Eco Therapy CBD is one of the best CBD online brands. It is a company that is dedicated to connecting people to the power of plants the way nature intended. They specialize in crafting CBD products free of THC and are safe for your consumption.

Eco Therapy CBD was created to help people lead a healthy lifestyle free of ailments through the healing power of CBD. They indicate on their website that all their products are thoughtfully crafted to help you revive, relax, and rest. They believe that each individual has unique needs and their mission is to provide CBD oil in a form that will work quickly for their customers. They believe that their products will give you an eco-therapeutic session and make you feel well in mind, body, and soul.

About Eco Therapy CBD

Eco Therapy CBD is a U.S company based in Manhattan Beach, California. From the first day, they entered into CBD industry, the company is committed to creating the best CBD oil. Before they created Eco Therapy CBD, the founders scoured the CBD market and found that high-quality CBD products were missing. This inspired them to create one product that would respect the best practices in cultivation, extraction, and delivery. They then combined the power of CBD with scientifically proven terpenes and essential oils. Eco Therapy pride itself to be the love child of Mother Nature and modern science.

All their products contain whole plant CBD oil, meaning that their CBD is minimally refined and contains the full plant extract. They don’t leave out any good stuff. Their CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that Mother Nature designed to produce the best entourage effect. The company believes that their CBD oil allows them to deliver what nature truly intended.  Additionally, Eco Therapy CBD oils are scientifically formulated by Trinity Terpenes, a company that is known in the CBD industry for its commitment to best practices. Trinity Terpenes provide Eco Therapy CBD with natural, curated blends of terpenes, vitamins, and essential oils. All these are added to CBD oil free of pesticides and toxins.

Process of Manufacturing

Eco Therapy CBD doesn’t believe in using anything extra or cutting any shortcut. They do what it takes to bring you the best CBD products of the highest quality. They believe that quality and effectiveness are of the utmost importance. Their entire process, from farming to formulation, is designed with the highest quality standards and respect for Mother Nature. In other words, this company wants you to build trust in nature. Trusting in it. Their farms are cleared of heavy metals for optimum hemp. No pesticide nor herbicide is used to care for the plants. Their factory sticks to the highest standards and is a GMP facility. All their products are free of THC (the psychoactive compound in hemp) and are tested at every stage of production for purity, quality, and consistency. Every finished product is then sent to an independent, third-party lab. Here they are tested for the levels of CBD and terpenes and absence of heavy metals and pesticides. They then post-test results for each batch on their website at SC Labs.

Eco Therapy Sets The Highest Standards for CBD Oil.

The company believes that its CBD oils are crafted under the highest quality standards. Here are what we gathered from their reasons.

Whole Plant CBD – Their whole plant THC-free CBD oil delivers the benefits of the plant to your body.

Scientific Formulation – Eco Therapy combined the ancient wisdom of Mother Nature with validated modern science to come up with powerful formulations for increased CBD effects.

Purely Pure – The company extracts and uses only 100 percent pure CBD oil free of THC. Their CBD vape pens are free of PG, VG, MCT, or vitamin E fillers as seen with many vape pens.

Nanoparticle Delivery –They design their products with readily absorbed CBD particles. This means that they have increased bioavailability in your body and deliver more benefits of CBD per dose.

Always Pesticide Free – They have trusted farmers who are committed to wellness just as they do. Their CBD oil comes from hemp that has been grown organically free of pesticides.

Independent Lab Testing – Eco Therapy CBD claims that every batch is tested rigorously to ensure it meets the highest standards for potency and purity. Their third-party independent lab is one of the oldest in the CBD industry.

No Additives, Ever – All their tinctures are formulated with natural terpenes and essential oils.

No THC – With creations from Eco Therapy CBD you are sure that they are free of THC and guaranteed a lab test result. Their source their CBD from whole-plant hemp that has 0% THC.

Consistent – The company chooses their strains and formulates their vape pens precisely to ensure that you get the consistent effects and dosages all the time.

Highest Quality – Eco Therapy aims to set the gold standard in the CBD industry. They boast of adhering to the highest quality at every single step of their process. They selected their partners – Trinity Terpenes and SC Labs because they were committed to quality and industry stewardship.

Grown and Made in the USA–The company is based in California. Their vape pens and mints are proudly made in the USA and when you buy their products it means that you will be directly supporting your fellow American families.

Sustainability – The company claims that they designed their packages with sustainability in mind. Their boxes are compostable and their tins are recyclable.

