You want a movie star moment of your own and to feed your latex fetish then you should pay Peaches & Screams online shop a visit and pick out a fetish catsuit or two. Step out as Catwoman in lavish and bold catwoman costumes. For the complete bondage look, shop for sexy catsuits for women with bondage mittens, hoods and sexy boots. Catsuits are body kissing or form fitting hot bondage wear tailored from velour, latex, chiffon, spandex, lycra and occasionally in less malleable material like leather and PVC. In bondage play catwoman costumes can be worn by both men and women. They are a sexy one-piece outfit covering your torso and legs and can have long or no sleeves. They come with a back or front zipper and can be used as straitjackets in bondage play. For effect you can wear catwoman costumes with corsets and neck corsets. Sexy catsuits for women have for a long time been associated with aerobics, disco dancing and have been known to be purpose-made for some sporting disciplines. In the film industry female villains have been associated with erotic catsuits. Today, bondage is no longer just about the rough and tumble of pain and pleasure but also about visual eroticism and making a lasting fashion statement. Sexy catsuits for women come in various bold but hot colours. Fetish catsuits are an embodiment of strident erotic confidence and a pointed statement of sensual intent. You might not be a lead woman in Batman or The Matrix but you can have your moment in the bedroom limelight with fetish catsuits. Buy sexy catsuits for women and add some glamour to your stock of bondage wear. Accessorize your catsuits with restraints. Visit Peaches & Screams online shop and load up on sensually steamy fetish catsuits. After play follow cleaning instructions for your catsuits and store in a secure place.

Bring the hot sexy look back into bondage and your life with Fetish Clothing Fetish Catsuits. Waltz into the dreamy world of the hot bondage look. Add panache to your sexual lifestyle. Dazzle and tantalise in high quality sexy catsuits for women. Buy and wear Catsuits and add great sex appeal to your bondage artistry. Bring out desire and inspire exploration with Fetish Clothing Fetish Catsuits. Inspire lust and dress for dedicated seduction. Add a touch of pasties to the front zippered catsuits. Strut out in your catsuit and crack the whip or wield a riding crop. Wear Fetish Clothing Fetish Catsuits in combination with gags and bits, blindfolds, wrist and ankle cuffs. Raise the temperature in your bedroom with well-accessorised catsuits. Stock up on different designs and colours of Fetish Clothing Fetish Catsuits and mesmerise your lover. Show off your fun and playful side in role-play. Demand and get attention buy and wear Sexy catsuits for women with the air and authority of a bondage aficionado. Add Catsuits to your bondage essentials and set yourself up as a serious bondage player. Dress for bondage power and to arouse, buy Fetish Clothing Fetish Catsuits from Peaches and Screams. Set yourself apart as a committed connoisseur of the good and classy things in bondage. Make Fetish Clothing Fetish Catsuits an important part of your bondage repertoire. Acknowledge and indulge your fetishes slip on a Catsuit and set out to enthral and stir deep dark desire in your lover. Fetish Clothing Fetish Catsuits brazenly confirm that in bondage clothes maketh a woman. 

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