The CBD market is flooding with mushrooming CBD companies that claim to be creating the best CBD products. None of them, however, seems to be getting closer to the production standards and quality set by Eclipse CBD. This is one of the best CBD brands on the planet.

Since when it was started, Eclipse CBD has always dedicated its efforts and resources to creating only the finest and purest CBD products for its customers. Their goal was formed on three principles – transparency, quality, and consistency. The company strives to use the cleanest and natural ingredients and botanicals sourced from the USA. Eclipse proudly uses hemp organically grown in the fertile soils of the U.S. It prides itself in offering its customers the healing power of CBD at competitive prices. They strongly believe that with their products, they will help you lead a healthy and better lifestyle. All their products, ranging from delicious CBD gummies to premium vaping cartridges, soothing body lotions to mouthwatering tinctures, have been taken through rigorous lab testing in certified third-party labs. When you purchase one, you will rest assured that you are using the best and safe CBD products on the planet.

About Eclipse CBD

There are numerous CBD brands out there. Surfing through the web, talking with friends, or popping adverts, we can get to hear of or know about a certain brand. Without doing thorough research about it, we may be lured by their words and perhaps convinced to buy their products. Only later will we realize that we have made the wrong decision when the product is not offering the mouth services promised by the company. That is not the case with Eclipse CBD. The company got to the top and is maintaining its position there for a good reason. A visit to their website will support our words. The webpage is simplified and contains satisfying information about anything you would like to know. Eclipse was found with one goal in mind – to improve quality of life with trust artisanship, and quality. Eclipse doesn’t like to be seen as a company, but as a family and they pride themselves in their commitment to others.

We clicked the “our story” section and got a bunch of information about this insanely popular company. The founders claim that they started this company with one mission – to fill the gaps and be the definitive solution to our problems. They wanted to improve the quality of life with trusted, premium, best-selling, and affordable CBD products. As innovators, the Eclipse CBD team claims that they craft delicious and effective products to make your healing experience enjoyable and satisfying. “Better not Bitter” is one of their goals and they believe that feeling better shouldn’t have to taste bitter. CBD is a natural compound with a variety of incredible health benefits and has an impressive natural approach to healing. However, most available CBD tinctures are infused with a bitter aftertaste, according to Eclipse CBD. They believe that with their delicious products, it doesn’t have to be bitter. Not anymore.

Process of Manufacturing

Eclipse CBD products are the best because of many reasons. All these reasons link back to one main reason: the meticulous process of manufacturing. The company does not take shortcuts when it comes to crafting its products. They pride themselves in taking the long way just to bring you the purest and safest CBD products like no other. They proudly use organically farmed hemp sourced from the U.S. The plants have been grown on fertile soils free of heavy metals. Farmers taking care of hemp follow ethical, natural, non-chemical farming practices. Mature hemp is harvested and carefully dried.

 They are then taken to a cGMP facility, where all high standards of production are adhered to. Full-spectrum CBD oil and broad-spectrum CBD oil is sourced from hemp through the carbon dioxide extraction process. The extract is tested to ensure that it is free of pesticide, herbicide, and other contaminants before adding other finest botanicals to make the finished product as delicious as it should be. Every finished product is then sent to a trusted ISO-certified lab for final approval. The double testing is simply to ensure that you, the esteemed customer, ingest that safest delicious CBD. And to achieve their goal of transparency, Eclipse CBD post Certificate of Analysis (COA) alongside their products and under a unique QR code on the product label. You rest assured that the product you are using is just the best.

Why Choose Eclipse CBD

Eclipse CBD thinks that they have all the reasons to make you rely on their products. Here is what we found:

Free Shipping –Customer expectation keeps on changing and Eclipse CBD has dedicated itself to satisfying these expectations. They offer free shipping on every order within the continental United States.

Top-Notch Services – A good company must have reliable customer support. Eclipse CBD welcomes all questions about your order. They encourage their customers to send them a message and they promise to be on top of it.

Lab Tested – All products from this brand are extremely safe. You don’t have to worry about a thing because each product gets tested three times.

Competitive Pricing – Many CBD products are tagged at heavy prices yet they don’t offer the said benefits. However, Eclipse CBD manufactures high-quality products without huge price tags. You just need to try it yourself.

Natural CBD Isolate – The company uses 100% USA organic hemp. They are grown in Colorado and manufactured in Texas.

