Erth Hemp is one of the best CBD brands with a mission. Since its creation, this brand has drastically changed the CBD industry by introducing water-soluble oral CBD products. Such a big change has earned them a big name and impressive reputation on the market.

Erth Hemp was created not only to be second to none but also to fill the gap in the CBD industry. While a few CBD brands are satisfied with their achievements, sit back and ride the wave, Erth Hemp is busy forming the future of the CBD industry with its new and unique product formulations and deep attention to detail. It is a company that is worth giving attention to. Their competitive price tags and highest quality hemp brands are taking the market with a clean sweep. This is a review of Erth Hemp and if you are not familiar with it, sit back and let us give you every bit of information about this brand in detail. We will capture more about them, their process of manufacturing, line of products, and range of products.

About Erth Hemp

Let’s get the basics out of the way. Erth Hemp is a company proudly based and operating in the USA in ISO-7 cleanrooms facility. It is just one of the best CBD brands in continental North America. Their goal is to provide their clients with high-quality, CBD goods free of THC, free CBD samples, and stands in the stormy market as a premium CBD retailer. Their mission is clearly stated on their website. They are committed to helping set a new standard for modern CBD retail by providing an inclusive, diverse, and approachable experience for every client. The brand believes that they are the only CBD brand to recognize the importance of education and that they aim to sort out all of the CBD industry information. Such collected information is made accessible to everyone.

Erth works extra hard to provide their clients with the quality resources they need to rest for the finest CBD product which is best for their needs. The brand strives to purchase and use hemp oil and hemp extract as easily as possible. At Erth Hemp, you will definitely find everything you could possibly need in terms of CBD oil products. The brand claims that they guarantee quality to their clients by being completely transparent and providing third-party lab results of their products clearly indicating the active amounts of naturally occurring cannabidiol and other phytocannabinoids. Everything we observed during our vetting process confirms these claims. This brand is more modest than it needs to be. Out of all the CBD product lines in the industry, Erth Hemp offers the most lab tested and best formulated products containing CBD.

One of the most obvious ways that this brand has changed the CBD industry is by bringing in the era of water-soluble oral CBD products. For a longer time, CBD producers have struggled with the low absorption and bioavailability of oil-based CBD product formulations. This brand prides itself in being the first and only company to solved this long-term struggle with its CBD Water-Soluble Tincture line. With these breathtaking and mouthwatering CBD tinctures, the brand has made waves in the market. In addition to their water-soluble CBD tinctures, the brand offers numerous amazing products making it far more than a single-products brand.

Process of Manufacturing

Erth Hemp is one of the few vertically integrated seed to table manufacturers. They fully control every aspect of their production from the seed preparation, growing, harvesting, extraction, to the finished product sitting on your table. The key importance of this concept is; they have full control of their raw material cost, allowing them to offer competitive prices across the market, transparency, and traceability from start to finish. Erth Hemp claims that they are currently the only ones growing hemp in their location and they prefer to keep it a secret as the growing conditions are remarkably good. On their website, they say that this location is blessed with artesian well water, surrounded by mountains which acts as rain shadow, and the desert conditions around offer them warm days and cool nights.

To ensure product transparency, Erth Hemp created their genetic and seed program that allows them to test and combine genetics that ensures that they obtain the best flower with terpene profile. The brand does not sell their genetics and seeds and so far, they are the most dependable strains that apart from growing in desert climate, bear the terpene profile to showcase their potential in their formulations. Mature hemp is hand-picked, transported, and set to dry by their expert staff. Because shucking hemp by hand is extremely slow, ErthHemp customized their own Combine Harvester, that harvests, shucks, and separates flower and stem in a single process.

Erth Hemp boasts of over 40,000 square feet space for drying. Their smokable flowers are dried and cured for four days before they are chucked and hand trimmed. To preserve flavor and terpene profile, Erth Hemp uses ventilation and heating system that naturally slow-dry the flowers. They consider their extraction stage, the ‘jewel of the process.’ They use ethanol extraction process that has long been used by big names in the CBD industry. With this medical extraction system, they are able to separate terpenes and minors and create the best formulations. They rigorously test every batch before sending them to a trusted third-party lab for final approval. All their products are posted with a unique QR code showing the amount of CBD used.

Line of Products

The brand has a wide product line. They are currently offering a wide range of different products ranging from Topicals, Smokable Flowers, Tinctures, Pet products, and more. Let us dissect one after another.

Smokable CBD Hemp Flower – Get an eighth or a pre-roll of their award-winning best CBD industrial hemp product. They are grown, harvested, and hand trimmed in their California farm. Smokable CBD flowers allows you to have all the benefits of CBD without the possibility of psychoactive effects.

