Many people are strugglingto lose weightwith various exercises, but all in vain.Apart from regular exercise and diet regulations, there are a lot of things one has to considerwhen trying to lose weight. As such, here are the easiest and safest ways to lose more than 100 pounds.

Living with excess weight can pose great health complications such as heart disorder and obesity. As such, it is advisable to maintain a healthy weight through regular exercise and dietary checkups. However, losingsignificant weight, especially for beginners, is not an easy task. Regular exercises alone may not give the best result. This is why some people resort to takingsupplements that help reduce weight. But how sure are you with such supplements and their safety?

Instead of going for something that may cause more risks than benefits, you can use the following easiest ways to lose 100 pounds or even more. These hacks are easy to use and follow. However, you shouldnever rush with them becauselosing a three-digit weight equates to shedding off someone’s entire body.

Eat Plenty of Non-Starchy Vegetables

Losing such amount of weight might take one at leasta year to achieve the desired body size. Even though exercises help a lot in weight reduction, the type of food that we consume greatly impacts the progress. Once you start the weight loss journey, the only diet that you need to change is your starch intake. It is vital to take a lot of non-starchy vegetables as theyhelp you a lot in toning your body and achieve the desired shape. Eating plenty of vegetables supplies your body with enoughminerals and vitamins. Since non-starchy vegetablescontain great portions of energy, theextra energy produced by the food is used for workouts hence burningmore calories.

Vegetables are also great sources of fiber, which makes you remain full for so long. This is because the digestive system takes a longtimeto break down fiber, limiting your food consumption.Some non-starchy vegetablesyou add to your diet include asparagus, jicama, cauliflower, cucumber, broccoli, cabbage, etc.

Avoid Crash Diet

If you want to lose weight at a higher rate, you should treat acrash diet as clickbait posts on Facebook.This means you should only focus on all types of food that can help you lose weight so easily and with less effort.

Most peopletrying to lose weightare easily attracted to foods such as detoxes and chicken broth cleanses. However, such foods areonly effective at the beginningand are harmful when eaten for so long.Crash dieting leads to drastic weight loss, which can lead to excess loss of muscles. This, in return, may lead toresult in weight gain since the muscles’ presence helps maintain the body’s metabolism, making itburn caloriesat a normal rate.

Nevertheless, the abrupt change in eating habits may sometimes fail the weight loss process. This is because people find it difficult to maintain the change made in theirdiet, which might lead the body to regain its original weight.

Increase Protein Intake

Avoiding comfort food and sweet treat helps reduce weight and maintain a healthy eating plan. If you ever find yourself craving comfort food like donuts, it is because your body demands more proteins. To avoid such, make sure you take a lot of protein during lunch break.

An increase in protein intake is the best remedy for controlling hunger. Add protein shakes to your snacks in the afternoon and avoid unnecessary cravings. The best source of protein includes Greek yogurt containing berries and nuts, protein shakes without additional sugar, and cucumber boats made of tuna.

Furthermore, proteins assist in building and maintaining the required mass of muscles from exercises. Note that when you lose weight drastically, you also end up losing muscles along the way. To avoid thissupply the body with sufficient proteins.

Take Low Calories

To reduce a three-digit weight, ensure that the calories you take are less than the ones burned. It is very crucialto note that you should not put too much restriction on calories.  When our bodies have fewer calories, they will hold fast onthe only energy available, which will break down the muscles. Usually, when this happens, the rate of metabolism is slowed down, making our bodies prone to flu and colds. This is because the immune system will be compromised. Therefore, all you need to do is to balance calories in your body to nourish it.

Avoid Processed Food that Contains Low Fat

Healthy fats are essential to our bodies and do notmake usfat. Therefore,avoid food containing low fat since they have less nutrient content needed by the body. On many occasions, when youat the local groceries, you will see foodstuffs advertised to have low or no fat. Avoid such foods since fatshelpour bodies to function normally and burn calories effectively. They also improvebrain health and reduce inflammation.

Remember, fats are replaced with carbohydrates and sugar when removed from processed food.Therefore, eating processed foods can lead to serious health issues since the body misses essential nutrients. This can hinder your weight loss program; hence, you should balance your diet to nourish the body. Several foods have enough content of healthy fats, including olives, flax seeds, avocado, and chia seeds.

The Bottom Line

Everybody desires to have a healthy body. As such, manypeople are struggling with reducing weight through weight loss exercises, but they are not getting their desiredresults. Others arealso taking weight loss supplements that they do not know their effectiveness or risks to the body. Therefore, if you are struggling to weigh extra weight, you don’t have to worry anymore. The above-discussed means of losing weight are safe and easy to follow. Always remember to avoid added sugar and processed food that contain carbohydrates.You should also remember to take food that nourishes your body.


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