Erotic Holidays: Ess & Emm

Erotic Holidays: Ess & Emm

If you’re looking to spoil your partner with an erotic retreat for a birthday treat that will have them weak at the knees, they don’t get much better than Ess & Emm, an erotic and fetish dungeon B&B; in Warwickshire. It has a reputation in the BDSM community, and attracts international and local visitors alike – just have a look at their gushing comments book if you need any more motivation to add this location to your holiday to-do list! You need to book in advance, but they occasionally have last minute bookings available and make an ideal weekend getaway for the erotically inclined.

Ess & Emm is a friendly country escape that lets you explore your inner desires with facilities like cages, racks, a bondage wheel, a whipping chair and a cross. There are toys, whips and chains and a collection of outfits to fuel any fantasy. The bedroom has a four-poster bed with a cage underneath, a dressing table with plenty of gear including wigs, make-up and dress up goodies for him and for her. The shower room has a walk-in shower and also has a gynae chair so that you can indulge in medical fantasies or simply re-enact some of the most popular erotic films of all time.

This erotic b&b; is a casual and comfortable erotic location. You can enjoy the delights of the playroom if you want to, or simply head out to the enclosed garden area to add a bit of spice to your sex life with outside sex in a safe and protected environment. You can try out as much or as little as you want to: it’s all there for you to use, but there are no obligations or requirements. It’s the ideal location for determined fetishists, experienced BDSM practisers, or an everyday couple who want to introduce something new to their sex routines.

Ess & Emm is more than just a dungeon hire: you get all of the necessities for a weekend stay from the ingredients you’d need for your breakfast to the ever-essential hairdryer in the bathroom. The kitchen also comes with wine, chocolates and breakfast for overnight booking, and there are plenty of other essentials as well: soap, shampoo, and of course condoms.

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