Envy CBD is one of the best well-established manufacturers of CBD products based in the U.S. This company seems to be one of the more premium CBD brands on the market. Its specialty is crafting the best THC-free products.

From what we have seen, Envy CBD uses the purest CBD to make its products. They pride themselves on adhering to the farm-to-table manufacturing process. This means that they have full control of the cultivation, harvesting, extraction, and manufacturing process. Envy CBD ensures that all their products maintain high-quality standards from seed in the farm to the bottle on your table. Envy is fully dedicated to providing their customers with highest quality CBD products at affordable prices. Since when it was formed, the company has gone wild with their products, sweeping the market like never before. In this brief product review, we are going to talk about Envy CBD, more information about them, process of manufacturing, product line up, and we will test some products for you and give our personal feedback. Don’t press a dial, sit tight and let us talk CBD.

About Envy CBD

Envy CBD is a U.S-based company having its headquarters in Colorado. It was formed in 2019 by a team composed of bright minds including a Ph.D chemist. From then the company has struggled to grow with major changes and they are proud to be mentioned as one of the best CBD brands. From seed to the finished product, the company closely monitors its products to ensure that they are of high quality. Envy CBD produce everything from the “farm to the table” meaning that they grow their own organic hemp in the fertile soils of USA. The company was established out of passion to offer the best quality CBD products to their customers without loading them with the heavy prices we see in the market today. While CBD is steadily growing as the best remedy to various health problems, numerous companies mushroom daily and they tag their products heavy prices. At Envy CBD, the reverse’s true. Hemp-derived CBD products are of high quality but sold at cheap prices.

Process of Manufacturing

Many products in the world today, including wine and coffee, embrace the concept of single-origin. This simply means that the products are sourced from one single farm, crop, or producer in one country. This concept cultivates a degree of transparency, trust, and traceability. This gives their customers peace of mind knowing that highest quality and control measures were put in place in every aspect of the product, from the farm to the finished product. Envy CBD follows this concept of single origin called farm-to-table manufacturing. They fully control their cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing processes to ensure that all their products are of highest quality.

The company have three big farms based in Minnesota, Colorado, and Oregon. In these farms, famers use organic, non-chemical practices and natural practices to grow proprietary plants. Harvested hemp is taken to the factory for extraction. They use ethanol-based extraction method to source CBD from hemp. This method ensures the most natural clean products for consumption. The company even argue it has a PhD Chemist based in their ISO-6000 and GMP-certified lab. Once CBD oil has been extracted from hemp, their chemist creates their best products using the finest organic ingredients. Envy CBD ensues that their products are second to none. The last step is sending finished products to a trusted third-party lab for final verification. With their products, you are sure to use CBD products with less than 0.3% and are 100% pesticide-free, and non-GMO. In fact, they are accepted in all 50 states.

Envy CBD Specs

There are many reasons you will fall for this company. Here is what we found for you:

  • They use ethanol-based extraction to obtain CBD from hemp.
  • All their products are non-GMO.
  • They manufacture 100% pesticide-free products.
  • Their products are available in all 50 states.
  • Full Spectrum CBD.
  • 0.00% THC.

Line of Products

Envy CDB offers a wide range of THC-free CBD products. If you are looking for a bath bomb, then you have your luck here, because Envy CBD have their own. All their products come with certificate of analysis or lab test results, which are posted on their website. From their CBD oils to CBD wraps, they are a brand worth looking into. Compared to other CBD brands, Envy CBD prices are pretty good. Here is their complete line of products:

CBD Tinctures – They categorize them as full spectrum but we would like to group them as broad spectrum as they are free of THC. They are packed in clinical-like boxes. The company presently has three flavors: Orange, Watermelon, and Double Apple. They all contain a little stevia for flavoring and MCT oil added as a carrier oil. The dropper top is calibrated with dosage indicators making it easy to administer the exact dose.

CBD Gummies –Their gummies are designed to help people with pain and inflammation, stomach problems, as well as to increase productivity and calm the mind.

CBD Topicals – These include Essential Oil Roll On, Soothing Balm, and Muscle Recovery Cream. They are formulated with full-spectrum CBD and contain blend of finest botanical ingredients. Each product is designed to be applied on problem areas as need be to offer quick relief.

CBD Bath Bombs –The company has made their bath bombs to withstand the storm in the competitive CBD market. They claim that their bath bombs are second to none. People use their bath bombs to help with pain and inflammation.

