Recently, natural medicines have become popular, and most brands are claiming to offer the best products. However, not all companies provide satisfactory items. CBD leaves positive impacts on the body after acting as an effective treatment for illnesses and health issues. Elixinol has confidence in its CBD products. It extracts and formulates its CBD from high-quality hemp, and the team has a strong belief in the effectiveness of its plant. For the longest time, the brand has been developing innovative ideas and solutions to introduce wellness products that focus on all types of health issues. Being featured in popular magazines like TEACH, Daily CBD, and CBD magazine proves this brand is doing more than the ordinary with its hemp products. Our Elixinol review will tell you everything about the brand. That is, its manufacturing process, range of products, what we like about the company, what we don’t like, and our final opinion that’ll help you decide if their CBD is CBD is the right pick for you.

About the company

Elixinol has maintained its big name in the market field since its existence in the year 1991. It’s about 30 years counting from when Paul Benjamin, its founder, created CBD products that effectively optimize individuals’ health. Since its day one of existence, the company has aimed to create different forms of CBD that’ll successfully work on different people. Currently, its headquarters is in Australia, and its items are manufactured in Broomfield, Colorado, in the Western US. All its goods are backed up by its verified team of scientists, doctors, and veterinarians.

One of the major contributors to Elixinol’s success is its competent leader Paul. His extensive experience with cannabis and interest in hemp cultivation has made this brand remain popular globally. What’s interesting about Elixinol is that it employs both third-party and in-house lab testing. This utilization has ensured purity in its CBD products. Each invention listed on its website has a certificate of Analysis. Also, their website offers all information you may need about its shipping policies, prices, and return policies. The company cares about its clients, therefore ensuring all their products have labels giving directions on the dosage. Also, the ingredients are written in a format that is easy to read and interpret. Their THC and CBD concentration are accurate, unlike other brands, which may have inconsistencies. The best place to shop the brand is elixinol.com. Also, you can find its CBD products in other retailers of hemp products such as Direct CBD or Health Hemp oil online.

Manufacturing process

Elixinol grows all of its hemps, and it uses CO2 extraction method to extract its cannabinoids. The brand was wise enough not to use solvents in its manufacturing process. Thus, pure products are obtained. As mentioned earlier, the brand uses both third-party and in-house lab testing. These routine control tests have high quality and ensure patient safety. Elixinol offers a wide range of useful products and meets the customers’ standards. The company has succeeded in meeting the needs of everyone by providing different products targeting different individuals.

Range of products

Before we dive into the products range, we want to assure you one thing: this company has all varieties that’ll meet your needs. That includes topicals, oils, and capsules. Our Elixinol CBD review will provide you with an overview of each product type offered by the company.

Elixinol topicals

Way of application is important when it comes to CBD topicals. Elixinol makes it easy for CBD users. All you’re required to do is rub in your area of interest to make your skin hydrated. It helps with soothing sore joints and muscles and reduces inflammation. The company’s CBD topicals are 100% organic hemp, plant-based and vegan. Its formula includes body and skin-loving ingredients like copaiba and capsaicin. It also contains essential oils to improve your skin’s health condition with each application. With different strengths and formats, their CBD balms and gels suit all skin types and can perfectly boost your skin’s vibrancy while providing all the comfort it needs to your body. We tried some of Elixinol’s products, and the ones that we loved the most include;

Elixinol sports gel

Elixinol sports gel
  • Introduces a hydrating and warm sensation
  • It’s plant-based, with arnica, camphor, and capsaicin extracts
  • Broad-spectrum with 0mg THC
  • Includes a full blend of essentials like peppermint, eucalyptus, grapefruit, cassia bark, and chamomile
  • No fragrances or petrochemicals
  • Extracted through CO2 extraction method

Elixinol capsules

Elixinol brand uses the same extraction process as other firms use. Each package  contains 60 capsules with each capsule having 15mg. The consumer should take one capsule twice every day for effective results, according to the company.

Elixinol Sleep good night capsules

Elixinol Sleep good night capsules

If you’re looking for a product that’ll improve your sleep pattern, Sleep goodnight capsules from Elixinol will help you. The combination of melatonin and CBD promotes restfulness and a healthy sleep cycle. Elixinol suggests the user takes 1-2 capsules of Good Night about an hour to bedtime.

