Raw foods typically contain higher nutrients than cooked ones since cooking may interfere with some nutrients due to high temperatures. Is eating raw eggs healthy?

Raw eggs are more nutritious than cooked ones, but eating raw eggs may affect your health and increase your chances of exposure to disease-causing micro-organisms.Eggs are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous. An egg has two major parts; the yolk and the egg white. While the yolk mostly consists of protein,the other nutrients are concentrated on the egg white. Eating an egg can boostas you benefit from thenutrients. However, eating raw eggs might bring more harm than benefits. Learn from this blog whether eating raw eggs is healthy.

The of taking raw eggs

Although raw eggs have a lot of nutrients, eating them as they are can be detrimental because of the following reasons;

i.                    The body may not easily absorb the vitamins in raw eggs

Eggs contain different types of vitamins. One of them is vitamin B7, also known as biotin, found in the yolk. Raw egg white also contains a protein called avidin, which is only destroyed by cooking. Eating raw eggs may hinder the absorption of biotin as avidin binds biotic components, preventing them from being absorbed in the intestines. Therefore, eating raw eggs will deny your body this crucial nutrient. Yet, biotin takes part in the production of fatty acids, and pregnant women require it for fetal development.

ii.                 Raw eggs may contain bacteria.

One reason why food is cooked is to eliminate any disease-causing organisms such as bacteria. One common bacterium found in uncooked food is Salmonella which causes typhoid, a disease characterized by diarrhea, stomach pains, and vomiting. These bacteria can also be found in raw eggs due to contamination which occurs if the egg’s shell comes into contact with the bacteria, finding its way into the egg. Salmonella infections mostly affect older people and children, taking at least a week to manifest, causing death is not treated. Additionally, the bacteria might find their way from the hen during the formation process, and it’s only through cooking or pasteurization that they can be eliminated. Other methods may not be effective at eliminating the pathogenic microorganisms entirely.

iii.               Raw eggs may minimize the absorption of proteins.

Eggs, whether cooked and uncooked, are rich in proteins and amino acids besides other nutrients. However, eating raw eggs may hinder some proteins from being absorbed in the body since cooked proteins are easier absorbed than uncooked ones. While90% of proteins in a cooked egg are absorbed in the body, only 50% of the uncooked ones get absorbed.

Benefits of eating raw eggs.

Raw eggs are incredibly beneficial to the body. Here are such advantages which you may not find in other foods.

a.      Increases sperm count in men

Low sperm count in men might affect their fertility, yet raw eggs can solve this problem. Besides, raw egg also helps the sperms to move faster towards the ovum, increasing the chances of conception. This is because vitamin B12 increases the motility of sperms, increasing the chances of fertilizing an ovum.

b.      Increase good cholesterol in the body

There are two types of cholesterol; bad (LDL) and good (HDL).Bad cholesterol is linked to lifestyle conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Drinking up raw eggs increases the good cholesterol, outdoing the bad cholesterol in the body.

c.       Improves skin, nails, and hair look

Drinking raw eggs has been linked to a brighter and shiny look, a transformation closely linked to the vitamins in eggs. These vitamins also make the hair strong and facilitate its growth. Moreover, eggs promote the growth of stronger nails, explaining why they are used to manufacture hair shampoo, and conditioners applied directly to the hair, making it shiny,strong, and less vulnerable to breakages.

d.     Boosts energy

Drinking raw eggs boost energy in the body.  One study showed that baseball players showed increased muscular energy after taking them, especially because ofvitamin B12, which is believed to generate energy. Eggs also contain vitamin B2, which boosts energy production and the processing of fats.

e.      Relieves coughs

Drinking raw eggs relieves cough and chest pains, applications for which eggs have been used for a long time. However, no study can explain the mechanism behind this, save for traditional beliefs.

f.        Raw eggs are high in nutrients

Raw eggs contain more nutrients than cooked ones since cooking exposes nutrients to very high temperatures, completely destroying them or making them less beneficial. Raw eggs contain calcium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, proteins, fats, and vitamins, some of which are lost if exposed to heat. For instance, avidin, a protein, is destroyed in heat, and onecan only spare it by taking the egg raw.


Both raw and cooked eggs are beneficial to the body. However, one should weigh the benefits and risks that might occur with taking raw eggs. Raw eggs will expose you to bacteria that may cause serious sickness. The most vulnerable people to these infections are children and pregnant mothers due to their weak immune systems. Taking raw eggs may also minimize the proteins to be absorbed in the body. Drinking raw eggs is beneficial since itrelieves coughs, raises sperm count, increases good cholesterol in the body, improves skin and nails conditions, and boosts energy in the body. 


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