Exclusive Gina Lynn Sex Doll

Exclusive Gina Lynn Sex Doll

As we all know, she’s the world’s first wireless vibrating love doll. Everybody would love her like I do, given the fact that she’s made beautiful, but also this doll enables a variety of positions to be tried and they are all sensational and pleasurable.

Exclusive Gina Lynn Sex Doll

This high quality inflatable playmate features:

A vibrating infinite sex position love doll
A love doll with moveable arms and orbital sockets creating an exceptional range of motion
Life-like doll with a look-like and feel-like vagina, anus, breasts and mouth.
Seamless – life-like feeling skin
Long flowing platinum blonde hair
Radiant deep blue eyes
Real feel hands and feet that are perfectly manicured
She has lean wrap-around legs – for hugging and locking, or for kneeling positions

It is a hands-free sex doll! The wireless micro-stimulator may be situated on any part of my body for added pleasure and it sure gets its job done.
Expandable lips and mouth to fit any size
It comes with a maintenance powder, to make her moist-free and fresh at all times
Batteries included

Overall I’ve had an extremely satisfying time with this love doll. Her kneeling position gave me easy access to her love holes and I can enjoy her in lots of different angles which allows me to put her in almost any position.

This Exclusive Gina Lynn Sex Doll is durable, flexible and she looks fantastic with her curvy figure in sexy lingerie. Also, the wireless vibe has given me more than expected. Although I find her mouth and ass too tight but still very nice, it just takes a few times to stretch it out to fit.

For hygiene and comfort, I recommend that a lubricant and condoms are used with this product.

I highly recommend this male sex toy! It’s awesome! 5 stars!

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