Elixinol CBD liposomes

Elixinol CBD liposomes

Elixinol is among the few companies that sell liposomes. Being on the list of brands that sell this scarce product proves the company is in line with the trend, and it’s ever ready to meet all the needs of its clients. CBD liposomes have currently hit the market as the latest product designed to increase the effectiveness of hemp components. Research shows it’s a better alternative for users acquiring therapeutic relief. Elixinol offers citrus twist CBD liposome, which is full of orange and lemon zest that is refreshing and tasty. This product comes in a bottle that is spill-proof with pump disasters. This way, the application process is easier and faster. The recommended dosage is five pumps, and it’s administered under the tongue once a day. Sometimes twice a day, depending on your CBD needs. If you don’t like the taste, you have another alternative. Add it to pure water or your favorite drink like coffee, mocktails, or cocktails.

Elixinol Topicals Balms

Elixinol Topicals Balms

Elixinol’s balms are proof of the company’s commitment to making available CBD products that can address its customer’s needs. With this product line, you can protect and moisturize your skin. The combination of full-spectrum CBD and natural ingredients like butter and copaiba oil will instill all the skin-nourishing properties in you. So far, this is our favorite product, and you can get it in a portable 50mg tube or the highest amount of 500mg jar. We can confidently recommend this product to help you with your physical pain and skin conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

The best pick is Elixinol hemp balm. You’ll have an easy time and enjoy each smooth application on your delicate skin. The best part about this product is that the balm will penetrate the skin quickly, leaving you with a good hydrating feel. Hemp balm is 100% plant-based, and this makes it even more effective for your skin needs. It’ll make your skin smoother, and we can assure you that you’ll never have rashes. More so, this product has various strengths options for all kinds of CBD consumers to consider. The ranges available are 500mg, 250mg, and 50mg of CBD per bottle. So, whatever strength you feel would be convenient for your CBD requirements, go for it.

Elixinol Gummies

Elixinol Gummies

Have you tried Elixinol’s gummies? You’ll love each of its chews. This brand takes pride in CBD gummies as one of its CBD products lineups. Its aim is to help consumers have a more enjoyable experience with their hemp products. Generally, CBD gummies are the easiest to use. You can chew them at any time of the day, and it never gives you the feeling that you’re on medication like CBD capsules may make you feel. From our experience, without any exaggeration, we’ve witnessed CBD gummies from Elixinol making one of our team members more creative. We were stuck on a project, and after one of us consumed CBD gummies, we noticed a new level of creativity. These gummies contain real fruit extracts and don’t contain any harmful chemicals that would otherwise minimize the effectiveness of CBD.

We want you to have the best pick, and so we recommend Good mood CBD gummies. From the product’s name, it’s easy to know how gummies from Elixinol will be good for you ifyou’re in low spirits. Immediately you chew, your mood will start to improve. For assurance, these gummies are made using USA-grown hemp.  Users can stay assured that the product is thoroughly checked and certified by the necessary authorities. We’re sure most individuals would feel safe using the product as we did.

Any other product that Elixinol offers?

Elixinol is not limited to the products mentioned above. Other items you’ll get from them include;

  • CBD dog treats
  • Lip balm
  • Dietary supplements like;

-Antioxidants; contains turmeric extracts, including 237mg of curcuminoids

-Comfort-contains about 275mg of Boswellia extract

-Stress-includes 300mg of ashwagandha extract

-Sleep-contains 2mg of melatonin in each capsule


What we liked about the company

  • Elixinol’s products are extremely innovative. We were impressed with how this brand has designed its capsules and tinctures to meet consumer’s needs. Additionally, its packaging is well made and detailed with important directions to help with dosage.
  • Elixinol’s items are available in different forms-pure CBD like CBD liposomes, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum.
  • The products have less than 0.3% THC levels which are the safest and recommended for CBD products.
  • Its website is easy to use, and accessing important information like certificate of AnalysisAnalysis is not difficult.
  • Its hemp seeds are certified by the relevant organic authority
  • It uses safe laboratory practices

What we did not like about the company

It’s admirable that all of Elixinol’s products are innovative. However, we feel it offers less than its capacity. The company should increase its range of  CBD choices to meet every consumer’s needs. Previously, the brand offered vape products. However, their website does not have it anymore. As a result, vape lovers miss the opportunity to use their favorite products.


So, should you buy a CBD product from Elixinol? From this review, it’s clear the brand has a lot of things to offer to people. Choose the product you want. There are many types to consider, which means you should pick out wisely a product that’ll meet your health requirements. The company has high-quality items which means you won’t experience any harmful effects. Also, compared to other brands, the company has more transparency. We can assure you shopping from Elixinol is one of the best decisions you can make. You’ll enjoy its gummies, capsules, tinctures, and many more. It’ll take 2 to  5 days for your order to get delivered, but it may take more if it’s an international order.

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