EZLIFEGOODS - Quality Leather Bags & Wallets

EZLIFEGOODS – Quality Leather Bags & Wallets

I have started EZLIFEGOODS in partnership with my brother in 2020 during the COVID closure. We are both seasoned marketing specialists who appreciate the growing importance of online business trends and wanted to finally do something of our own. We have started EZLIFEGOODS as a gift shop, but shortly thereafter, decided to focus on quality leather goods, for men and women. I am personally fond of items made of genuine leather and appreciate the touch of different kinds of real leather, depending on its origin, treatment, and finishing. I find great pleasure to own and use real leather products where one can enjoy their durability and classy appearance year after year. To me this is more rewarding than having brand names. So, we decided that EZLIFEGOODS focus to be on selling quality leather goods, rather than branded items.

We are delighted to share our story and the reasons behind our success, hoping it will be inspirational to others intending to start their own business.

High Quality Products

It is essential to be uncompromising about the quality of goods or services that you offer. It spares you a lot of client complaints and subsequent after-sales problems. More importantly it strongly establishes your business name as a sign of trust among customers and reinforces your online reputation.

EZLIFEGOODS carries a good range of perfectly selected real leather products. Our aim is to get items having a nice design with practical features, made of high-quality leather, and offer them at a good price. Our portfolio includes:

1-     Wallets:

We have a selection of genuine leather wallets for men and women, with different styles; long wallets, zipper wallets, double zipper wallets, pocket wallets, passport cover wallets. We tried to capture different needs for small and long wallets, wristlets, chain wallets, cardholder wallets, RFID wallets, compact and large capacity models. Many of our wallets have unisex designs, making them suitable and good as men’s wallets as well as wallets for women.

2-     Crossbody bags:

We offer a variety of cowhide crossbody bags, shoulder bags, and sling bags. Crossbody bags have become a necessity for both men and women. They are not only part of a fashionable style but are practically needed to keep all items safe and protected, to make you free to move. Our bag collection has different sizes and internal capacity to suit all needs, such as college, work, or travel. Our crossbody bags are mostly made of cowhide leather with different finishing, touch, appearance, and styles, such as: Crazy horse leather, smooth polished leather, full grain leather or litchi grain leather.

3-     Duffle Bags:

Last year we have introduced a collection of duffle weekender bags, including travel bags that can fit an airplane cabin or can be used for short trips or sports activities. We selected a variety of styles having a trendy design, organized inside with lots of pockets. Some of our duffle bags have a special pouch for shoes, and others are specially designed for suits to keep them in good form without getting wrinkled during travelling.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Prime Focus

An important element for sustained success is customer satisfaction. We are proud to have served many happy customers. The secret behind this is to provide full correct details about your product to give the potential buyer a clear idea about the item they intend to buy. This can be achieved through a good number of product photos from different angles, and from the inside. Information about the size, material and other details is also very important and should be stated in detail in the product description section. In online shops the buyer needs to have enough information to make him/ her feel confident to take the decision of buying and be delighted with the order as it arrives to meet and exceed expectations. Nothing matches getting a good review from a happy customer.

EZLIFEGOODS, a Reliable E-Commerce Platform

Behind the success story of EZLIFEGOODS is a very efficient e-commerce platform; easily navigated and used, with a straightforward check out process. Once the order is placed, the customer receives a confirmation email with all the order details. Then, the customer gets a notification upon order shipment, with a tracking number that enables him/ her to follow the order on our shipment tracking page. Although we are always available and delighted to answer all questions from our clients, there is absolutely no need to contact us, since order processing is a seamless operation that requires no effort from the buyer.

Driving Sales

One of the main corners of success for online business is reaching potential customers who would be interested in your products and can be good possible buyers. This can be achieved through well targeted advertising on different platforms. Sufficient budgets should be allocated to achieve good results. Overspending would be a waste of money, while underspending might render your advertising efforts useless, or delay achieving meaningful results. It is essential to have knowledge of digital advertising to optimize your campaigns on different platforms. Alternatively, you can have someone you trust to handle your advertising account, a person who has knowledge and is willing to get paid based on achieved results.

It is also helpful to be creative in finding free or low-cost alternatives to reach clients, like email lists, or social media posting. Collaborating with influencers on Facebook and Instagram can be a good idea. You can choose someone with an active page having a reasonable number of organic followers, not necessarily very high, and strike a deal with them for promoting your products with a special discount code specifically assigned for each influencer. Then the influencer gets paid the agreed sales commission on every sale performed under his discount code.

However, at the beginning of the business it is better to focus on paid advertising, then you can branch out for other types of advertising once you have established a customer email list, and you are in a better position to negotiate good influencer deals.

In all cases, paid advertising remains the main driving force for getting sales.

No Pain No Gain

Every business has its challenges that the owner should be aware of to overcome or find workarounds to keep moving forward. Challenges can be operational, financial, or related to trends or regulations. Here are some challenges that we faced and handled:

·        The Nature of the Fashion Industry:

As part of the fashion industry, we took decisions about our direction to deal with the challenge that fashion industry is a matter of personal taste with a rapidly changing market having a wide range of variety in products, designs, and brands. You either take on several designs and products to appeal to a wider base of clients and be ready to support all these products and advertise them utilizing a big budget or take a niche to target those interested in your products. We chose the latter to be able to manage our products properly and make better use of a lower advertising budget. It is also important though not to be blindly locked in your niche and keep following fashion trends. Focus on your direction without losing touch with market pulse.

·        Smart Pricing:

offering a good price for a high-quality product can be a challenge. Finding the right formula to set your price at a competitive level and at the same time make an allowance for important running costs to sustain the business is essential. Do not submit yourself to war prices, where price is lowered at the expense of quality. Hold product quality and customer trust at the heart of your interests. It is always a good idea to reward your clients with price offers on selected items during seasonal sales. This will give them a good incentive to take this opportunity and make a purchase at your shop.

·        Worldwide Events:

During Covid times, we had to handle some shipping problems and find reliable shipping partners. It is good to always have standby options, in case of shipping delays that might happen due to worldwide problems.

·        Technical Challenges:

The rules and regulations of advertising platforms that follow some regulatory affairs keep changing and it is very important to keep up by finding ways to accommodate these changes and identifying new opportunities in reaching new clients.

Moving Forward

Growing the business is a block building process. Once you secure a strong base, you are ready to add more layers such as new products that become in demand in the market and can complement your style and direction. Alternatively, you can target new geographical markets with your advertising campaigns, as, then, you would have more resources to put behind advertising. However, always investigate taxes and trade regulations in the new intended target market to avoid uncalculated risks and problems.

Taking a decision to start a business can be an important turning point in your life. However, it is very important to take this decision after some work experience to give you enough knowledge about how to handle different issues that are important to run your business successfully, such as some basic technical website management, accounting and tax regulations, market insight in your selected business domain, social media page management and digital advertising.

It is also important to have a reasonable amount of money that you can comfortably put aside to invest in your new business.

With money and know-how at your side, patience and hard work pave your route to success. Good effort is always rewarded.

Maha Awad

Director & Co-Founder



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