CBD for Pets – Several published studies have shown that CBD is also beneficial for dogs. You can give you dog these treats by mixing them with their favorite foods or giving them directly. They are a real help when you want to strengthen the bond between you two.

CBD Pain Wraps – You just need to identify the problem area and wrap this CBD product for rapid absorption and quick relief.

Range of Products

If you thought that we were done, you are perfectly wrong. We asked you to sit tight let and let us try some products. A product review is only complete by trying the products. We have read a few positive reviews about their products over the years, but we have never had the chance to try any of their products yet. We decided to order some of their products and test them for you. We did not experience any problem placing our orders. It went perfectly smooth. They sent all the product we ordered, and when we received them, we tried them out straight away.

Envy CBD Tincture Oil – Strawberry Watermelon

Envy CBD Tincture Oil – Strawberry Watermelon

This is the first product that we tried. It tastes very nice. It brought back those memories of hemp bombs watermelon but this one is mixed with a strawberry taste. It goes without saying that Envy CBD is just the best CBD brand to make the finest flavors that tastes very natural. We saw on their website that they utilize essential oils instead of artificial flavorings and we were convinced when we dropped it under our tongue. You might think that it is an actual strawberry and watermelon juice mixed with coconut and hemp oil. It is not filled with overpowering perfume taste. It is designed to be taken sublingually. CBD taken under the tongue absorbs faster than the ingested one. In no minutes, you will feel the effects. Start with one drop and depending on your body type and prior CBD use, you can adjust your serving size.

Envy CBD Bath Bombs

Envy CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are a new way of putting CBD into your body. Envy CBD got us falling for everything they crafted. Their bath bombs are good looking, white and green strips. You wont resist admiring them. They are designed to help calm the mood and relax the body. Dropping a bomb into our bath tab with running water, filled the bathroom with smooth scent of orange. A combination of orange and lavender in each bath bomb, join together to alleviate stress, anxiety, and help you relax after dealing with a much problems during the day. For maximum effects, it is recommended you drop the bath bomb in running hot bath and let it soak for at least 30 minutes. It contains 50 mg of CBD and is sold at $14.99.

Envy CBD Tincture Oil – Double Apple

Envy CBD Tincture Oil – Double Apple

This was our least preferred taste from Envy CBD selection of tinctures. We didn’t find it any pleasing. The apple flavor does not match well with other ingredients. The flavors are not cool to begin with, but we tested a hint of green apple with a kick of sweetener. All the same, we are still going to finish the bottle. If we had to chose between the three flavors, we would definitely go for the other two. The cannabis taste can be felt from a distance, while a taste of terpenes, MCT oil, and apple flavoring is overpowering. Generally, it good for pain and inflammation. On their website, they also say that this product is ideal for people who want to calm their mind and relax their body.

Envy CBD Dog Treats – Bacon

Envy CBD Dog Treats – Bacon

We chose bacon flavor because our dog really likes it. These bacon-flavored CBD Dog Treats gave a chance to elevate our dog’s wellness. Each treat is formulated with simple ingredients and Full Spectrum CBD to deliver a quick relief. We knew that our dog like it when it wagged its tail and licked its nose. In fact, it followed us up the stairs requesting for more. It must be the perfect treat you can give your canine companion. Determine your dog’s weight and serve it according to the serving sizes indicated on the label.

Envy CBD Gummies (Sour)

Envy CBD Gummies (Sour)

Nothing feels really good like chewing CBD gummy as sour as Envy’s making you forget your problems. We must admit that these gummies are sure to become our new favorite way to enjoy the uncountable benefits that CBD has to offer. They are made with different flavor profiles. Each gummy is dusted with sour sugar powder to ensure long-lasting relief all day long. Each 200 mg bottle comes with 20 gummies and each gummy contains 10 mg of CBD. It is recommended you take one to two gummies per day, but depending on your need, CBD experience, or body type, you can adjust the dosage.

What We Like About The Company

It embraces the concept of farm-to-table ensuring that their products are of highest quality.

What We Don’t Like About Envy CBD

Its fees for international shipping are extremely high.

Our Overall Verdict

We are surprised that we have been sleeping on such an amazing CBD brand. All their products have all that it takes for a product to be of the best quality. We conformed all their claims. You can also try one for yourself today.

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