Line of Products

The company takes serious quality. Every product line they deal in delivers the highest quality CBD into your body. Compared to other CBD brands, Eco Therapy CBD has a limited product lineup. They only have vape pens and mints, falling under CBD oil. With such a limited product line, they dwell wholly in quality. They make the best vape pens like no other. Using these vapes, you will only wonder where they have always been. You will even regret spending your money on other brands.

Range of Products

This is the most interesting part of a product review. A review is only complete if a particular product has been tested – practically. And we were really after that, even if it meant parting ways with the last dime we had. We just wanted to prove the claims put forth by the company. So, we ordered their products to try them for you. The ordering procedure went smoothly and was pleased to receive our products within two days. We put them to test and we were impressed by the results. They are all vape pens and mint, so you can guess how we felt, forming that cloudy smoke. We ordered:

  • Eco Therapy CBD Vape – Relax
  • Eco Therapy CBD Mints – Revive
  • Eco Therapy CBD Mints – Rest
  • Eco Therapy CBD Vape – Rest

Eco Therapy CBD Vape – Relax

Eco Therapy CBD Vape – Relax

Our days usually don’t end well. We find ourselves tired and worn out in the evening. These are the times that we need something to help us relax. When we saw that this product is advertised as RELAX, we didn’t hesitate to order it. And it came at the right time. It helped us relax. It helped us find ourselves. Eco Therapy CBD Vape – Relax is formulated with a calming blend of phytocannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes to help create a tranquil consistency the entire day. It is not any another CBD product. Eco Therapy CBD products are created with natural botanical mix to acquire the best effect you have only been dreaming of. This vape pen is sold at $49.95.

Eco Therapy CBD Mints – Revive

Eco Therapy CBD Mints – Revive

We wanted something new to chew into our day. When we got to the shopping section of the Eco Therapy website and saw these mints, we knew that we have found the exact thing and we added it to our bag. Mints are just like gummies. They are an easy and perfect way to add CBD into your daily routine. Eco Therapy CBD Mints are advertised as Revive. They are designed to specifically help elevate your moments. Everybody has that moment when they feel low and downhearted. These mints are made for such moments. They contain uplifting cannabinoids and natural terpenes that will bring focused creative energy and a breathtaking new life into your daily routine. Other active ingredients in this product, include orange oil, ginseng, sage, vitamin B12, as well terpenes like humulene, limonene, and pinene.

Eco Therapy CBD Mints – Rest

Eco Therapy CBD Mints – Rest

Do you find yourself starring at the blank night without catching sleep? Do you get bored hearing people sleeping smoothly into their dreams? Are you looking for a perfect CBD product to help you sleep better? Regardless of what you want, Eco Therapy CBD Mints are designed to help get more sleep. In fact, we don’t remember the last time we slept this well. Rest CBD Mints from Eco Therapy will direct your dreams. It is infused with essential oils, vitamins, and natural terpenes to help you achieve a new understanding of sweet dreams. They are flavored with vanilla. Each pack contains 30 mints, and each mint contains 10 mg of CBD. It is recommended you take one mint per day. Active ingredients include lavender, kava kava, and 5 mg of melatonin as well as linalool and eucalyptol. It is sold at $39.95 and they come in small packs which you can easily carry in your bag and chew the mints even when you are traveling.

Eco Therapy CBD Vape – Rest

Eco Therapy CBD Vape – Rest

Our curiosity did not just end when we got a perfect rest from the mints. Vaping is cool and we just wanted to vape something new, a taste of vanilla. This vape pen is beautiful to look at let alone vape it. Just like its sister Rest CBD Mints, this product is meant to help you sleep better and direct your dreams. We used it 30 minutes before bed. We can’t even remember how we got into bed, but the energy we woke up with the following morning was enough to let us slay the day. We were refreshed. Eco Therapy CBD Vape for Rest is infused with restful cannabinoids, melatonin, and essential oils to help get sweet dreams. It is sold at $49.99.

What We Like About Eco Therapy CBD

The company is committed to sustainability and consistency. All their products are of the highest quality and taken through rigorous lab tests.

What We Don’t Like About Eco Therapy CBD

The company sells its products at high prices.

Our Overall Verdict

If you are looking for vape pens and mints made with the highest quality and purest CBD oil, then you are home with Eco Therapy CBD. They are made to help you revive, rest, and relax. Get one today.

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