Fifty Shades of Blame - Blackpool Dungeons

Fifty Shades of Blame – Blackpool Dungeons

Fifty Shades of Grey is everywhere. It’s on the train, it’s at the beach, it’s in plain sight and it’s definitely hiding in almost every woman’s handbag. It has sold more than 4 million copies in the UK alone.

So it’s not surprisingly that places like the Blackpool Dungeons have reported that they are getting more and more middle-aged female visitors to their dark and steamy dungeons filled with medieval torture devices and goodies that would impress Mister Christian Grey.

“The Fifty Shades effect is clearly boosting our visitor numbers right now especially among groups of middle aged women,” said Gary Blackadder, the general manager at Blackpool Dungeons. With sights including The Torture Chamber and the Dark Chapel, it’s no surprise that there are more visitors with piqued interests coming through the doors. The Blackpool Dungeon provides an easy visual for the nation’s favourite mummy porn novel series.

While the ladies are streaming in, giggling and pointing at the hanging chains and shackles, the goodies are streaming out and distressing Blackpool Dungeons managers. Three weeks ago, a set of medieval-style shackles disappeared from the dungeons. That wasn’t enough to raise eyebrows – until a large chain hanging on one of the walls also disappeared.

“We just assumed that the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon was giving the show a rather more “adult” appeal than before,” said Blackadder. It appears that the book has inspired a nation of dungeon-crazed mums who are particularly interested in enjoying the Christian Grey phenomenon, and they’re combining the family outing with a moment of kleptomania.

As more props disappear, the ghouls and gals working the show have been instructed on how to get the visitors moving through the attraction swiftly. If you’re planning on visiting the dungeons for some visual inspiration, don’t smuggle the local props into your handbag: there are plenty of goodies that you can browse in the comfort of your own home which are hygienic, clean – and designed to be used in an adult environment!

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