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A tiny little, hidden gem, Every BOD’Ys Fit fitness studio, is tucked behind a shopping center in Oceanside, California. The private gym has been open for 10 years now and has helped many residents reach fitness and health goals, all behind the leadership of owner Dr. Megan Johnson McCullough. Born and raised in Oceanside, Dr. McCullough is giving back quality of life to many individuals, including her past teachers and classmates.

 Every BODY’s Fit offers small group and one-on-one personal training, as instructed by Dr. McCullough. It’s a one-woman show led by an ambitious trainer. Small groups have about five to six people. The environment is welcoming and accepting to all ages, levels, sizes, and ages. The average person trains at the studio for a minimum of 6 months, but many have stayed for years, and some have come for all 10 years. Dr. McCullough is known for the variety of her workouts, modifying and accommodating for injuries and conditions, and being non-judgmental to anyone’s fitness journey and possible struggles. Dr. McCullough is a professional natural bodybuilder, so she leads by example but simultaneously relates to her clients’ issues with food struggles and motivational needs. She has a personal coach to stay accountable and encourage. 

Ten years ago, Dr. McCullough decided to open her facility after bouncing between corporate gyms. At age 26, the property manager knew he was taking a risk renting to someone so young as her who had little credit, but he graciously gave her a chance. A one-year trial lease turned into a 10-year journey. Dr. McCullough couldn’t fully help her clients under the constraints of corporate rules and the focus on dollar signs. On a road trip where she went to be certified in yoga, she manifested and visualized what it would be like to have her gym. After a chat with her husband on that drive home, her spouse, knowing she had the potential, supported her. Dr. McCullough found a location the following week, gave her two-week notice at the corporate gym, and left corporate America. Although very risky and scary at the time, after about a year, she was able to build her clientele and notoriety in the North County, San Diego area. 

Dr. Mc McCullough was qualified, having a Doctorate in Health and Human Performance and a Master’s in Physical Education and Health Science. She’s also a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Master Trainer, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Group Exercise Instructor (Aqua, Yoga, Zumba, Cycle), Senior Fitness Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Furthermore, she’s the author of 6 published books on Amazon. She helps clients with their eating habits via her books are a great tool for success among those she works with. Many refer to her as a coach and teacher in her approach. Dr. McCullough also has columns in three local newspapers, so she is a presence of health and wellness to many all over. She’s a wealth of knowledge and tells her clients that there isn’t a quick fix or answer to getting in the shape of any kind; that’s why she has her clients train with her for a minimum of three to six months. 

The fitness industry is highly saturated with many gyms and trainers. Franchise pop-ups, trends, fitness trackers, and online options are now available. That means a small business like Every BODY’s Fit has competition, making the need to stand out important. In-home training has also become more popular post-pandemic. Although Dr. McCullough does offer this, there are only so many hours in a day, gas prices are increasing, and traveling takes her away from being physically present at the studio. Not only this, rent has been raised at her location twice following the pandemic. Therefore, as a small business, Dr. McCullough also had to raise her prices. It’s a trickle-down effect. Every BODY’s Fit lost 40% of its customers from the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving the recovery and rebuilding process a timely and urgent matter.

 Business owners should always have their documents, books, and taxes in order. Dr. McCullough says you have to be ready with your records when loans and grants were available during the pandemic, especially those on a first-come, first serve basis. Don’t cut corners. Invest in people who understand the economy and business, and your investments with the business will grow. 

Fortunately, Dr. McCullough maintained many loyal clients who realized she wouldn’t be there to help them if they didn’t keep supporting her through the pandemic. The business model of Every BODY’s Fit has also changed to more personal training (one-on-one hours) versus small groups. Again, post-COVID-19, the dynamics, and requests from clientele have shifted. As people have wanted to lose the COVID 20 pounds, easing back into the world sometimes starts with personal training, which might evolve into small group training. Many times, people come to Dr. McCullough only wanting personal training, but then realize the comfortable environment of her studio and feel fine with joining in groups. 

Having become more publicly known, Every BODY’s Fit has increased online training for people who don’t live in the area but want to train with Dr. McCullough. Her passion for helping the addiction recovery community and having done her dissertation research study on the subject matter has opened up other opportunities for publication and the start of a possible non-profit aspect of Every BODY’s Fit. Dr. McCullough is also working with the Medical Fitness Network in the beginning stages of having insurances cover personal training through exercise prescription. 

Starting and sticking with a small business is a commitment that requires effort nearly 24/7. For Dr. McCullough, she is the face of the business. Trying to hire employees has been difficult due to the lack of longevity among people who get hired, time constraints teaching how to run the elements of the business, and finding others who are qualified and eager to help others and want to work. This could be especially true for those with bigger facilities but with a bigger staff to manage and facilitate. There are hard lessons, and working with people presents its challenges. Not everyone will like you and what you have to offer or how you do things, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t meant to do what you are doing and are great at what you do in your fashion. That’s the beauty of choice. 

Dr. McCullough says it’s important for other gym owners to focus on the members/clients who support and keep you afloat. Reward loyal customers and those who refer others to you. Sometimes it is okay to turn customers away who don’t fit your environment. Sometimes it is okay to admit to not having the experience to help someone and refer them to someone who does. It can take time to know your value and worth and to learn how to play to your strengths. You get tougher with decisions and better with performance as the years of experience go by. Be ready to work because when you work for yourself, it is truly rewarding, but it is time-consuming. However, it is your time, and it means something, so don’t let others take advantage or not value your time. It’s a good idea to have customers book their appointment and pay in advance and uphold a 24-hour cancellation policy. Again, time is money. Although ideally, we are helping people and giving clients what they pay for, being too lenient only causes further stressors. Be honest and real, and most of all, be YOU. 

Dr. McCullough says it is important for other trainers to remember that exercise doesn’t have to be fancy. You don’t have to stand on one leg and do crazy intervals and intensities to get results. Keeping it interesting and not boring for customers is important, but results come from quality workouts. You don’t need to get trendy, especially with those workouts that can put clients at risk of injury. Stick to the basics, train in progressive phases, and then add and mix up workouts when clients are ready. Dr. McCullough says she is well known for variety, but her variety comes from doing the same basic, functional movement patterns with different repetitions, styles, and sets. 

According to Dr. McCullough, at first, there will be worries, there will be stress, and there will be a lack of sleep. They say if you have made it to 5 years, then you will keep making it. Never did Dr. McCullough think 10 years would fly by as they have, but when you love what you do, it doesn’t work. If you don’t desire to make your business successful, then being an entrepreneur isn’t for you. There’s risk and reward, but it is not given; it is earned. No one could have predicted a pandemic, so those who made it all should be applauded and grateful. Being grateful is exactly the lesson learned. Always be grateful for what you do have and those clients you can help. They’re not just numbers; they’re people with a need, and you are the answer. 

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