Durex's Love Academy in Venice Promises Couples Better Sex

Durex’s Love Academy in Venice Promises Couples Better Sex

While Durex might be better known for producing a line of condoms and various personal lubricant products, the company has recently diversified and has taken up a new enterprise – sex tourism. This does not mean exactly what you might think: the company isn’t helping middle aged businessmen find ‘exotic’ sex partners abroad. Instead, it is running a ‘sex experiment’ in which couples from all over the world are meeting in Venice, Italy, to take part in a series of sexual experiments.

According to the brand’s website, it has brought together lovers from 22 countries, including a pair from the UK, Nikki Ward and Ben Clarke. The participants will share a private island and the expertise of a sexologist, Susan Quilliam. Quilliam is best known as the author of the famous manual, The Joy of Sex. Joining Quilliam is scientist Brendan Walker, who has been instrumental in devising experiments which will supposedly help participants gain more from their sex lives.

The so called ‘Durex Lovers’ can be seen in a section of the experiment’s official website. The photos of the couples suggest all kinds of reasons for participating – there are the fun lovers (photographed in joking poses) who probably enjoy seeking thrills. Then there are the more sedate couples – perhaps they are hoping to rekindle lost passion? According to the site, the ‘Durex Lovers’ will discover ‘the impact of foreplay, the pleasure of increased sensation, and where fun gameplay takes them’.

Apparently, the condom giant is afraid that many who are not participating in the sex fest will feel left out. To this end, Durex claims it will release a free app which people can use to recreate the experiments participants will enjoy in their own homes.

Some might wonder if the experiment isn’t one big marketing ploy. After all, it’s not exactly rocket science to realise that foreplay involving sharing a steamy bath and a mutual massage using body oils will increase erotic pleasure. Via the ‘Experiment Results’ link in the website’s ‘Experiments’ section, you can view infographics which illustrate how different genders (and people from different countries) responded to the same experiment.

Monika Wasserman

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