There’s a thought that cannabis users experience memory issues due to the substance’s alleged negativity on the brain. But that’s not it. Recent studies show that THC, a compound in cannabis, has shown neuroprotective influence on the brain cells. That means it ironically protects the cells rather than killing them as claimed. New light has been shed by the revelation of cannabinoid’s potential to treat memory loss.

CBD, another compound in cannabis, also has similar neuroprotective characteristics. But does that imply we’ve been fooled with misinformation for all this long? Seemingly, yes, but we won’t talk about that today. This article will mainly focus on CBD’s possibility of countering memory loss. Please read on to know more.

CBD’s help in memory loss

Is it true that CBD can help in cognitive decline? Recent studies have demonstrated how CBD has been used for alleviating some memory loss symptoms. That included conditions such as dementia. The cannabis substance has also turned individuals into using it for easing Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. It’s further used for enhancing focus and improving one’s brain performance.

The CBD compound works through interaction with the endocannabinoid system, commonly called ESC. After that, it acts on numerous networks to maintain proper ESC functioning and a balanced homeostasis. CBD’s benefits for memory loss are seen through its interaction with the central nervous system. The following discussion covers instances CBD has helped in memory loss problems and will further second with research.

CBD’s benefits and memory loss scenarios

The best benefit for individuals suffering from memory loss issues and use CBD is ITS non-intoxicating property. While THC gets someone ‘high,’ CBD doesn’t due to its indirect affinity to brain receptors. CBD can as well reject its psychotropic potential via blocking these receptors’ sites to prevent binding.

While the article specifically talks of CBD, THC can also enhance memory in patients with neurodegenerative disorders. Perhaps you’re reading this writing due to a need to improve your memory without other psychoactive effects. Please don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

There’s a potential remedy for various cognitive problems through the intake of CBD. But the research concerning the same is still ‘young,’ meaning more studies need to be carried out to confirm the pharmaceutical laboratory trials.

How CBD cures memory loss due to anxiety and stress

Researchers analyzed CBD’s effects on the brain cells. They revealed it could maintain brain damage brought by severe stress and physical trauma. This is done through endocannabinoids’ release that defends and repairs the brain. The process begins by administration of CBD molecules, phytocannabinoids into the ESC. After that, the defensive response strengthens, thus making one’s memory strong. It’s also evident that cannabidiol can mitigate brain injuries obtained due to neuroinformation. From research, we’ve seen CBD can potentially act as an anti-inflammatory drug, it may help alleviate brain inflammation after suffering from memory loss.

Memory loss caused by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Research has suggested that CBD does a good job in cases where memory loss has been caused by degenerative problems, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It plays various roles, for example:

  • Enhancing neurons regeneration
  • Alleviating brain inflammation
  • Oxidative stress reduction
  • Generally, improves cognitive functioning

Adults suffering from a cognitive issue caused by neurons degeneration in the brain end up having destroyed neural pathways. However, research promises that CBD can prevent these neurons from destruction and enable the body in neurogenesis- production of new neurons.

Memory loss caused by limited or no focus

Some people’s memory loss troubles are brought about by focusing inability. But there’s hope that CBD is beneficial. This is sure from a study demonstrating how CBD can potentially treat ADHD, both in adults and children. For instance, authors in the Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics reported how cannabidiol was used for easing various medical issues. That includes ADHD behavioral symptoms, including people with a short concentration span. CBD was also discovered to potentially reduce anxiety and improve sleep in another study. The two benefits are recipes for increasing memory retention.

Unfortunately, no clear information tells if your memory loss problem can be solved if you lack a history of a certain disease. It can be proved from a series of 27 studies found out that while CBD could benefit patients with schizophrenia, it could help in memory performance effects on healthy individuals. Still, almost everything surrounding CBD and its effects on health is still debated universally, and it’s why more research is necessary to get a comprehensive conclusion on how CBD can boost memory.

CBD dosage for memory loss

How much cannabidiol oil should one consume? Well, CBD lacks an official prescription since the Food and Drugs Administration body doesn’t recognize it. The organization does not also monitor the purity or safety of supplements. Therefore, you should be careful about the quantity. In most cases, the optimal amount varies from one individual to the next. It’s best to ensure that your CBD oil is quality. Please be aware of companies providing misinformation from their adverts.

If you can get the correct quality, it’s recommended that you take between 1 and 50 mg CBD daily. 1 mg may be seen as a microdose, but starting small and going slow is important. You may get faster relief after CBD gets to your system. Nevertheless, it might take more time for some people. If it does, you can gradually increase it by 5 mg after one week.

The bottom line

From research, we find out that CBD can be used as a substitute for improving cognitive function. The compound CBD composes neuroprotective influence and antioxidants that help the human brain. It’s safer for use as compared to other traditional treatment options because no safety concerns have been raised. There’s also a promising effect on victims with cognitive issues. Studies on animal models and some individuals have shown that CBD boosts memory. Still, more clinical trials are important to determine the impact on a bigger scale. Up to now, all we know is that cannabidiol helps curb oxidative stress, decrease inflammation, and enhance the growth of new nerve cells, thus great for an increased cognitive performance. For people wishing to supplement their diet with CBD oil, it’d advisable that you talk to your doctor. It’s necessary to get advice on avoiding consequences caused by drug interaction, especially if one is currently under other medications. You’ll also know the best dosage for your health situation. This helps avoid overdosing or under-dosing.

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