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Facts About Leptin and Leptin Resistance


Leptin hormone is a type of hormone that can affect how much weight you lose or put in. This article examines a few facts about leptin and its resistance, which you might be interested in knowing.

Today, people are more concerned about weight than ever. Some people want to shake off extra pounds, while the other group of people really want to put on some extra weight. Whether you realize it or not, there is just more to weight gain or weight loss. Leptin is a hormone that controls both weight gain and weight loss. Peer into this article to learn about everything you need to know about the leptin hormone, its resistance, its production, and many more.

What is leptin?

Leptin is a form of a hormone produced by the body and is responsible for hunger and satisfaction, which is why the hormone is called the satiety or starvation of hormone. The body’s fat cells produce leptin, which then informs the body that it has had more fats stored in the body, reduces appetite, and works on burning the calories in the body, thus preventing overeating and keeping weight in check. The reverse is also true when there is less fat in the body. The body will receive triggers to take in more fat, again working against low weights. Besides its role in regulating weight, the hormone leptin has other functions, such as controlling immunity and fertility. In addition, the leptin hormone also has a function in the brain working. The body relies on the hypothalamus region of the brain to harmonize leptin working.

Leptin supplements

Because of the role of the leptin hormone in weight regulation, people are now taking leptin supplements primarily to help them with weight reduction. Even though this is the case, research has not proven that leptin supplements can work as much as the natural leptin hormone works to control weight gain and underweight. In fact, the very use of leptin supplements is controversial and has attracted a lot of attention the wrong way. Still, the leptin hormone, which has about 27years of discovery since 1994, is certainly useful for weight checks in the body of human beings and animals.

Will supplementing with leptin help in weight loss?

This is a question people ask many times. Although you may think that having more leptin will help you lose weight fast, you may be surprised to learn that more leptin hormone is associated with obesity. This is because the whole functionality of leptin does not depend on how much leptin you have but how well the brain responds to leptin signaling. Although this is quite surprising, it is the reality on the ground. This unique phenomenon about leptin leads to what’s called leptin resistance.

Leptin resistance- what is it?

Leptin resistance is a problem that occurs in the body when the body does not respond to leptin signaling. This phenomenon is closely linked to weight gain and obesity. It happens when the leptin hormone sends signals to the brain to stop fat intake, thereby making you full, but the brain fails to respond to these impulses. Therefore, a person feels like eating more and more, accumulating more fats and leading to overweight and obesity. The brain fails to recognize leptin signals. It keeps assuming that you need more energy, making a person feel hungry and feel like taking in more fats. This explains why despite supplementing with leptin hormones, a person may still be overweight- the answer is leptin resistance.

How does leptin resistance impact dieting?

Leptin resistance can be a serious problem, especially when it negatively affects dieting. Many people are concerned about weight loss today, which is why they would go to all heights to ensure they shake off the extra pounds. However, as mentioned, leptin resistance may mean that the brain does not completely respond to leptin signaling, impacting dieting. How so? Even though a person could try hard to control the food and the amount he eats, the brain keeps ignoring the signals to stop taking in some more. The overall effect is that the dieting bounces off and fails to produce results. This is because taking too many calories from any type of food will ultimately lead to weight gain.

The causes of leptin resistance

A lot of research has been put into examining leptin resistance and its cause. Although scientists are not a hundred percent sure of the cause of leptin resistance, many links point to the following as the three major causes of leptin resistance;

  • High amounts of leptin- having extremely high amounts of leptin in the body seems to be one of the primary causes of leptin resistance and its effects.
  • Inflammation- free radicals are metabolic molecules linked to oxidative stress and inflammation. When inflammation occurs in the brain, particularly in the hypothalamus region, leptin resistance may be one of the consequences.
  • High amounts of fatty acids- seeds, oily fish, and nuts are sources of fatty acids, compounds needed in the body for brain development, cognitive functionality, and cellular development. However, studies suggest that excess amounts of fatty acids in the body could ultimately have a negative impact on how the brain responds to leptin signaling.

Can leptin resistance be improved?

After learning that leptin supplementation might not aid weight loss, you probably wonder how to aid weight loss and improve leptin resistance. The good news is that there are natural ways you can apply to improve leptin resistance and sensitivity and ultimately make weight loss a reality. Such steps include:

  • Stay away from processed foods; taking processed foods has become a norm, with negative results such as unhealthy weight gain. This is because such foods are closely linked to inflammation, which is a major driver of leptin resistance. Avoiding such foods may make your weight loss quest a success.
  • Take more proteins; proteins are known to increase fullness and may help improve weight loss. Get enough sleep; lack of sleep is linked to many problems, including leptin resistance. Concentrate on soluble fibers: these will improve gut health and reduce instances of inflammation.
  • Cut down on triglycerides; you can do this by checking your carbs intake.
  • Exercise; getting enough exercise will ultimately lead to weight loss as long as you check your diet.


Leptin hormone has become a substance of interest since 1994, when it was discovered. This hormone plays a role in weight regulation, fertility, brain function, and immunity. This article has focused on some important facts about leptin, including leptin resistance. Reading it will help you understand all you need to know about leptin and leptin resistance.

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