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About the Meditation

Relax your body, calm your mind, and soothe your spirit with this guided meditation lecture. Practicing meditation can help with greater mental clarity, resetting, and rebalancing every system in your body.

This guided meditation for ‘Easing Into Sleep’ will allow you to experience a blissful transportation into a peaceful land of slumber. Through gentle breathwork, you will be grounded to the present moment and mindfully guided to sleep.

This meditation will blissfully relax your body, and allow mental freedom to release the day. A practice for a better sleep will enhance the quality of your rest, while supporting inner peace and relaxation. It may even help those who suffer with insomnia or sleep troubles, by promoting overall calmness.

This visualisation practice entails of guiding you on a journey on a cloud. Clouds are a byproduct of water and air. Water symbolising clarity and purity, whereas air can symbolise the mind, emotion, and intelligence. Both elements combined together result in a clear mind and emotional purity.

In despite of a cloud’s spiritual meaning, it is light, airy, and elevated. This imagery will help you to physically and mentally unwind, fully immersing in the present moment in pure relaxation. It will shift you away from any overactive thoughts, allowing you to imagine that you are softly floating on a cloud.

This will reduce the impact of worry, stress and tension in the body before you sleep. By deepening the relaxed state of your body and mind, you will start to notice improvements in your sleep quality and duration.

A visualisation technique will allow you to let go of any world concerns, and rest your mind so in the morning you will wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. It will help you enter a trance-like state similar to a process of hypnosis.

Furthermore by practising this meditation, you will be entering a state of physical calmness, which in turn will lower your heart rate and slow down your breathing. All of these changes will prepare you for a good night sleep. You may even drift off to sleep during the practice — that’s perfectly fine.

This meditation lecture also includes a set of affirmations that are encouraged to be repeated by the listener. Affirmations are powerful tools to be used to release negative thinking patterns, worry, and anxiety. When they are repeated, they tend to have a profound impact on your conscious and unconscious mind, leading to overall positive lifestyle changes.

For best results, it is recommended to practice meditation daily. Regular practice can help to reduce everyday anxiety and stress, improve your sleep, energise your body and mood, and ultimately improve your overall health and wellbeing. So breathe in, and may you find stillness within.

The Guided Meditation

Welcome to StarLight Breeze meditations … Today, we will focus on easing into sleep … To begin, lie down comfortably in your bed … Your arms by your sides or softly placed on your belly … Allow your feet to fall apart naturally … And softly close your eyes … Ready to leave the outside world behind … To release the day … Preparing to rejuvenate your body and your mind …Bringing your attention to the breath … Allowing it to soften with every inhale and exhale as you relax …

Follow the rhythmic movement of the breath, letting your attention be gentle on so that you can feel the slightest movements of the breath as it travels in through your nose … And comes back out through the mouth … Gently and peacefully … Releasing any tension as you breathe out …

Feeling the relaxation flowing through your body … Allow your mind to empty, and your attention to synchronise with the slow and steady rhythm of the breath … You may have thoughts about things you did today, or things you may need to do tomorrow … Maybe you are experiencing emotions of worry or stress … Perhaps excitement and joy … Or even neutrality … Just notice these feelings, in a friendly and non-judgemental manner … Before returning to the breath … Clearing your mind of any responsibilities … Knowing tomorrow you will wake up refreshed and anew … Just enjoy the comforting sensations of the soothing breath … As it enters and leaves your body … Relaxing you deeper and deeper …

And now … I want you imagine that you’re floating on a soft, fluffy white cloud … Feel the surface beneath your body becoming softer, as you picture yourself laying on this cloud … It is soft, but supportive … And you feel the cloud begin to carry you upward, rising ever so gently … In a protective manner … Continuing to rise a little further, as you observe your bed gradually becoming smaller and smaller in the distance … As you float into the starry night sky … Drifting on the cloud … Imagine this pleasant scene, and feel yourself relaxing, simply enjoying this solitude …

The sky is becoming darker … The air around you is still and calm … The temperature is a little cool, but not cold … Just cool enough for the perfect sleep … As you gaze up at the sky above, it stretches from horizon to horizon like a vast dome … You see some other clouds around you, floating gently … Passing you by … And now, as your body and mind continues to fall into stillness, just notice how the cloud feels … It might be a little bit cool, and moist … Like a fog … Or warm, like a warm summer’s breeze …

Notice your body sinking into the cloud … How comfortable it is … And just how snug you are feeling … Emptied of all concern … You can choose to float wherever you like … Perhaps just barely above the ground … Or as high as the sky can reach … You are very safe in the embrace of this cloud … Supported gently but firmly … Slowly drifting across the sky … Just observe how does it feel like to be floating on this cloud? … Does it sway gently, like a boat on a smooth water? … Does it drift in the breeze? … Can you feel the movements of the cloud as you gently float … Easing into sleep … You are feeling so relaxed … So comfortable … Nowhere else to be … Nothing to worry about … Just floating on this cloud … Enjoying the sights around you … Drifting … Rising even higher if you wish, as you become more sleepy …

And as you continue to drift … You notice you are now so close to another cloud, that you could reach it … What would it feel like? … Is the shape of this cloud different than yours? … Is it bigger … Or smaller … Gently observe as you continue to rise higher … And higher … Becoming more sleepy … More relaxed … Laying on your soft cloud … Floating so softly in the air … As you enjoy the sights around you, flying wherever you wish … Your cloud can take you anywhere … Perhaps float above the city lights, among buildings and tall skyscrapers … Or above the mountains … Drifting pass by their rocky peaks … Or perhaps you would like to drift along the coast of the ocean, watching the waves crashing to shore … You can travel anywhere you wish … Above a rainforest … The countryside … The dessert … Even your own home … You can float wherever you like … As you are safe … Protected … In this soft embrace of your cloud … You are so relaxed … So peaceful … Easing into sleep …

And now, repeat the following affirmations quietly to yourself or in your mind after me …

I release the day

I only hold on to positive feelings from today I have done my best for today

I let the day’s excitement drift away

I am thankful for today

I am grateful for tomorrow

Sleep is a natural process and allows my body to be rejuvenated I feel comfortable and at peace

I am entering a deep sleep

I always sleep well

I deserve this rest

Sleep comes easily to me

And when it is time to return to your bed … Allow the cloud to return you back home, where you will sleep so restfully … In absolute peace … Feel your cloud carrying you back to your bed … Lowering you down, very gently … Softly melding with the bed … Allowing sleep to overtake your body now … Softly resting … Sinking … Into a peaceful, pleasant place … Sinking down into sleep … So heavy … Pleasant … Calm … Enjoy the soothing breath … Relaxing the body … Letting go … Easing into sleep … We hope you enjoyed this meditation practice by StarLight Breeze … Sweet dreams.

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