The globa lCBD market is broad, and almost all brands claim to be the best.Most manufacturers are targeting to formulate new products infused with CBD oil that offer clients the best experience. Consumers want innovative and healthy products which are loaded with necessary nutrients. For that reason, everyone is looking fora CBD product that’llhelp them achieve health goals and reduce health issues like pain, inflammation, and others. Cannabidiol oils have become popular and have conquered industries like beauty, pharma, food, and health products. While looking for the best CBD brand, we came across a successful company that has succeeded in addressing individuals’ and pets’health issues. Let’s see how this company works.

About the company

Feel ok, commonly known as Oki company, is an American-based small brand in the CBD market. Its popularity is due to its hemp’s quality, impressive GMP, and vegan certifications. Phivida Holdings, a food and beverage brand, announced in April 2019 about Oki becoming an online store. Feel Oki’s mission is to change the world through its products. It began to explore a broader path in CBD markets to achieve this goal. According to their website, the company targets to make the world a better place. After interacting with the company’s products, we observed all their ingredients from start to end are natural and plant-based. Also, their products are packed in recyclable bottles, which confirms the company is working towards being earth-friendly. What made us more interested in this company is how it keeps things simple by selling carefully selected products. It’s striving to make Cabbinodiolas approachable as possible and wants clients’ CBD shopping experience to be simple and fun. The result? The company uses an efficient and safe production process for all its products.

Brand information

Manufacturing process

Feel Oki provides unique, flavorful, and pleasurable CBD products. This brand has helped consumers utilize CBD as an ordinary part of their daily life. Furthermore, they provide real transparency about their manufacturing process. We observed the processes they implement on their operations focus on high quality and safety, and this provides assurance to CBD users. The Oki website explains that their hemp is versatile and can grow in any climate. Oki is legally authorized to grow hemp plants, and they use pure and high-quality hemp extracts. It sources its hemp from farms in the United States. Their non-GMO and purely vegan products are more effective than other CBD brands because they use organic phyto cannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp. Also, they use CO2 extraction process for all their CBD products.This teamprovided purity results and lab reports on their website. Like us, you can review these lab results to check any contaminants in their products.

Oki’s CBD capsules are also obtained through CO2 extraction before being formulated with MCT oil, an organic carrier. These Medium Chain Triglycerides(MCT) are saturated fatty acids that are easily digestible, thus maximizing bioavailability in the human body.

Products reviewed

Unlike some brands, Oki’s product line is concise and appealing. Their main focus is on beverage options, with each having a 20mg concentration of CBD. These delicious and innovative hydrating products will excite you. Like us, you’ll find delight in Oki’s drinks which combine natural substances and broad-spectrum hemp extracts to create amazing flavors. Aside from its beverages, the company also extends its creativity in CBD capsules and oil. CBD capsules are in the range of 10,20, and 30mg varieties. As for CBD oil, you can choose among 600, 1200, and 1800 mg bottles depending on the CBD strength you want. This broad range gives the consumer appropriate dosing choices to pick from. While beverage products offer convenient and tasty ways to obtain your daily dose, capsule andoil options are the best picks for individuals that need more CBD content ina day.

Oki CBD drinks

Feel ok has categorized its drinks into three categories;

Oki enhanced water

Oki enhanced water

We loved this product because it efficiently offers daily hydration while providing all benefits of CBD. It’s ideal after a vigorous workout to refresh and revive on the go. We’re confident CBD water from OKI is a convenient way to add CBD to your life, and you can comfortably use it any time of the day.

OKI watermelon Renew

OKI watermelon Renew

You’ll definitely thank us for introducing you to this drink after having a taste of its light, watermelon fruity taste. It contains zero calories making it safe for any CBD lover watching weight. It’s non-psycho-active; thus, you can enjoy it at any time of the day. It’s perfect for restoring calmness, recovering from stress, and treating tired muscles.

Other CBD water that Oki offers include;

CBD iced tea

Ok mint relax

Ok mint relax

You’ll have fun with a refreshing iced green tea. Its mint flavor and organic stevia and cane sugar that acts as sweeteners make it exciting to introduce in your daily routine. Oki’s team uses fully recyclable glass bottles, which proves it’s a company that wants to make the environment as clean as possible.

Oki Raspberry Serene

Oki Raspberry Serene

Oki perfectly combined hemp extracts and raspberry iced tea to provide a strong CBD effect on the mind and body. We felt a touch of tartness in this drink, but its fresh and fruity flavor makes it an ideal all-natural beverage.

Other iced tea drinks that Oki offers include;

Oki CBD oil enhanced

Oki CBD oil enhanced

Oki CND Oil Enhanced is a convenient way to improve your well-being. With this product, you’ll safely gain exclusive benefits of CBD without experiencing toxic effects of THC. The type of hemp extract used is non-psychoactive and full of flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes with less than 0.3%THC. Unlike some brands, Oki’s CBD oil does not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors. We have some serving suggestions for you that’ll help you have a better consumption experience with CBD oil;

Oki CBD every day

Oki CBD every day

This plant-based Oki CBD Oil every day is a great health supplement. It’s a safe, natural choice to explore. It’s stored in amber glass, and the brand chose this design to prevent oxidation and preserve the product’s freshness.

The serving suggestions that helped us have a better consumption experience include;

Oki CBD capsules

Oki supreme 30mgCBD capsules

Oki supreme 30mgCBD capsules

These capsules provide a natural way to help you maintain calmness even on busy days.Oki capsules are placed in tinted bottles to prevent light penetration and preserve the supplement’s freshness.

Other Oki CBD capsulesinclude;

What do we likeabout the company?

The company has many good things to offer to its customers. Overall, we loved how it carries out all its operations. Starting from hemp cultivation to manufacturing till the last stage of service delivery. Main things that made us want to work with this CBD brand include;

Returns and cancellation policies

Rules concerned with order cancellation and refunds are important for customers’ decisions. Flexibility from the company is a bonus for the buyer, and the consumer will appreciate the option of returning an item that has not satisfied their needs.

Website’s Ease of use

We were overly impressed with the buying experience. Theability to filter items according to our needs made it easier to navigate the website. Oki’s official website has useful usability features that make online shopping an easy and less frustrating experience.

No hidden costs

A sudden increase in purchases chases customers away. With Feel Oki,no extra fees are added to their customers. They’re transparent with all the costs involved, including shipping prices.

Presence of free shipping

Shipping cost is expected from any online seller. Most individuals choose online shopping to save money and time. So, if the shipping cost is high, it’s cheaper to go to the physical store and buy it. Thankfully, OKIoffers free delivery, and that’s amazing.

Available payment options

OKI allows various payment methods. You can use a debit card, credit card, or PayPal.You can easily purchase its products from any part of the globe with limited payment restrictions.

What we didn’t like about the company


Out of 5 stars, we give Feel Oki a 4. Generally, it’s a good CBD company that deserves more appreciation than what it receives. Its transparency, excellent customer experience, good hemp quality, and affordable prices make it worth shopping from. It’s legit and has all the necessary certifications. More so, it’s GMP compliant, allergen-free, and organic. Our experience with this company gave us enough reasons to trust it more than other CBD brands. It’s our recommendation for any CBD user.

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