before taking CBD products. Although CBD research is still in its infancy stage, some reported side effects include drowsiness, mainly due to an overdose of the CBD product, increased appetite, diarrhea, and fatigue.


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