Fast- Acting Water-Soluble CBD – The brand is one of the leaders in water-soluble CBD products. You will fully enjoy the benefits of CBD to the highest levels in their water-soluble tinctures.

Full Spectrum & THC-free CBD Oil Tinctures –CBD tinctures are ore one of the most popular ways of ingesting CBD. Erth Hemp offers a range of full-spectrum CBD oil coming in various flavors such as Unflavored, Natural, Banana, and Passion Fruit. These tinctures are available in either 500 mg CBD concentration or 1000 mg CBD concentration.

CBD Vape Juice – Vape juice from Erth Hemp are made with 99% pure THC-free CBD isolate powder dried from hemp and come in 5 different flavors including Grape Candy, Strawberry Kiwi, Fuji Pear, Peach Ring, and Lemon Lime. They can also be found in strengths of 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg. Their CBD vape juice can be used in nearly all refillable devices.

Full Spectrum CBD Softgels– Erth Hemp CBD softgels are the best you can put your money into. They are formulated with raw, unrefined hemp extract, including natural terpenes, essential fatty acids, omega-3, -6, -9, natural chlorophyll, and cannabinoids.

Topical CBD – The brand offers an array of topical CBD products form their CBD foot cream, pain stick, massage oils, and face creams.

CBD Pet Drops – The company got your pet something to help it deal with pain and inflammation. They come in bacon flavor with a strength of 250 mg.

Range of Products

We decided to order some products from Erth to test them for you. All products we received were sent courtesy of Erth Hemp for the purpose of this review. We received our products within two days. Here are what we ordered:

Erth Hemp Full Spectrum Pet Drops Bacon Flavor – 250 mg

Erth Hemp CBD Pain Relief Stick – 1000 mg

Erth Hemp Softgel Hemp Capsules – 750 mg

Erth Hemp CBD Pre-Roll Two Hawk Haze – 1 g

Erth Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Sleep Aid with Melatonin – 500 mg

Erth Hemp Full Spectrum Pet Drops Bacon Flavor

Erth Hemp Full Spectrum Pet Drops Bacon Flavor

Out dog liked this bacon-flavored CBD tincture. The naturally occurring CBD found in Erth Hemp’s CO2-extracted Full Spectrum hemp oil has been studied independently and proven to help with the pain, anxiety, and stress that your dog deals with. Erth Hemp Full Spectrum Pet Drops come in 30 ml bottle size with a strength of 250 mg. It is recommended you use 2 to 4 drops per 10lbs and repeat 4 times a day.

Erth Hemp CBD Pain Relief Stick

Erth Hemp CBD Pain Relief Stick

We got something strong for our chronic pain. Pain Relief Stick from Erth Hemp is a perfect way to say goodbye to pain. The salve provides rapid and convenient relief from muscle, nerve, and joint pain. Key ingredients include coconut oil, arnica, hemp seed oil, CBD oil, vitamin E, and other essential oils. Apply to afflicted areas as needed. The moment the pain stick hits your skin it will relieve minor aches, and joint and muscle pains brought about by arthritis, sprains, strains, and bruises.

Erth Hemp Softgel Hemp Capsules

Erth Hemp Softgel Hemp Capsules

This is the second product from Erth Hemp we tested on ourselves and we loved its results. The softgels are made with raw full-spectrum CBD oil and a blend of terpenes, omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acid, vitamin C, A, and E. When we saw the color of these capsules, we automatically knew that company was using raw materials. Softgels made with raw materials have a dark color compared to gold-colored softgels which are made using a distillate. Each bottle contains 30 capsules and has a strength of 750 mg CBD, meaning that each softgel contains 25 mg of CBD. Take one softgel daily at a time.

Erth Hemp CBD Pre-Roll Two Hawk Haze

Erth Hemp CBD Pre-Roll Two Hawk Haze

We had always longed for smokable hemp flower, and we got one. It felt so nice smoking this product. We now understand why it is called “Two Hawk Haze.” It has uplifting, happy, and energizing effects. The company sells them for $6.99 only.

Erth Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Sleep Aid with Melatonin

Erth Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Sleep Aid with Melatonin

We were surprised that we had not known that such a product exists in the market. We have been sleeping on something so real. It features a nano emulsified water-soluble CBD topped with 2.5 mg of liquid melatonin. We added the tincture to our coffee and we were sleepy in the next 25 minutes.

What We Like About The Company

Erth Hemp guarantees quality, transparency, and traceability to their clients on all their products from start to finish.

What We Don’t Like About Erth Hemp

Some products like smokable hemp flowers have trace amounts of THC.

Our Overall Verdict

If you have been looking for CBD products of the highest quality that you can enjoy in different ways, then Erth Hemp is all you got. It creates the finest CBD products, controlling quality from seed to finished product. We highly recommend it to you.

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