Line of Products

Like most popular CBD brands, Eclipse has a wide line of products. All these products have the same taste, quality, and benefits, today and even 6 months coming. They deal with CBD products for everyday use and pets. They manufacture CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD body lotions, CBD for pets, CBD soft gels. On their “shop CBD products” section you will see that they have simplified your shopping. From here you can shop with category, flavor, or strength. Under the category, for example, you will find concentrates, topical & bath, specialty CBD, isolate, and many more. They come in different flavors: Flavorless, Lemon Cake, Peanut Butter, Peppermint, Orange Dream, and Strawberry. Additionally, they can be found in varied strengths, including 100 mg, 200 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg, 1000 mg, and 1500 mg. The price filter starts from $14 to $88.

Range of Products

CBD is a popular compound with many beneficial properties and we wanted to get these benefits by trying some products from Eclipse CBD. We decided to place an order on a few products to try them for you. The procedure went perfectly smooth and we were pleased to receive our products on the second day. We were not charged a shipping fee. These are the products we ordered:

  • Eclipse CBD Pet Tincture Peanut Butter
  • Eclipse CBD Tincture Lemon Cake
  • Eclipse CBD Soothing Recovery Lotion
  • Eclipse CBD Assorted Gummies – 50 mg

Eclipse CBD Pet Tincture Peanut Butter

Eclipse CBD Pet Tincture Peanut Butter

We love our dog so much and we wanted to show it more love. So, that is why we offered it the same benefits we get from using CBD. Actually, we wanted to share the hemp experience. As a pet owner, you know that you need to give your loved pet the best possible quality of life. That is exactly what this highest quality CBD pet tincture from Eclipse did for us. And we felt good about giving it to our pet. It is created with a mouthwatering Peanut Butter flavor and is designed for both small and large pets. This delicious tincture is free of THC, totally safe, and non-intoxicating for your canine companion. You can rest assured that your little precious dog won’t get the psychoactive effects but only the benefits of CBD loaded in this product. Depending on your pet’s size and needs, you can adjust the serving size and dosage with strengths ranging from 300 mg per bottle to 1500 mg per bottle.

Eclipse CBD Tincture Lemon Cake

Eclipse CBD Tincture Lemon Cake

It was our time to give ourselves the treat of the year with this powerful delicious CBD tincture. We love tinctures as they are fast-acting and easy to apply. The lemony sugary flavor in this full-spectrum CBD tincture made us enjoy the remarkable nutritive benefits of the insanely popular compound. Lemon Cake CBD tincture from Eclipse is what you have been reminiscing about. The lemon flavor hangs more on the sweet side than on the tart, so you will be enjoying the sweet things in life without bitterness. This tincture is created from hemp organically cultivated in the USA under the Colorado Department of Agriculture. It is the best way to get the safest, legal, and most effective satisfaction with your CBD craving. They came in varied potencies ranging from 600 mg to 1000 mg. And because it is free of THC, you won’t fear getting hit by the psychoactive effects. Unscrew the top dropper with the desired amount of tincture and squeeze it under your tongue for one minute before swallowing. Take 20 mg in the morning and 20 mg before bed.

Eclipse CBD Soothing Recovery Lotion

Eclipse CBD Soothing Recovery Lotion

There is nothing that feels good like rubbing a soothing body lotion on a fatigued body after a busy day. We were impressed with the immediate results we got from this product. We confirmed that really it is a soothing recovery body lotion. This product is specifically formulated for pain and inflammation. Keep in mind that CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and using Soothing Recovery Lotion from Eclipse on affected areas can bring immediate relief. It is like this product was formulated with pain and effectiveness in mind. It contains a high concentration of CBD so you won’t need to use much of it, just a handful. The serving size is half a teaspoon which contains 40 mg CBD. Ensure the affected area is clean before applying it. It contains coconut oil and other essential oils like lavender (which calms the applied area), rosemary (helps retain water and improve CBD absorption), and tea tree (provides relief).

Eclipse CBD Assorted Gummies – 50 mg

Eclipse CBD Assorted Gummies – 50 mg

Assorted Gummies from Eclipse contain 50 mg of CBD per gummy. With yummy fruit flavor, these gummy worms are exactly what you have been craving. They will pump all the nutritive benefits of CBD Isolate into your body. They are free of THC so there are no psychoactive effects from chewing much of them.

What We Like About Eclipse CBD

They ship free and sell their highest quality products at impressively affordable prices.

What We Don’t Like About Eclipse CBD

The company does not offer a discount on its products.

Our Overall Verdict

Eclipse CBD is just the brand you have been looking for. They make the most delicious CBD products and sell them at competitive prices. Get yourself or your pet one product from Eclipse today.

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